The United States: A Nation founded on murder and conquest


America’s “grand heroes” were just a couple kikes (likely, but not confirmed) who instead slaughtered more natives. So much for being free and just.

Is America really the “Land of the free?” Only one of group would say this to make them feel happy, and that’s the Jewish people, who slaughtered many of the Natives there in the 17th & 18th centuries, having no remorse for their actions, all under the justification of their so-called “god-given rights.” This is yet another act of their “holyness” (Read: Depravity), bragging in supremacist fashion. The American Revolution who nothing more than a Jewish staged event to, emotionally speaking, lure people into a trap, convincing them the idea of a free country. A government does not become free of laws, nor do people vote for their leaders, which many people do ignore in favor seeking someone to hero worship, when they themselves are capable of doing it. The Founders of this so-called “free country” is likely founded by, you guessed it, Jews. You can see the Jews and their media are in constant damage control mode now. They never fought the British to begin with.

It should be noted that this “Nation” was founded at an earlier time in an event known as the Spanish Inquisition, where Crypto-Jew Christopher Columbus and his men sailed to the Americas and killed nearly all the natives to near extinction.

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17 Responses to The United States: A Nation founded on murder and conquest

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    Some of the “founding fathers” are reputed to have stated that the jew should be barred entry into America forever, but of course they didn’t follow through with that idea. Perhaps the fact the many of them were freemasons–freemasonry being jewish–and that some of them were indebted to jews just might have had something to do with that.

    It is an open secret that the founders never intended to truly separate from England and one of them (Washington?) stated as much. Moreover, founding a republic was the proverbial “plan B”. Their intent was to establish another monarchy but the two men they invited to assume the office of monarch both declined for the same reason: neither the first choice, Charles Edward Stuart, a/k/a “Bonnie Prince Charlie”, nor the second, George Washington, had male heirs. Both men were selected because it was believed they were distant descendants of either Kings Solomon or David (I forget which).

    From a legal standpoint the “government” of “The United States of America” was a sham from the get go, as prominent lawyer (not attorney) Lysander Spooner wrote about in his “No Treason: The Constitution Of No Authority”. The USofA is legal sham in other ways, too. Contrary to what the Founders were trying to sell to the people, it was a sham politically. As one of the writers of the Anti-Federalist Papers observed, no new government was being created; what happened was merely the continuation & extension of the existing merchant state.

    OTOH, the founders did get the King to acknowledge we are sovereigns without subjects. They correctly reasoned that people wouldn’t act as such and thus could be enslaved anyway. As hard as it may be to believe our system still functions on that basis though we are taught none of this in Schlomo’s public fool… I mean “school” system.

    It’s interesting to view this from the jews’ standpoint. They said America was created as a “proposition” nation, that there was nothing in the nation’s founding documents that specifically stated America was to be a nation of whites, Christians, or what have you. That vagueness is what opened the legal door for them to enter.

  2. Brad Kayganich says:

    The kikes were here much earlier, Spanish inquisition anyone? This was the prime mover, for the future creation known as the Americas. 1492 christopher columbus, and his brethren set off the desrtuction, of the continent. Then afterwords the jews, who came over, as so called Spainards; cortez, hernandez, coronado, etc.. all jews. At one time, across the whole of what we now call North, and South America. The civilizations of the combined continents numbered well over 100 million, or more. Now were down to a handful of “reservations” containing a few hundred people, across all of the Americas.
    It’s been documented, the jews were kicked out of over 109 countries in the past. Yet read between the lines. All government is a form of jewish control, even the monarchies of Europe, dynasties of Asia, Africa etc.. were jewish creations. Could this so called ploy too “kick jews out”, be nothing more than the jews way of spreading across the globe? Really think about that one? We don’t need a governing body. We need deadly retribution

    • ….You’re really on to something. I’ve once thought about this before, but I dismissed it. Now that you’ve brought this up again, You may very well have a point. This entire expulsion thing may very well be yet another Jewish plan. Shouldn’t have dismissed it. Bloody fuck… We have been played yet again.

  3. Typical of them to be hypocrites.

  4. That article will get views in little time. Thanks a lot.

  5. And they spelled nazi wrong. Then they will have their fellow Jews get unauthorized access to undo all of this.

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