Demonization and Genocide of Blacks



There you have it, folks. A Jew with blatant features, manipulating corrupting and demonizing black people. This is just one of them.

After uncovering some hints one of my viewers, I’ve finally found some very good leads regarding the degeneration of black people: Has anyone heard of Eric “Eazy-E” Lynn Wright, N.W.A and Ruthless Records? For those not in the know, a few years before my birth, N.W.A and Ruthless Records were two groups formed in Los Angeles, California by  Eric Wright in 1987, joined later by Ice Cube, Arabian Prince, Dr. Dre, DJ Yella and in 1988, MC Ren. Wright,  the “Godfather of Gangsta Rap,” was a confessed drug dealer, street gangster, and gangbanger. However, I do suspect him of being a pawn, so please read on.  Non-Jews that are reading this know especially where this went afterwards.  Behind these groups were Kikes by the name of the Jerry Heller and Michael Klein, the former of whom was co-founder of N.W.A and the CEO of Ruthless Records, and the latter is the business director of Ruthless. These two Kikes were invited by the Kike Presidents Reagan and Kike Vice President Bush Sr sometime later after the formation of these groups. This would seem out of place, but as I’ve explicitly pointed out in my other posts that Jews are Gangsters, The Jew-owned CIA enlisted Enirque Bermudez to mobilize illegal activity and founded the Fuerza Democratica Nicaraguense (FDN) under Reagan’s orders, filled with skilled Contras to fight in a war. Their collaborators are none other than the Bloods and Crips from Compton and South Los Angeles. They got off with millions of dollars. All of them: The Bloods, The Crips, The CIA, and last but not least, the Mossad. Hollywood and The White House are all just one big celebration party for our demise (Bar Mitzvah as they call it.) The creators of Hip-hop and rap are not black, but in actuality are Jewish people, considering that the Jewish rats found the gangster concept first. This is another reason to resent Jewish people . They’re not human as they’ll defile every everything they lay their hands on, and the bible won’t be an excuse this time.



Murder is the only solution for the Jews. They’ll defile our lands.

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13 Responses to Demonization and Genocide of Blacks

  1. psuedoliar says:

    NWO…NWA…see the resemblance?

  2. pseudoliar says:

    You’re free to go back to your regular agenda that of before I commented. Wish you had a wp widget plugin for text chat or message. I have Left the comment section sorta messy. They’re at wordpress dot org. I’m compelled to do more research on the obvious. I may make a relevant blog myself. If you want more traffic just tag it better. Stay safe

  3. GFF77 says:

    what do you think about “Anonymous”?
    I think its run by the rats!!

  4. Pseudoliar says:

    This snippet here is a guy confessing to using MK Ultra to de-moralize and de-monize black America. It’s a claimed a conspiracy but it’s actually the truth. President Reagan used the same Joseph Goebbels propaganda used during’s Hitlers reign.

    What I’ve personally learned is:

    Baphomet is only their mascot, he doesn’t exist. Just like in China, the dragon is revered sacred but no one has actually encountered one. Religious people upload dis-info about celeb selling their souls for fame etc. When these people are actually victims of CIA MK Ultra brainwashing. Not the devil…..more sources later

  5. Brad Kayganich says:

    “The creators of Hip-hop and rap are not black, but in actuality are Jewish people”

    jews didn’t create hip-hop or, rap. Since jews don’t create anything of substance, all they do is create garbage, and destroy. But jews did infiltrate the genre, and corrupt it. Like they do everything else they get their hands on.

  6. Pseudoliar says:

    Some heavy info

  7. rob says:

    This guy chuck d from P. Enemy is such a guy.
    He gets hired to become the militant political arm of hip-hop.
    But he never says drug rap is bad as the panthers would have said in the past.
    They only went for the white white white thing.
    We know who pushes this angle day in day out (the jews ofcourse).
    They picked the programing up that more or less the other sad rap acts had and turned it into a political militant rap act.
    Everything was planed and scripted.
    Griff was a member of the NATION OF ISLAM.
    For that the military stuff was modelled after the FRUIT OF ISLAM.
    P. Enemy called their unit-SECURITY OF THE FIRST WORLD.
    The producer of P. Enemy was as jewish as the NATION OF ISLAM.
    The whites bad angle was maintained at all times.
    Subliminal like by SHUT ‘EM DOWN-or openly like by ARIZONA (when I go back down to Arizona).this constant regurgitating the civil rights stuff and the white police officer actions against the black marching crowd in videos was a re-run of malcolms agitation at the NATION OF ISLAM against white society.
    P. Enemy were the biggest sell outs in america.
    True to keeping it real-they didnt even have problems performing BURN HOLLYWOOD BURN-as if whites control jew Hollywood.
    what a laugh. By fight the power they rap about ELVIS being a racist cracker.
    Elvis was a full blooded jew via his father and mother like LBJ was (jew drug and war president during the first stage of the drug and oil war called VIETNAM).
    the psy-op against whites and blacks and everyone else who was non jewish reached its hight when they folded.
    P. Enemy folded according to jew rat chuck d.-because the white power structure wouldn’t have them anymore on the charts and MTV.
    They could by folding – even dupe the black folks into believing that the system of white supremacy wont allow Any black to come up. Chuck d and druggy joe flavor flave became rich. But blacks cant get a ride to the american dream.
    Now this is not only in the heads of blacks.
    I had a friend that was a kind of a disciplined freethinker with a bit of hippy in him-white dude-he voted for obama in the last election.
    I asked him:”what-this guy-he didnt do nothing.”
    He answered:”you cant keep the black man down”.
    His literature he read was feminist and anti establishment and of course anti religious.
    The jew guided this guy into a deadend street.
    And all these lefty leaning yoga spirit guys get at the same establishment that black folks get at as they are also deadended. A whole generation of white/black and others are blind to the jews. And if any person of these poor mindless dead end folks wonder whats wrong here?
    The jew books and P. Enemy keeps them in their spot.
    And all these writers and all the professor griffs and CHUCK D’s see what they’re doing but wont blink with their eyes once.
    But when one jew came up to chuck d (p enemies jew producer) and mentioned that he wont work with griff anymore-chucks face turned upside down.
    Griff made anti jewish statements by referencing the book THE SECRET RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BLACKS AND JEWS.
    Chuck tried to calm the rat down but to no avail.
    24/7 hatred against whitey but one thing told in truth by fake islamist professor griff and the jew cries.
    Chuck d keeps it real-he kicks his childhood friend griff out of the jew band P. Enemy.
    How lousy these black folks are that pretent honesty.
    In the face of their album “IT TAKES A PLANET OF MILLIONS TO HOLD US BACK”-a jew feels bad about what phony jew muslin griff said and gets rid of the phoney minister of information.
    One ueber phoney chuck d-one muslim phoney prof. griff-and one drug clown flavor flave.
    This bunch of traitors touring and making jew music again for a new generation of blacks and whites being lied to for creating a cover for the jew and leading them into self guilt.
    Partying aint for ever-touring neither.
    Everybody hates traitors.
    All these covers and fronts are the body armor for the rats.
    It slowly fades all-and they’re aware of it.

  8. rob says:

    we write 1990. Vanilla Ice pops up from nowhere.
    He’s the only rap act that sells 14 million songs (ice ice baby).
    His album blows through the roof.
    His 2nd song “play that funky music white boy”
    Maintains his fame. “I love you” makes him go down.
    His fame is so big that everyone wants to see him.
    His father takes over his managment and suddenly is stuck with his product (vanilla ice).
    The jews shut down the concert halls so he cant tour. They sabotage everything so he cant sell himself anymore. His father wanted to be indipendent.
    Vanillas father fired the management that pushed his son to fame. The same jews that made vanilla a star brought him down.
    He faded away. They made a docu of him being on drugs. That was it. A while later he came on to MTV and appologized for being a white rapper that made black rap look bad (as if rap is black ha ha).
    He pops up around 2011-2012 and is now into real estate. He gets his own show. He remodels homes.
    He is on for two seasons.
    Now, who has such a come back.
    First platinum selling black female rapper “DA BRAT” went broke. she came in jail and had her come back on MONIGUE’S show talking about her jail time.
    “MC HAMMER” never had an comeback.
    He stayed in his church and only came out if they interviewed him about his phony minstrel dancing past.

    Coincidently after vanilla marky mark came onto rap fame. With “feel the vibration” he made it big.
    He complained later on that “as a white rapper he gets no respect”.
    He then moves on without problem to the fashion industry. He becomes KALVIN KLEINS most famed body building model-and the most famoes male model of the world. Pants dropped down. Base cap turned backwards, topless with his briefs visible.
    Then it comes again. He complaines that people make fun of him. Isnt it strange that this arrogant guy complains so much about making it big?
    He quits and moves on to hollywood. He becomes quickly a star at the westcoast.

    If we analyze these careers – there is nothing even close to that what these two white rappers achieved.
    Ja Rule goes several times to jail for tax evasion. He ends up broke. His catalogue goes over to 50 cent.
    50 cent goes into acting and does cross advertisment and becomes the most famous rapper in the world. But? He files for bancruptcy.
    Capone and N.O.R.I.E.G.A are no go’s.
    Suge Night is broke. Bow Wow is broke.
    Nearly all old and new acts are broke or will be broke.
    Shine is in jail serves a life sentence. Shine is a jew and life without parole should be his sentence. Like Drake is one too and should be raped.
    Now why is there such a huge huge discrepancy b-n
    The two white dudes and all the black guys.

    Who is VANILLA ICE?
    Vanilla Ice – aka ROB VAN WINKEL.
    the van winkels came from the netherlands (holland).
    Vanilla Ice is a Jew.
    The Van Winkels created the firs REAL ESTATE COMPANY in america. This was around sixteenhundred and fourty – sixteenhundred sixty.
    This became a successfull company manipulating and selling overpriced houses as participating in manipulating with other sheenies the property of americans in the great jewish depression.
    Vanilla Ice as he blew up with ice ice baby and play that funky music white boy-had 10-15 real estate locations operating. His pops (the later manager) thought to create an empire with him connected to his holdings which grew tremendously.
    But the other sheenies didnt like this “do it my way-do it my self” shit.
    They dropped vanilla jew ice.
    Now the vanilla jew is back…back in real estate.
    He never left real estate. He also never was broke ofcourse.

    Who was Marky Mark?
    Marky Marks brother was in the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK BAND.
    Donnie and Marky (Mark Wahlberg) are jews.
    Now we can understand how the only person in pop history could have a career that not even michael jackson had.
    As a white rapper he goes in 2 seconds on top in the music industry.
    He makes sure that he “spells it out” doesnt get respect as a white rapper and crosses over to the jewish fasion house “KALVIN KLEIN”.Here he meets his tribes men like at the hip hop industry that made him a white rap star.
    He over jumps all other models who invested many years to make it big in the jew fashion industry.
    Like Eisenhower. Incompetent in the Pacific theater the non jew generals didnt want him around.
    He pops up in north africa. The generals there again complained about him. Later on he jumps over all the heads who complained about him and is the commander of the allied forces. Ha ha.
    Marky Jew becomes the most famoes male model of the world.
    He cant stand that people laugh about him and moves on to hollywood. I saw him 1999 allready in big movies as actor.
    From 1992 to 1999 he did that what no one ever could achieve. He reached the top of the music industry. He made top man in the fashion model industry and he reached the top in the film industry.
    All in 7 years. Even michael jackson didnt make model stardom.
    Only one left: the so called “white trash” EMINEM.
    his trailer park image is only a front.
    He’s a jew too.
    Now, there was never an intend to have a caucasian rapper on the idiot box. Why ever that is…millions of white kids got duped to become rappers and they try and try and…only the sheenies let their guys be stars as fronts. Like with our parents in politics. Nearly All whites were jews or freemsons in the political arena in the past.
    They pulled that same thing off all over the world. Never changing a single little detail even.
    This means they produced the blacks to be niggers.
    And the jew rappers to produce whiggers.
    What a perfect approach to have both groups merge and let the sheenies rule them and sell them as male prostitutes-employ them as slaves at McDonalds-make them alcoholics-heroin addicts and jail birds.
    Their kids will be seen on porn sites as drug prostitutes in our future mass unemployed country.

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