“Brother Nathanael” Kapner: Another spy for the Jews


This rat-face Jew wants us to believe Jews are only a religion, and that there are “good” and “bad” Jews, but he isn’t tricking everyone.

All Jews are rats, and there are Jews that are of every religion – Christianity, Judaism, Islam – all with roots to the same Jews who want to kill us. Jews ethnically and racially are the enemy.

Whether a Jew is a “practicing” Jew or not isn’t the point here. “Brother Nathaniel” (Milton Kapner) is a self-admitted Jew-rat. If one looks at his video explaining why he converted to Christianity (a branch of Judaism), “Brother Nathaniel” recounts on YouTube (JewTube) about the time he was called a “Jew-boy” for singing Christmas carols. Kapner makes it very clear that he had been discriminated against for being a religious Jew and he smiles as he recalls the incident.

The real reason why he does this is for money. Jew Kapner knows that there will always be “anti-Semites” in the world, so why not profit from it? – and that is exactly why he does it. Pretending to be “anti-semitic” is the only method he finds to support himself. The information that he divulges he gets from doing constant research. A lot of what he says comes straight from David Duke (the man who says that the only bad Jews are the Zionists and that other Jews are “good Jews”) and Wiki-Jew-pedia.

Factual information is factual information – that can be found with our own initiative. The truth does not fear investigation, but the lying Jews certainly do.

So why would Kapner do this? Kapner is inflicted with the insanity universal among their tribe. It is clear that Kapner spends far more time researching world Jewry than practicing his “Christian faith”. He is another secret Jew, a counter-opposition agent who has figured out a way to make money, and prevents himself from being homeless by playing the role of an “antisemitic White man”. He is trying to build a “trust-bond” between Gentiles and Jews, with the idea that “not all Jews are bad”.

Kapner is very much a common Jew, and he is smiling to the bank. He is using the same bag of tricks Jews having been using for over three thousand years. The Jews have been very “close-community” throughout history, and that is the reason for their virtually omnipotent power. Forbid that the ADL should ever get “hate speech” laws passed that over ride Freedom of Speech, but it can be promised that Brother Kapner will be “getting off the hook”. At the end of the day, Jews always look out for their own.


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2 Responses to “Brother Nathanael” Kapner: Another spy for the Jews

  1. Ernest says:

    He’s not of Jewish faith so he’s not a Jew.

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