Jews on Damage control mode on September 11

With today being the eve of the attacks, I decided to write this certain event. There’s a few things I want to address here:

  1. Were there planes on 9/11? Many say they saw the planes attacked the twin towers, as the media wants the people to hear. However, the planes on the videos seems to be holographic. To this conclusion, there were no planes on either the twin towers nor the pentagon. In short, the Jews edited a scene.
  2. Did the Muslims do it? In a word, NO! Jews from the Israeli Mossad did the attacks. luckily, they were caught. Sadly, they were deported back to Israel, where they got off scott free. Video is here
  3. What was the true purpose of the attacks? The Jews want to further their conquest on the planet and to take out many non-Jews (humans) as possible.

Now with those issues out of the way, many Jews have rushed to the scene in this one in Holy wood (Not like their “woods” are holy to begin with) fashion, with Jewish “terrorism experts” magically showing up on the fly. You see it reinforced on the media countless times. The same goes for the fake holocaust on Jews in Germany, the moon landing (which I’ve not went into depth yet.), The Connecticut shooting, and many other crimes. It’s funny that Jews are in damage control mode when something factual about their heinous nature is revealed, yet when they speak badly (degradation and condescension)  about us non-Jews, none of our people are in damage control. Figure that one out.

UPDATE: Turns out almost no one died on that day as the towers were empty that day since it’s entire life… I genuinely did not know this until now. We, The American people, have been ultimately worried about nothing, having been screwed over by a lot more than meets the eye. The Jews used this as as a ploy to, as mentioned earlier, kill every non-Jew possible. The only solution for Hollywood is to be taken out of business and execute/kill every last Jew there and fast. The question is how. This day is a magic trick that made all the other magic tricks look like child’s play. Other than that, I’ve come to one conclusion… Most magicians are Jewish (Which I may I write in another post.).

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22 Responses to Jews on Damage control mode on September 11

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    9/11 was just another in a never ending series of jewish media hoaxes. No authentic imagery of that day has surfaced in the public. 9/11 is a product of Photoshop, composite video, CGI and disposable, 3rd rate actors posing as “witnesses”, “survivors”, “victims families”, etc. Also, just about every 9/11 commentator, “investigator”, etc., over the years has been jewish–no coincidence there.

    It’s probably their most successful media scam yet, after their holohoax.

    The yet-to-be debunked and almost totally ignored September Clues documentary proves using Schlomo’s own media imagery that it’s all just another Hollyweird production.

    • GFF77 says:

      even in that video “victims are sims”the first 2 guys who came up, their family name its “Sacerdote” ,that name its Jewish Italian…
      it means Priest..

    • While September Clues gives out good info. The site is ran by a jew named simon shack, or what ever his name may be. He never brings up the jewish hand which created 9/11. He doesn’t mention the naudet brothers are jews who made the fake film, nor does he mention that larry silverstein is a kike. Nor does he mention the kike actors who made played with peoples emotions. Not too mention most of the posters in his forum consist of personas that he created.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:


      Simon does mention “jews” a little more now but that may be just to help maintain credibility & keep people from questioning what/who he really is. As for the actors, he does mention the notable ones but doesn’t state they are jews.

      That 9/11 is a jew scam seems to be mostly verboten there, though I’m not aware of any specific prohibitions there against saying “it’s the jews, stupid!”.

      • He won’t be having any credibility in the future.

        I’ve once heard that Insurance is gambling. And considering that the insurance industry is owned by Jews, it’s not far off.

  2. Lex Mercatoria says:

    I forgot to add that the “victims” are SIMS, i.e., computer created personages whose pictures are the products of image morphing software with their names generated by a computer algorithm.

    On a related note, the WTC complex throughout its life has been mostly empty and was empty that day. Thus there were no “thousands” of workers in the buildings that day who “died”.

    • Shit…. Then that means we were worried about absolutely nothing ultimately… These “attacks” may as well be a hollywood movie. This just gives me another reason to hate Hollywood. We definitely need more magic shops…

      I googled it and I Thank you BIG TIME for posting this comment.

      • Lex Mercatoria says:

        I’m glad you found my comments helpful. Once one realizes that much of what the jewish media peddles as “news” consists of outright hoaxes it begs the question: what is actually happening out there?

        Many non-jews have no idea how deep the jewish deception runs.

        Thanks for maintaining this blog; your efforts are appreciated.

  3. psuedoliar says:

    I’m a black guy who’s not affiliated with any cult, I’ve come to realize what type of burden jews are years ago. As of now I’m noticing a ton of staged events are being created. Just like you said they’re magicians, they have people emotions right in their hand. They’re using blacks and muslims as their #1 pawns etc. Learning about the jews plan has changed my outlook on life. Good to find a non-politically correct source on jews. Furtherly, Jews have been creating staged event Pysops to try to start a racewar. Remember how the mass media was talking about Trayvon Martin 24/7/7days/weekly? Also, there’s no actual record of a Trayvon Martin ever existing. List of staged events: Boston Bombing, Woolwich Attack, Chris Dorner, Trayvon Martin, Paula Deen, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech massacre, Recent event in Washington. Best believe theres more but long story. When people see events like the Woolwich attack. Their hatred and fear is going to be directed at blacks not jews.

    • I don’t deal with politically correct shit here. I’ve always noted that the Jews’ choice of clothing is similar to that of a magicians. Their hate directed at black people is because the Jews have portrayed them as such in their Hollywood films, adding into account of the African slave trade, where these poor guys suffered, starved, and got whipped by these Kike bastards/bitches; Something most blacks completely forget to take into account. This is why I’ve been repeatedly stating that we should kill these bastards fast, because as you said, Blacks and Arabs are their #1 pawns.

    • I’m black too. I too am very displeased about this.

  4. psuedoliar says:

    Well were definitely on the same page then, good to know. Easier said than done though, with jews controlling everything and doing everything behind the curtain, you will not only lose but you’ll appear as the badguy too. But I wouldn’t swear ranks with arab’s either because they marginalized us too. Probably just as worst if not more than jews.

    • We haven’t lost. They’ve tricking people into surrendering they’ve assimilated; blended in with our own people along with other races, rigging everything in their favor. If you’re against them, you’re a terrorist, period… By their own twisted logic.

  5. psuedoliar says:

    What you should really know is whites believe that blacks are working with jews behind a conspiracy of trying to eradicate them via crime and race mixing. That’s why they think Barrack Obama is the 1st jew president. This is also the cause of a surge of neo-conservaticism amongst whites and why many people who hate jew also hate blacks. Meaning in simple English, “even people whom are street smart on jew atrocities still hate blacks. Before I didn’t elaborate thoroughly blacks are not just the #1 pawn for jews but the #1 target too. Don’t get me started with what they’ve done to the Africa. If you notice whites hate dislike black history month(created by jews). Communism is used by them to create conflicts. They don’t just intend to make us suffer longer but to commit genocide black/brown in short years. They’ve been planning this for centuries. They are also using Mexicans to immigrate to start racewars too. When Mex’s get legal immigration rights…do the math. Whites think they’re first to go. Think again, who’s the most disorganized, dependant and vulnerable race? Why do you think people are prepping? The economy is being ran into the earth’s crust. But people don’t think military men will kick down their door. They think so-called urban thugs looters will. So goy want certain people off the streets “click-click pow”! They intend to use psychological warfare, bio-chemical warfare, disasters, and incarceration to wipe blacks out. Here’s the sources.

    Just when we thought all gentiles were in this together, language can be offensive but read on:

    • First off we don’t call non-Jews Goyim, which means cattle. I only use that because that’s something only the Jews themselves would call us.
      Second, Blacks have been targeted as such thanks to Jew-owned hollywood propaganda shit. We’re all on the same boat, as you meant to say. Then again, there may be black Jews like Obama in our ranks. The Jews corrupt their minds drugs and other bullshit materialistic beliefs.

      … I had a feeling that Black History Month was created by Jews. I have an article on that regarding Dr. Michael King.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      Barack (Baruch?) Obama is definitely NOT the first jew president. I think there’s another thread on this site that lists many jew presidents.

      The kikes have been here since the nation’s founding.

    • He said “Believe” not realize.

      Religion is just a scam altogether. Though psuedoliar is on to something… But this begs one question… Just how many blacks are Jewish aside of Obama…? We must root out the spies. Sadly, not many non-Jews are around to do so.

      The White Nationalist is nothing but a group consisting of Kike spies.

  6. “…Actors can be very dangerous criminals”.

    Which is why acting is one of the highest paid professions in the world.

    • “…Actors can be very dangerous criminals”.

      “Which is why acting is one of the highest paid professions in the world.”

      Which is also why the Jews never made a single protest against it.

  7. “Lex Mercatoria says:


    Simon does mention “jews” a little more now but that may be just to help maintain credibility & keep people from questioning what/who he really is. As for the actors, he does mention the notable ones but doesn’t state they are jews.

    That 9/11 is a jew scam seems to be mostly verboten there, though I’m not aware of any specific prohibitions there against saying “it’s the jews, stupid!”.”

    Lex, I haven’t been to his site in years, since I found out he was a kike gatekeeper. I’m not surprised the jewish angle is coming out more, but you need too go to cluesforum and read all his post. especially the one about his father working for the UN, he also brags about being Norwegian, and how his ancestors found the country of Norway. Only a kike would pretend to be Norwegian then brag about it too cover up the fact he’s a jew to fool people.

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