The flaw in confidence

Many of you will realize that I dislike being confident. Now hear me out: I don’t hate confident people for being successful, and even then, their success stories could potentially be a cover-up. You wanna know why I dislike having confidence in myself? While many people consider it a good thing, I don’t: Why is that? Similar to pride, many confident people will fail to account for manipulators, snubbing them and will worry about their business. In cases where a manipulator can’t be ignored or avoided, a confident person’s desperate bid to assert their ideas to contribute to society as infallible will be exploited by manipulators, and more critically, spies. Spies do not oppose you out in the open like protesters and gunmen do, therefore making protesters and gunmen less of a threat from a tactical viewpoint.

Confidence is similar to arrogance: They both build high opinions of by one who develops them. Now I’ll address the differences: An arrogant person has the well-known flaw of trash talking others and regard themselves as the best there is. With confidence, the Negatives of Confidence is not well-known. A Confident person will always dogmatically try to assert themselves that their ideas, and more importantly, beliefs, are infallible. How big of a flaw this is depends on how much confidence a person has.

Why did I write this article? It’s because no matter how much confident non-Jews have in their ideas and beliefs to improve the world, they’re still exploited by the Jews for decades; Even centuries, to this day. Confident people have the desperate, dogmatic, uncontrollable desire to have their ideas, beliefs, ideologies (Democracy), and proverbs to be viewed as infallible when it’s proven not to be the case. It’s this same mentality that the Jews constantly exploit as these demons, the Nefarious Hidden Hands, plan for enslavement of all life on this plane of existence.

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Police kill Black Man in Baton Rouge

All Jews are “Wiggers”

Now, this is something I have not done before, so bare with me. There is a high possibility that the Police homicide against black men were racially motivated by the Jews. Yesterday, a Black man named Alton Sterling (I am also wary about the name, Sterling, which is a common surname among Jews) was shot by two Police officers. Fortunately, someone had witness this and recorded onto their cellphone to confirm that the two Police officers have indeed shot the man to death. The two Police Officers,  Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake, have sparked sparked a major protest following their actions.


Protesting is a bad idea. While it’s good to have your voice heard, protesting will just end up making you look stupid by the Jewish media, who will pit protesting civilians up against Police Officers (Who were trained to believe that protesters were “unruly” members of society.) like usual, because it’s part of their modus operandi: “Order out of Chaos.”

You think this is it? There is more to come.


Jew Shaun King pretends to sympathize with Black People/Africans in a bid to eliminate obstacles.

Now there’s this crypto-scumbag named Shaun King, who’s the leader of the movement “Black Lives Matter.” If you look at the facial features on this guy, surely enough, this character is a Jew. It was already clear enough that this Kike had the nerve to suggest banning White men to prevent mass gun shootings, but this is the same Jew whose actions have resulted in the deaths of many innocents Blacks. Of course, being a Jew, he avoids the fact that Europeans, Asians, Arabians, Hispanics, and Mexicans are all on the victim boat as black people are. This Kike, like many others before him, are going to use black people like they’re pawns. And this page here really lands the hammer on the nail that Jews should be banned, which is good. What they didn’t take into consideration, however, is that there will be Jews in many countries even if Israel is destroyed. The same Jewish bankers who will send their outsiders into poverty, the same jewish pedophiles who will rape child outsiders, The same Jews who pretend to be our friends, and the list goes on . If you think I’m a big fat liar, you just wait, because there will be a lot of Jews involved in these News stories, pulling the “All Jews to the rescue” ruse. The enemy knows what many people want, and past events have shown that non-Jews are playing right into their hands.

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Order out of Chaos: The Jews’ modus operandi

What is Order out of chaos? It’s to establish order by inciting crime scenes, terror attacks, and wars of any kind, which has several purposes: The first of these purposes is to serve as a diversion and cover for the Jews (who are founders of Freemasonry) to implement other plans civilians and police would have noticed. Another of these purposes is to make a scapegoat out of the mass non-Jewish civilians, who are now divided into fighting each other. In fact, it’s a motto. Look here for more details

It’s this one abominable stratagem that the Jews were able to get as far as they are now. It’s because of this that the Jews are now discussing plans of a global currency as can be seen here and here. You think I’m joking? There’s been another blog that discussed about this six years ago (It’s still five years, but it hasn’t reached September yet. With all of these wars being inititated by the Jews, we’re not far off from having this happen, because a majority of you refuse to read, thinking it’s a waste of time, a belief onto you by the Jews. Many of you viewers prefer to be tuned in (or rather out), listening to audio and video. While it’s true that audio and video are more convenient, many truths are not entertaining. Not only that, but it’s less chaoticly emotional when you’re reading something.

Back to the topic, many “shootings”, rapes, “financial disasters”, terrorist attacks, and even wars have been orchestrated by the Jews rather than all of it being coincidental. The Kikes know that people would only take action if a loved one is in pain or if something is messy. The Kikes know that non-Jews would take action if any loved ones are killed. The Kikes know that everyone would react when someone looks at the news and see an innocent harmed, so they’ve engineered a terrorist attack. In short, the Jews read humanity like a book. This abominable and paradoxical mindset have been played right into these bastards’ hands. Fuck every last Jew to oblivion. We should live by a different mindset.

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The reason I’m not a supporter of non-violence

I don’t support non-violence (or pacifism). I have several reasons not to support it. They may view me as a dumb person for not doing so. One of the reasons why I don’t support it is because it gives criminals an opportunity to exploit non-maliciousness and ignore it.

Another reason I don’t support non-violence/pacifism is our refusal to take the life of a criminal who don’t repent. The average reader would say I’m insane for saying all of this. But the fact is, this allowed the Jews, a race filled with psychopaths, to exploit this moral, secretly killed the non-Jewish rulers (the real rulers), rose to power, and make so-called “hate crimes” to hide their hypocrisy. The result is that our moral pacifistic tendency to kill criminals had backfired on us. You see many Comic-Book heroes encounter this problem:

  • Batman defeats the Joker many times, but instead of killing him, he has the cops arrest him. While this does present him as a person of moral values to the public in Gotham, this came back to bite him as the Joker escapes from prison every time thanks to Batman’s moral code and principles.
  • Superman defeats Lex Luthor, and like the above example, he has Luthor be sent to prison instead of killing in order to be rehabilitated. Unfortunately, Lex Luthor ruins many lives in the process.

Unfortunately, thanks to Public Relations and political figures and activists with moral speeches such as Gandhi and Michael King (BKA Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), killing criminals (especially psychopaths) is absolutely not allowed. Thanks to this, we’ll never make society a better place. In fact, any inspirational speech or quote about non-violence and peace can and will horribly backfire.

Another reason is that making a criminal pay with their lives is a lesson that life itself is never a game nor a book. Rehabilitation is not always the answer to make someone stop.

But that is to say I’m not strongly against pacifism/non-violence. It has it’s successes, but supporters of non-violence never account for deception, as a certain strategist once said:

by way of deception thou shalt do war – Sun Tzu

If you’re reading this, thank you reading this article.

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The ADL: An organization full of Jewish psychopaths

All psychopaths are Jews


Hundreds of Ukrainians starve thanks to the machinations of the Jews stealing their crops

It’s been known that the Anti-Defamation League is run and controlled by, and also defends Jews, a race of sociopaths who view life as a game. The organization was founded after Leo Frank, a Jew, was lynched. The reason for forming this it was not as the world populace may think. After they formed the ADL, the Jews made sure to make any attempts to bash Jews a “Hate Crime,” and any non-Jew who bashes them would be labeled as an “Anti-Semite.” The fact that they brought up both “Hate Crime” and “Anti-Semite” are hypocritical.

Hundreds of Armenians are on a death march after having their guns confiscated and the Kikes killed them all. They’ve never apologized for that.

What about the thousands of Chinese citizens they killed in the Opium War? What about the Native Americans who were slaughtered by the Jews in the Americas? What about the millions of Armenians they’ve slaughtered? What about the thousands of Poles that they’ve killed? They’ve not once apologized for that and they have the nerve to bring up “Hate Crime.” What about the thousands of Palestinians they’ve killed? They’ve never apologized for this, and yet they have the nerve to bring up “Anti-Semitism” as well. Do these people look like the sensible leaders to anyone?

The Jews are nothing but psychopaths who hide their own hypocrisy.

They’ve caused the Great Depression, causing many people to be homeless, and did it again with the 2008 economic “bailout” that made many Jews rich. The notion that this remorseless race can be rehabilitated is a fantasy. The Jews would mock and laugh at you, the viewer, for thinking that they can be cured from a so-called “mental illness.” The LGBT movement is also Jewish, but I’ll cover that in another article. Even the lowest Jew is informed about their tribe’s activities. The point is that Jews are nothing but a group of psychopaths/sociopaths who mask their own hypocrisy by masquerading as citizens with high morals and philosophies. The solution is that they should be killed because they have done nothing to contribute to society as a whole.

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The Paris terrorist attacks

A terrorist organization known as ISIS have launched a terrorist attack on Paris, France on November 13, 2015. It’s stated on several news channel that over a hundred people have been killed. Recent reports suggest that they believe that Abdelhamid Abaaoud was the one who planned the attacks. However, I suspect that things are far more fishier than what is shown by the news outlets.


His appearance doesn’t fit his Muslim name. It’s likely he’s a Jew, what with the hook nose.

However, It’s been stated that ISIS’s leader, the supposed muslim Abu Al-Bahgdadi, is actually Shimon Elliot, a Jewish operative in the Mossad, as can be shown here, but I’ll put the pictures here while there’s still time.











Our government has so-called Muslim terrorists among us. Not to mention, McCain is also Jewish as well, so that means that all Jews are Terrorists.


Not only are these folks pictured alongside John McCain, but the Senator of Arizona was being friendly with them. In fact, back in 2009 when Elliot was freed from an Iraqi prison in 2009, McCain stated that he’ll see Elliot in New York. All I can expect from the Jews is an argumentumm ad lapidem, trying effortlessly to dismiss it as nothing as an opinion.

This isn’t the first time the Jews have disguised themselves as Muslims. A Jew going by the name Adam Pearlman, who has donned an easily soon through disguise known as Adam Gadahn, was also a Jew dressing himself as a Muslim to frame them.




This is Adam Gadahn’s real identity.

This frame grab image taken from a video issued by al-Sahab, al-Qaida's media branch and provided by IntelCenter shows a video statement from Adam Gadahn the new English-language video Saturday Dec. 12, 2009 denied it was behind a series of bombings in Pakistan that have killed hundreds of civilians, calling such attacks un-Islamic. (AP Photo/IntelCenter) INTELCENTER LOGO MUST NOT BE CROPPED, NO SALES === FRAME GRAB IMAGE TAKEN FROM A VIDEO ISSUED BY AL-SAHAB, AL-QAIDA'S MEDIA BRANCH AND PROVIDED BY INTELCENTER INTELCENTER, INTELCENTER LOGO MUST NOT BE CROPPED, NO SALES AP provides access to this publicly distributed HANDOUT photo to be used only to illustrate news reporting or commentary on the facts or events depicted in this image. ===


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Jews and False Testimonies

All Jews are frauds regardless if they pretend to be civil or not

Just to start things off, a testimony is a form of evidence taken from a witness. Witnesses are proof that something happened, right? Even in the Ten Commandments it says that no one shall give testimonies or something along those lines.

However, the Jews have violated this law many times that you’ll lose count. They come up with the most ridiculous testimonies and managed to make it sound real. Of course, this is because the judges for the case of incidents like the supposed “Holocaust” against Jews are Jewish themselves. The Kikes do not want anyone to question their testimonies because all of them would be executed should they ever tell the truth. Here’s one of example of the some of the most ridiculous testimonies made by Jews in the so-called Holocaust:

“…Work was begun to cremate the dead. It turned out that bodies of women burned more easily than those of men. Accordingly, the bodies of women were used for kindling the fires. Since cremation was hard work, rivalry set in between the labor details as to which of them would be able to cremate the largest number of bodies. Bulletin boards were rigged up and daily scores were recorded. Nevertheless, the results were very poor. The corpses were soaked in gasoline. This entailed considerable expense and the results were inadequate; the male corpses simply would not burn. Whenever an airplane was sighted overhead, all work was stopped, the corpses were covered with foliage as camouflage against aerial observation :wink: .

It was a terrifying sight, the most gruesome ever beheld by human eyes. When corpses of pregnant women were cremated, their bellies would burst open. The fetus would be exposed and could be seen burning inside the mother’s womb.” – Yankel Wiernik

I’m going to analyze the stuff in bold. I’m sorry, but what!? Firstly, it wouldn’t even make that much of a difference if more Jewess bodies were burned than male Jews. This is just the Kikes trying to find the most sensitive parts of human nature and exploit it till the cows come home. A belly doesn’t burst open when a corpse gets burned to death. They still get cremated without the being exposed. The example above is one of the many batshit outrageous testimonies ever, and the Kikes convince us that all of this nonsense is real. Yankel Wiernik is a fraud and so is every bloody Jew out there. No exceptions.

“When trainloads of naked Jews arrived at Belzec, they were herded into a great hall capable of holding several thousand people. This hall had no windows and its flooring was of metal. Once the Jews were all inside, the floor of this hall sank like a lift into a great tank of water which lay below it until the Jews were up to their waists in water. Then a powerful electric current was sent into the metal flooring and within a few seconds all the Jews, thousands at a time, were dead. The metal flooring then rose again and the water drained away. The corpses of the slaughtered Jews were now heaped all over the floor. A different current was then switched on and the metal flooring rapidly became red hot, so that the corpses were incinerated as in a crematorium and only ash was left.

The floor was tipped up and the ashes slid out into prepared receptacles. The smoke of the process was carried away by great factory chimneys. That was the whole procedure. As soon as it was accomplished, it could start up again. New batches of Jews were constantly being driven into the tunnels. The individual trains brought between 3,000 and 5,000 Jews at a time, and there were days on which the Belzec line saw between twenty and thirty such trains arrive.

Modern industrial and engineering technique in Nazi hands triumphed over all difficulties. The problem of how to slaughter millions of people rapidly and effectively was solved.” – Testimony of Adolf Folkmann, in Szende, Stefan. The Promise Hitler Kept (New York: Roy Publishers, 1945), p. 161

Naked Jews being killed on a a hallway….? You have to be kidding me. Is it really even necessary to have them Naked? So basically, the Jews were supposedly gathered into a hallway with a metal floor and no windows…. Then, the  Nazis had a switch that had the floor sink into water, press another switch that activated electrical currents to electrocute the Kikes to death, pressed another button or the same switch to rise them back on water, activated another switch that turns the floor red hot to burn the shit out of them until ashes supposedly remained, and those supposed ashes of Jews were taken into a factory chimney…

To put it into short perspective, what Adolf Folkmann, the guy who wrote this testimony, is saying that the supposed naked Jews were turned into characoal. I’m perfectly capable of suppressing my urge to bang my head on a wall right now, but this is this some shit out of science fiction. Here’s another one.

“I stayed in the hospital for three days and had good food and a rest.
The S.S. would come in twice a day and take away some men. A few
times they would come past my bed, but they would take the man next to me.
Then one evening, a lot of S.S. walked into the room and they ordered
us to follow them. They ordered us into a room and locked the door. I
heard a noise like a snake hissing, and then I heard the slave laborers
shouting, “They are gassing us!” I smelled an awful odor. Some of the
men dropped dead. The rest of us ran around the room cursing the

I couldn’t take it much longer and ran to the door and took hold of the
knob and tried to open it. The door was locked. The smell of the gas
got stronger. I coughed, and choked, and put my face to the keyhole and
kept inhaling a little air from the outside.
We had been in the room
for about five minutes when I heard them outside the door talking in
German. “Let’s see if some of them are still alive.” I went away from
the keyhole and the door opened. For some reason which I could never
figure out, God had saved me from the gas chamber. The S.S. shouted
for us to go out. There were only five of us still alive; sixty lay behind,
dead. As soon as we came outside and breathed the fresh air, the S.S.
started to beat us. They chased us to a railroad station into boxcars
and closed the doors on us. In the boxcar I lay down on the floor. I
was bewildered. I couldn’t figure it out. Why hadn’t the S.S. murderers
finished the job in the gas room?
 No, I couldn’t figure these things
out” – ‘Death Was Our Destiny’,p.49-50, by Arnold Friedman

“God had saved me from the Gas chamber.” This goes to show how pathetic religion and that God doesn’t exist. Bringing God up in a testimony brings your credibility right down to zero. Again, a Holocaust is a burnt offering, so what object is being used as a burnt offering here? Besides that, Arnold Friedman, the guy who wrote the above testimony, states that he got good food and a rest in a hospital. Not only do the supposedly sadistic goons give him good food, but they spared him and a few other supposed Jews, so it’s clear these depraved Kikes are putting on an act.

I hope there are more of these unrealistic testimonials in other public hearings about other incidents, all of which are rigged by Jews

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Weaponized Entertainment

One would think that entertainment would never be used as a weapon. Sadly, this has come true. Entertainment can be used as a weapon to drive people into committing violence. There’s one thing I must my viewers here: Entertainment is the Jew’s most dangerous weapon; Not only does it mess with people’s subconscious (The mind retains everything it sees), but the Jews can and will blackmail you as a hostage should you ever fail to do whatever they’ve planned for the audience through you. This video below is a black dude discussing how it’s a dangerous weapon.

They can also dissuade the viewers from thinking about killing the Jews and think about something else. I’ve been thinking for some time now that entertainment should be outlawed.




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All Jews are Terrorists and all Terrorists are Jews

Similar to serial killers, All Jews are nothing more but terrorists who only want everyone to accept their norm by harming others safety. Granted, most assume Hasidic Jews are the most evil Jews out there, but that’s because all the other Jews pretend not to be evil. One example is Adam Gadahn, AKA  Adam Pearlman, who is a member of the ADL. There are many more… Thousands more, But this is one of the more well known examples. Jews of different skin will just frame humans for the shit they’ve done because actors, as entertaining as they may be, are the biggest liars on the face of the earth. All they have to do is pretend themselves to be the victim, enact the crime scene, and frame several humans for it. Ashkenazi, Sepharic… There are no exclusions. They pretend to be Muslims, Christians, Catholics, and every other religion to keep them from being killed.

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Voting is slavery.

Next year, the elections are coming up. For all the lemmings who voted for Obama, I have a question. Did things change for the better since he was elected? I doubt it; Things have been the same as the time Bush was in charge. They’re just sugarcoating it to make sure that voting is free-range slavery disguised as a competition. Nothing has changed both parties are, nevertheless. still members of the same group, and, government. What’s the damn point of voting when two people are working for the same group? Nothing different is the answer; Jews are still at top of the pyramid, laughing their asses off at how gullible non-Jews can be. The reason Jews hold elections is to infiltrate any opposition against their abominable, genocidal, terroristic goals. They want nothing more than world domination and every other life form suffer without remorse.


Above is a video called the Jones Plantation. It proves that voting is nothing more slaves choosing who their masters are. If this video convinces you that

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Police work for Jews

Jews are a degenerate race that needs to be purged from this earth

The Police were never really on our side to begin with. Despite having genuinely decent people trying to restore order amongst them, Why do Jews get much nicer treatment by them, possibly even prior to World War 2? Why do the police never arrest them for the crap they committed? They, and by extension, the entire law enforcement, work for the Jews to keep those humanoid freakshows from being rightfully executed by every non-Jews. Is it any wonder that Jews get life sentences rather than getting executed on the spot? I have a theory that the police were founded by Jews for several reasons.

  1. The Police never go after them instantly.
  2. The Jews are known to be sneaky slimeballs, especially at night time, non-Jews naturally drop their guard.

They never get arrested by the police for paying no taxes, along with the fact that we still have possibly billions of these ugly faggots on the streets pretending to be nice. The notion of these humanoid freakshows not being rightfully extinct drives me insane to no end! 

Executing/Killing Jews is the only solution. All Jews are hypocrites who cohesively work together to bring the destruction of all that is good and beautiful.

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Jews never get punished for not paying bills

As the economy gets worse, more Jews get houses from not even working. The fact they run the government should be no surprise, them getting no punishment not paying bills, instead only a slap on the wrist/back. While every other race has to pay bills, checks, credits, and the like, they do not, because they can get away with laziness. The law isn’t going to stop them from doing whatever they please as they have no moral principles, and they’ll self-victimize their way up, especially whenever something goes badly for them. There’s still the theory that Jews invented money as a means to drop everyone’s guard.

What we’re paying for keeping a home is not even called bills as much as it is called as such in the public. It’s even worse when Blacks/Africans get along with the very same race of degenerates who enslaved them. As this is coming from a black person… I hate my race for supporting Jews; Blacks are so stupid they don’t even know they’re getting manipulated. I do not think of them as highly as I used to.

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Allusions to mythical creatures regarding Jews.

It may seem irrelevant at first glance, but several mythical creatures you see than on television hints the Jews’ real personality. However, some of them are not obvious

Goblins –  Jews have ugly  faces and a relentless sense of greed to steal things. This also has all of the Jewish facial features: Hook nose, ugly teeth, sloped forehead, etc.

Mummies – Jews perform plastic surgery to hide their uglier features. It’s more subtle than mummies in that the Jews’ facial features are “softened” to look human.

Vampires –  It’s been stated on a few occasions, most notably Benjamin Franklin, that Jews are vampires. This is in a metaphorical sense; The Jews have a preference to strike (read: commit crimes.) at nightfall, because not only do non-Jews drop their guards at night, but it’s easier for them to do their malicious work at that time of day (Even their holidays take place at nightfall.) Darkness covers them from being caught. If one were to ever see a crime carried out by Jews at day, the murders are faked as they know they’ll get caught easily at day time. What’s worse is that with Jews in the police services to protect them, it makes this much easier for them to carry out their dirty work.

Aliens – In a majority of alien movies, they aduct and rape human women and children, masquerade as human, and seek to enslave humanity. It refers to the Jews’ nefarious acts of doing these same actions.

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Solution: Get rid of and Destroy Hollywood

Hollywood is no ordinary filming company. It’s not only that the movies suck, but they portray Jews as the kindest individuals when it’s quite the contrary. The Jews make everyone accept this portrayal. Even if it’s all acting, this could seriously make someone actually think these genocidal maniacs are philanthropic when they’re really not so. I’d say we’re better off without a film industry, because even with someone in the performance trying to send a message to the audience, they’re still acting. I don’t care what lesson we’re told in the movies these Kikes make, they’re still actors nonetheless, which is, in a sense, hypocritical. Hollywood doesn’t even have any original ideas, let alone, morality. Hollywood’s not even worthy of being a film industry for this. What kind of company steal ideas for movies for the sake of money?
I might as well have the entertainment industry destroyed as well because Jews are behind Black Comedy (no, not that kind.) as well, because who the fuck would laugh at someone’s death in a satire? That isn’t funny. Not only that, but they mess with the subconscious of non-Jews, which ultimately provokes a race war There should never, ever, ever be a film industry for Jews; They’ll start shilling themselves in their most twisted way ever. I’d play chess than watch shitty ass mafia/terrorist/comedy movies made by them.

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Michael King Day

For all of you Africans who keep worshiping Michael King (AKA Martin Luther King Jr., a name change that was never legal to begin with.)  like he’s some damned savior, he’s no savior. He’s secretly had ties to communists and appointed them into the several districts to support his movement. The FBI (Owned by Jews) have kept surveilance on him in case he ever betrays them as seen here for the full details. There’s no other way to sugarcoat it. Many black people have always had a sense of pride that they’ve finally gotten the freedom they’ve finally wanted when the Civil Rights movement had Jews discreetly murdering any African who ever found out about their real motives. The secret (read: true) purpose of the Civil Rights movement was for the Jews to stave off any opposition to their plans. All I can hear is a massive denial state that he was never a liar or traitor. What’s worse is that the whole “I have a dream” quote was originally said by a pastor by the name Archibald Carey, as can be heard here.
What will Africans as a whole do now that Michael King was exposed as a traitor to black people? I say abandon this guy, smash your pride (pride is worse than stupidity), form up with all the other non-Jew races to get rid of the Jewish menace?

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