Jewish Women: Ugly


Jewish women look more like men. Might as well declare Jews a one gender race. Are these the kind of women you want date?

Where to start on this one? Oh right… Jewish women. You can’t get an uglier female than a Jewish female. I mean, look at them. They don’t even look like women, let alone feminine in the slightest. They look like gay men with lipstick on. With their so-called “victim” status, they may seem innocent, right? HAHAHAHA, No. They’re just as cunning, if not even more so their male counterparts, which brings me this one thing say: Women in general are no different than men, thus making Woman’s history month pointless. The ugly Jewesses proved that.  One person said on a forum that Jewish women look like men with wigs. I spent a good 5 minutes or so laughing, but he’s correct. All these little shit Jewess can do are just extort, rig shit, and call the police on us non-Jews (read: humans) (male Jews do it too) in the favor of their tribe. Jewish females can’t get any uglier than they are now, so they have to rely on surgery to look like us humans. We can still spot their shitty facial features (and loathsome voices) with surgery on. 

This is just to show the viewers that I can be a prick.

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9 Responses to Jewish Women: Ugly

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    The jewish females (they’d have to appear human to be women) have particular agendas of their own, one being to capture human male genetics. The site: Seductive Jewess
    has much info on what they’re up to along with photos and observations re their psychology.

    It’s funny how all female models I see in their media appear to be jewish. One reason is to condition us to believe their species is beautiful; this is part of their assimilation program. They’ve become brazen in that they are now, unlike before, using ugly, blatantly jewish models they wouldn’t have dared employed a few short years ago, previously choosing from their tribe fashion models that were more (50% or more non-jew blood) hybridized with European genes. Either they are that confident that enough humans have been desensitized to their appearance or they just don’t care what we think because they believe they’ve won. On the other hand they may be ramping up their propaganda because they know we are on to them.

  2. kelly says:

    Scarlett Johanson, Natalie Portman, Bar Rafali are Jewish.

    • Charles Victor says:

      A shorter list would be those female models & celebrities who aren’t kikesses. Those are almost the only faces we now see.

    • Avi Rafaeli says:

      There are ugly and beautiful women in every race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, etc etc

      But why when talking about beautifuk jewish women everyone mentions Bar Rafaeli and Natalie Portman?! They are NOT beautiful. Natlaie Portman is actually acceptional but Bar is ugly! Just because she has green eyes and blonde hair doesn’t mean she’s beautiful. There are many other beautiful women out there that aren’t Bar Rafaeli or Natalie Portman.

      • All Jewish women are ugly; They only use plastic surgery to make themselves look prettier.

      • abigalko3 says:

        Well I’ll tell you one thing, your tone in this comment reminds me of the tone of people who are jealous of other people, so ya, you are probably jealous the bar refaeli is definitely ten times more beautiful the you are

  3. Lonnie says:

    Totally agree their jealousy of humans (goyim woman) is so insane, you couldn’t be more correct with your observations we have to view these ugly women on tv, I switch off more than ever!!!!!

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