“The Holocaust”: Real martyrs?

The supposedly most tragic story in history. This one event in which Six Million Jews were apparently killed for their beliefs. Because death is such a big impact, people would move on, accept it and remember all those supposed Jews who died as martyrs. There’s one question I must ask: Are those Jewish martyrs real? As one might read this, the average will assert themselves, saying that “It’s all real. They were there!” Since death is a major aspect of our lives, who wouldn’t feel so sad? I have a question to ask. What if I told you, the reader, that all those six million Jew martyrs who were supposedly killed by the Nazis was all part of a ruse engineered by the Jews themselves to avoid suspicion of the crimes they commit now?

You, the average reader, will be wondering “How can you prove that? You weren’t there!” What a fallacious answer. Sometimes, the answers may be more simple than we think. Let’s have a look at the definition of the word Martyr.

Martyr –a person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs.

Why did I bring up the definition? The Jews, who are established as the worst criminals in history, knew the impact of being a martyr; To be killed for something you believe in, prompting other people to support you posthumously. The Jews, however, would never kill each other, so in order to carry out their crimes with little to no hitches, they needed one division of their tribe to masquerade as white men, and have another pretend to be innocent jews preaching for peace and pacifism. They made everyone look at the wrong direction at the right time.

In short, The answer is a resounding no. These depraved monster will do anything to gain an advantage, so far as to orchestrate the faked deaths of their own, because with life and death being a senstive topic in the modern era, all suspicion on them is buried deep under the soil, which is made worse by their forged evidence supported by a naive majority.