HIV and AIDS: sexual diseases: Real or fictitious?


Does this guy look Jewish to anyone?

According to the Government, HIV (Human immunodeficency virus) and AIDS are sexual diseases discovered by Robert Gallo, an American (Jew) researcher who was successful. The real question is: Are they real? According to the Government (Who are owned by Jews), it is. Then again, It’s no surprise here. People who have high positions authority are trusted by nature and definition, and, to the dismay of every American (and North American) who isn’t Jewish, the Jews are using this to their advantage. This is why we take the law into our own hands, which is what own ancestors did. This does not mean rebellion by definition. It just means that everyone (Who isn’t Jewish) who isn’t a law enforcement officer must investigate this on their own whether it’s true or not, and stop depending on police officers, attornies, researchers (And R the list goes on), But this is not why I’m posting this. The reason is to question whether the sexual diseases HIV and AIDS are real or not.

For AIDS, yes. However, you don’t get AIDS from sex. You get it from drugs. As for HIV… No. Now, let’s put this into logic:  You get a disease from something, even if your body’s clean , that’s from inside your body to other people’s bodies… What? Seriously? What kind of fucking logic is that? Jewish logic sucks, no immaturity intended. You get a disease… from a genital area. Fuck Jewish logic. This is just an excuse for the Jews to kill every non-Jewish person.

UPDATE: Thankfully, something on google reminded me to put this up, but I forgot to do so. HIV and AIDS were dispelled by another Jew rat named Peter Duesberg. This folks is another example of Jews exposing their own lies, by Jew Duesberg telling us that HIV/STDs is a “harmless retrovirus” and the antibodies prevent it from happening, so yes, people, You don’t get an STD. Therefore, HIV is another Jewish lie.

This disspelled the HIV virus as fake, so that means he's a good guy, right? No.

This disspelled the HIV virus as fake, so that means he’s a good guy, right? No.

On a more serious note, If I had posted this before, Jews suck baby penises. Think I’m bluffing? Go right ahead and dismiss this article. For those aren’t Jewish, Good thing is you don’t have to read it. The Bad thing is you have to learn it the hard way.

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5 Responses to HIV and AIDS: sexual diseases: Real or fictitious?

  1. Lynn Margulis (biologist, called bullshit on HIV and 9/11)

    Seth Kalichman (jewish psychologist, slandered Lynn Margulis)

    The strange behavior of Seth Kalichman really made me think that HIV might be yet another big jewish lie.

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