Entertainment: More dangerous than a Gun?

Weapons, such as a sword or a gun, are used to harm, or worse, kill someone. Jews are trying to get guns off the streets, its plausible, but what about something harmless, such as entertainment? You, the reader, who is probably a common, normal non-Jewish person, will be asking “how is entertainment a weapon when it’s harmless? That can’t be possible.” Sadly, entertainment has been used a deadly weapon. Surprised? You’re already wondering how entertainment, and extension, stagecraft, can be dangerous. Here are several factors.

Your sub-conscious mind: Whereas you have control over your conscious mind, the same cannot be said of the sub-conscious mind. Your sub-conscious mind will take the words by heart and believe someone says, because words cut through like a knife. However, actions always speak louder than words. The sub-conscious mind can easily fall prey to a television, with the Jews presenting their illusions onto humans. In short, the process is more like brainwashing than the general public would like to admit. Thankfully, you can guide your sub-conscious with you conscious mind to get past the illusions the Kikes can pull out of their sleeves.

The perfect means for diversion: While you, the non-Jewish viewer, are watching your favorite talk-show or whatever, the Jews are already plotting for the destruction of America and the rest of the world. What’s more? An optimistic attitude will be enforced on a near constant basis, with the non-Jewish populace ignoring everything the Jews have in store.

The audience: I’ve put the audience in as a factor. You, the reader, will probablt be saying “This is bullshit. Why is this relevant?” Why did I include this as a factor? Allow me to say this: There are no group of pawns more valuable than an audience. The Jews know that you, the audience, the ones that are reading this, are out of the loop when it comes to their depraved plots to conquer everything. With contol of the entertainment industry (I can also extend this logic to stagecraft in general), an entertainer/orator will always acccount for the happiness of their audience. Many non-Jews today fall prey to the lies of the Jews while they discreetly kidnap & molest your children, along with their scheme to set the general populace into failure; To steal the firewood from behind the pots of non-Jews (humans).

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