I couldn’t care less if directors and actors die

If you’re reading this and do not like it, close the tab now and not read this.

In my most brutal honesty, I don’t give a rat’s ass if either an actor or a director in either film or live-action dies. I really couldn’t care less about their loved ones. You want to know why? Despite all the money they get, all the messages they sell to everyone, all the effort to discourage fans and viewers from shooting their messages down , how emotionally talented and intelligent they are, and all of the (superficial) love and support from viewers, all actors, be it from a movie, live action show, or a video game, are just people in real life pretending to be other people at the end of the day, and all directors are just selfish twits who only appease the crowds.

The only reason I ever go to movies with anyone at all is so they won’t be lonely. The biggest end result is that we have a small minority of civilians doing detective work/sleuthing to figure out who’s causing the decline of the economy. I don’t care if every actor and director in Hollywood or Broadway dies. Their industry, alongside the advertisement industry are nothing but attention whores who’ll cry if their reputation collapses in shambles. It’s a complete and utter joke. Because of this, people are less inclined to read. Actors are nothing but manipulative gnats who make money off people watching their performance. What a joke they are. The quality is utter crap, same old plot formula about terrorists overrunning crap, and a few others I could go on about. I couldn’t care even less if Hollywood, Broadway, or any other film business collapsed. They’re one of the giant blights to the economy, and they shouldn’t get the credit they deserve.

If you’re offended reading this, I don’t care if your feelings are hurt. This is my honesty, and I’m sticking with it. It’s made us a lot lazier than was ever the case for the previous centuries.

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