Plagiarism and Message control: The illusion of Intellectualism

Every day, the Jews are portrayed in public as intelligent and successful, but are they really? Many problems would have been solved if this was the case. On the contrary, Jews are very unintelligent. Jews have not contributed one singular idea to the people. Instead, they plagiarize others’ work to look and sound like an intellectual lot – one notable example being Albert Einstein. Since Einstein was discredited, the Jews have done severe damage control when it was circulating the internet (the Internet was controlled by Jews from the beginning, as proven by this post). I could bring up another example: Michael King, whom the public knows as Martin Luther King, Jr. The title Michael King took was from a man whose actually name was Martin Luther, a man who loathed the Jews for their schemes. This is an example of someone plagiarizing another’s name, which shows how fraudulent the Jews are when they think of public aliases – let alone this the name of a man who hated them for likely legitimate reasons.

In the United States, and many other countries, the Jew is vastly over-represented in every profession and every activity that selects for cognitive ability.  Vast tranches of our science and technology have been subverted by the Jews. Of course, Jews alone would have never risen to modern science, but the truth is that Jews have been dominant in almost every field. More than 40% of all Nobel Prize winners in scientific fields were counted “Jewish or part-Jewish”, and with secret Jews included, this would probably exceed 50%. More than half of all world chess champions are, and have been, Jews – among them Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, Emanuel Lasker. Jews have won 47% of all Fields Medals, one of the highest honors in mathematics. Jews have also won 37% of all ACM Turing Awards, the highest honor in computer science. Jews are continuously over-represented at all levels of academia – and often at the highest institutions in the country. A remarkable proportion of so-called “child prodigies” have been Jews (William James Sidis being the most famous), and an unusually high fraction of alleged “precocious geniuses” have been Jews – see Ruth Lawrence and Noam Elkies for two examples. The list only goes on.

The most we get from Jews is an endless whine-fest about “Anti-Semitism” and “hate speech”, which is hypocritical in itself. In order to prevent and delay their inevitable debacle, the Jews needed to control the message, which explains how selective the Jewsmedia (ABC, CNN, PBS, NBC, CNS, FOX, Washington Post, etc. come to mind) are with their sources (read my posts on Jews in government). Supplementing the information above, the “standardized college admission intelligence tests” known as the SAT and AP exams, commissioned by Jew-owned College Board, consisting of 5700 schools, colleges and universities – with David Coleman, a Jew, its president, together with Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Singer, also a known Jew – are scams created by the Jews which were rigged from the start.


David Coleman, president and CEO of College Board

Wikipedia, despite being owned by Jews, often references to clues and true information which the Jew-aware reader can recognize, and add up for conclusion.

Consumer rights organization Americans for Educational Testing Reform (AETR) has criticized College Board for violating its non-profit status through excessive profits and exorbitant executive compensation; nineteen of its executives make more than $300,000 per year, with CEO Gaston Caperton earning $1.3 million in 2009 (including deferred compensation). AETR also claims that College Board is acting unethically by selling test preparation materials, directly lobbying legislators and government officials, and refusing to acknowledge test-taker rights.

The College Board states on its website that its primary purpose is to connect students to college success and opportunity, but that label clearly comes at a cost for the tens of millions of students they serve. Currently, students pay $47 for the SAT, $46 for the subject tests and a variety of other high-priced immaterial fees. Furthermore, students who do not receive desirable scores often retake the test and have to pay once again. The AP test is also price tagged at $87, and even refunds are not immune to payment. The College Board is a Jew-monopoly in that it is the only path for students who want to complete these exams, which are vital requirements for admission to the Jews’ higher education faculties.

Because almost all university professors, academia principals, education board directors, and most teachers, counselors, librarians, college recruiters, etc. etc. are Jews (as they’ve planned out in detail in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion), it can’t be a coincidence that Jews always end up enrolling into the top universities.

There are even hints to the Jews’ true intelligence in several of their own websites, as can be seen here. Among the Intelligence Scales made by Jews (and which Jews seem always to score highest on) are:

By what process did the Jews transform from “83% of recent Jewish immigrants to the US … representative of their respective ethnicity … concluded to be feeble-minded idiots”, according to Dr. Henry H. Goddard less than a century ago – to assert themselves today as weighed intellectuals? Well, the Jew David Wechsler (“the beloved changer” – that’s the meaning of his name!) removed the 95% of the “IQ test” which showed that Jews ARE “feeble-minded …”, kept the 5% that Jews did well in – largely the repetition of what other men have conceived and invented – and announced that Jews are “intelligent”. There was scarce more to it than that.

Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s claims that Jews are intellectually superior are groundless and based on a very incomplete view of what true intelligence is. Excluding critical and abstract thinking Jews may rank at the top and the difference between females and males appears to be insignificant, but include critical and abstract, self-sufficient original thinking into the equation and things look quite different. “IQ tests”, since the Jew Wechsler trowed out everything related to original thinking in order to arrive at approximate gender and racial equality, do only measure raw intelligence at best, not the actual distinctive capacity to think. Jews also have a better-than-average memory which makes them excel in the “education” we have today, facilities the Jews themselves created, which is virtually focused on remembering giant amounts of more-than-not related information. Aping musical compositions, praising and admiring what William Shakespeare, Johann Goethe, Miguel Cervantes, Francis Bacon, Aristotle, Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, and other men have produced, is what the Jews have historically demonstrated, at best. This does not make one a genius. Far from it. Jews have never excelled when original thinking is taken into account.

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