Jewish Mobsters and Gangsters

Everyone has been sold into the idea by Jew run media and Jew run Hollywood that mobsters are non-Jewish Italians. This isn’t the case here, when you look closely at the pictures of the mobsters and realize that they have lower lips bigger than the upper lip, a big forehead, and a hooked nose. This is an indicator of the Jew. That right; The notorious mobster Al Capone is a Jew, whether you people like it or not, and there are Russian Jew mobsters, Italian Jew mobsters, Japanese Jew mobsters (Yakuza), Plain Jew

Hook nose, bottom lip larger than the upper lip

Hook nose, bottom lip larger than the upper lip. That’s a Jew, alright. No question about it.

mobsters, British Jew mobsters, etc. There are Jewish mobsters in every country, so keep in mind that the ones I described in my previous sentence are not all the Jew mobsters mentioned here. Jewish mobsters have been around as early as late 19th century (It could be far earlier than this.). Even to this day, the Jews are still managing the black markets in the shadows. They knew we would catch them, so they surreptitiously kidnapped children for brothels, managed to pull off the drug trade while killing off all the non-Jewish nurses and doctors, and replaced herbs with drugs as medicine (another article I’ve written) with the Illegal Drug Trade. In other words, The Jewish Mobs, Gangs, and Mafia run the government, which explains the mannerisms. Mobster movies such as The Godfather made it more, but I didn’t pick up on this when I was younger. When once notices how the Jews kill anyone that speak too much about their agenda, it becomes very obvious to the non-Jewish people (humans) that the Jew invented the concept of the Mafia. That’s right; The Mobsters and Gangsters who create chaos in the city life are the very people who claim to be the holiest race. They’re called rats with good reason. A rat loots all of the animal’s belongings in secret, and the Jews affinity with rats can’t be any more true.

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3 Responses to Jewish Mobsters and Gangsters

  1. GFF77 says:

    Mafia was set up by Giuseppe Mazzini ,,and there are many rumours he was a crypto jew as well:

    A:autorizza/ Authorizes
    Revolutionary Terrorist Leader Sicilian Gangster Mafia Founder. Mazzini Authorizes Thefts, Arson, Poisoning. Mazzini Autorizza Furti, Incendi, Avvelenamenti.

  2. russ hook says:

    Many JEWS have a Zed in their surnames. Just one of many clues.

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