All serial Killers, Pedophiles, Organ-Harvesters, Usurers, and Terrorists are Jewish

Killing the Jews after exposing them is the only solution

Jews are not a religion; They are a race!



What many News Channels do not tell the public is that everything is controlled by the Jews. The same Jews who will set you all up for failure. The same Jews who will dispose of non-Jews when our purpose is done.

For all the non-Jews who aren’t aware of the Jewish problem, The above pictures are definitely a bold statement, as murders occur on a daily basis. The serial killers from the past and in the present are Jewish. Why, you ask? The answer is simple. The Jews want to kill all non-Jews (myself included.) and celebrate their conquest. It’s as sinister as it sounds. Not only that, but these feeble beasts go around and collect our people’s organs. This activity is called Organ Harvesting, which I’ll be doing later. Parasites are depraved, but the Jews take the concept to an entirely new level, being a parasitic species and all. For every non-Jew reading this, the good thing is, you don’t have to take my word for this, as this is happening on a daily basis as I’ve mentioned before. It’s hypocritically amusing that Jews shout and yell hate-crime, anti-semite, racist towards all non-Jews, yet they carry out all racially motivated murders it’s so detestable. Will the media take mention this? The answer is no, as the media is in Jewish control. When these Jews are caught, the Jewish media will be in Damage Control mode in order to prevent their tribe from being exposed globally. In fact, this little excerpt from the Talmud drives it to the goal:

Moed Kattan 17a : If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.

People definitely need to hunt down synagouges as soon as possible, but unfortunately for us, we’ll get arrested for doing a just an act our ancestors should have done a long time ago. That, and the Jews control the message.

List of Serial Killers 

Jack The Ripper

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah


Dylan Klebold

Ed Gein

Joel Rifkin

Harold Shipman

Rodney Alcala

Herb Baumeister

Harvey Glatman
Harvey Glatman

David Berkowitz

John Wayne Gacy

Albert DeSalvo
Charles Cohen

Jeffrey Dahmer

Peter Kudzinowski

Mrs. Tillie Klimek

Another Jewish woman whose faces looks like a man’s.

Tillie Klimek

Henry Lee Lucas

Charles Schmid

Robert Shulman

Efren Saldivar


Nathan Leopold


Richard Loeb

Leopold and Loeb

Randall Woodfield
Louis Fine
George Sack
Alfred Leonard Cline

Louis Neu
Ralph Jerome Selz
Edward Simon Wein

Robert Zarinsky

James Koedatich
Ralph Nuss

Gloria Tannenbaum
Milton Niport

Bertram Greenberg

Joseph Kallinger

William Rothstein
Joseph Fischer
Brian Kevin Rosenfeld

Robert Durst

Steven Oken
Nathan Trupp

Jeffrey Feltner

Philip Carl Jablonski

Ed Savitz
Edward Isadore Savitz
Eyal Shachar
Salomon Rosenbloom


Jewish Scum like this one got away with execution, and now he’s gotten a degree in criminology.. You know what implies.

Norman Parker
James Eric Gottfried

Andrei Chikatilo

Roman Polanski – Why did this bastard flee to Europe? Because he actually killed his wife Sharon Tates and framed the Manson family for it.

This fucker killed Mary Phagan.

This fucker killed Mary Phagan.

Leo Frank

They are everywhere in every country, and we have films of these guys made by Jews. Are we seriously going to turn a blind-eye and let these demonic creatures continue to convince us and our children that they’re peaceful creatures, or are we going to realize, stop relying on “heroes,” get the job done ourselves and kill them all to extinction? My answer is likely later than sooner, sadly. We’re sparing the lives of thousands of demons who insist that not all of them are evil.

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34 Responses to All serial Killers, Pedophiles, Organ-Harvesters, Usurers, and Terrorists are Jewish

  1. GFF77 says:

    not to mention what they do to non/jews children on passover ?
    if you know the story of “Simon of Trent”….
    this book “Bloody passover” by Ariel Toaff”

  2. GFF77 says:

    by the way Toaff is a Jew

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  4. Brad Kayganich says:

    you forgot charles manson

    • I recant what I said about Charles Manson. I had to go back do some research, and thinking. He’s not jewish as far as my research goes, and he was framed, the jews created that hellter skelter bullshit to cover the fact that Sharon Tates kike husband murdered her. After reading about Sharon Tates murder, I should have known she was married to a kike named roman polanski a hollywood director. Right after her homicide he fled to Europe.

  5. “Legal” trials won’t work on Jews. It’s rigged by them. Like they did with Leo Frank by skipping right to lynching him.

  6. Cornfields says:

    Moderate every comment so it suits your propaganda.

  7. Stan says:

    Fuck you. You psycho mother fucking nazi. Just go ahead and kill yourself and all of your family while you’re at it. You fucking cocksucker scumbag piece of shit.

  8. bharford says:

    Great site! Thanks for putting this up…

  9. Shelagh Magoo says:

    mmmmm well its a jewish belief all none jews are no more than animals… an serial killers are known to have a dominant characteristic in common called arrogance!! So.. it could be some truth here worth looking at!

  10. Shelagh Magoo says:

    done a little research over last couple hours and find there maybe something to this jew=serial killer! needs further research to fully conclude tho

  11. SuperJew says:

    Manic depressive bi polar schizophrenic who takes a nugget of society an magnifies it for unfounded hatred and jealousy. You would be a Jew. Your nose isn’t big enuff

  12. Dahmer and Gacey weren’t jewish you numbskull.

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  15. iewslayer says:

    Dylan Klebold – one of the Columbine High School shooters – was a known Jew. His companion, Eric Harris, was a secret Jew.

  16. matt says:

    You forgot gary ridgeway, the green river murderer. His mother mary steinman was a jewes, which makes gary a jew.

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  18. anti-racist says:

    Roman Polanski was also a pedophile

  19. Queen o Aotearoa says:

    So very much true it’s called a DNA strand engineered. It’s breed in them. Passed on thru the bloodlines.

  20. Farver Ganouche says:

    Nice! I visit this site everyday!

  21. Wowthatsabigtaco says:

    Hitler was a Jew also as far as I am concerned

    • Adi says:

      I do not believe Hitler was jewish…..there was no holocaust. Hitler was a hero who fought against them. Just because he sought a humane way to rid Europe of jews by giving them Madagascar does not prove anything. It shows the holocaust stories are lies….there was no plot to exterminate them but rather to remove them from Europe and Germany in particular….I know Christopher Bjorken likes to say so but i do not buy it….untrue……The jew though is a threat to mankind and is very tricky so we need to question everything. Im not attacking you……just giving my 2 cents…

      • iewslayer says:

        “there was no holocaust”. I could agree or not agree depending on your definition of “holocaust”. Since you didn’t capitalize the “h” (the Jews are the ones who trademarked that word in the 20th century), my best assumption is that you are referring to the earlier definition of the word, “complete destruction, especially by fire”. By this definition, I wouldn’t agree with you, as (in the 20th century alone) the Jews have committed multiple such barbarities – the bombardment of Dresden is one of the more well-known examples of holocausts by the Jews.
        “Hitler was a hero who fought against them”. You gave us your opinion. Your evidence?

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