The Kosher Tax

Everyone has seen that K or a U with a circle within it, yes? This is the Kosher Tax. While it may seem like it’s not a big deal to the common non-Jew, These Kikes are on constant surveilance of our foods and everything else we buy. Even on laundry items. What is the purpose for this? Some may say it’s to help the Jews. They’re partially right. More specifically, This is to help them make us non-Jews poor and kill us when the opportunity arrives for their conquest. Not only that, they’ll replace our markets with their own if we were to be extinct, in which they’ll definitely celebrate a day on, something which I’m certainly sure will be unpleasant. ¬†While they take part of our money from us, they spend no taxes at all, which should be obvious as they run the fucking country. If a Jew pay taxes, they’ll complain.

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4 Responses to The Kosher Tax

  1. GFF77 says:

    Orthodox jews don’t even work….
    fucking scum of earth

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