A One World Government = Global Jewish conquest

For non-Jews who haven’t realized what this “One World Government” shit is, it’s simple. It’s when all the nations are in Jewish hands. They’ve been actively working to achieve this for several millennia, possibly going far back to their origins, something of which tightly concealed. All I know is that once they complete their conquest and defiling the planet, the results certainly won’t be pleasant. 

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2 Responses to A One World Government = Global Jewish conquest

  1. b sargent says:

    is there a difference between all jewish people ,12 tribes, and zionism? is the kosher tax shared by all or just the zionist? if not i see no opposing factions to it. the history i have read indicates that most world wide problems arise from with in the 12 tribes. i am only partly anti semetic and completely anti zionism. total world control by the zionist is,i think,
    on the books. b.sargent ,west colo

    • There is absolutely no difference between these three, the Jews are just one tribe and yes, the kosher tax is shared by all of them. The idea of Jewish people against each other is total hogwash as they all have the same Dna.

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