Demonization and Genocide of Blacks



There you have it, folks. A Jew with blatant features, manipulating corrupting and demonizing black people. This is just one of them.

After uncovering some hints one of my viewers, I’ve finally found some very good leads regarding the degeneration of black people: Has anyone heard of Eric “Eazy-E” Lynn Wright, N.W.A and Ruthless Records? For those not in the know, a few years before my birth, N.W.A and Ruthless Records were two groups formed in Los Angeles, California by  Eric Wright in 1987, joined later by Ice Cube, Arabian Prince, Dr. Dre, DJ Yella and in 1988, MC Ren. Wright,  the “Godfather of Gangsta Rap,” was a confessed drug dealer, street gangster, and gangbanger. However, I do suspect him of being a pawn, so please read on.  Non-Jews that are reading this know especially where this went afterwards.  Behind these groups were Kikes by the name of the Jerry Heller and Michael Klein, the former of whom was co-founder of N.W.A and the CEO of Ruthless Records, and the latter is the business director of Ruthless. These two Kikes were invited by the Kike Presidents Reagan and Kike Vice President Bush Sr sometime later after the formation of these groups. This would seem out of place, but as I’ve explicitly pointed out in my other posts that Jews are Gangsters, The Jew-owned CIA enlisted Enirque Bermudez to mobilize illegal activity and founded the Fuerza Democratica Nicaraguense (FDN) under Reagan’s orders, filled with skilled Contras to fight in a war. Their collaborators are none other than the Bloods and Crips from Compton and South Los Angeles. They got off with millions of dollars. All of them: The Bloods, The Crips, The CIA, and last but not least, the Mossad. Hollywood and The White House are all just one big celebration party for our demise (Bar Mitzvah as they call it.) The creators of Hip-hop and rap are not black, but in actuality are Jewish people, considering that the Jewish rats found the gangster concept first. This is another reason to resent Jewish people . They’re not human as they’ll defile every everything they lay their hands on, and the bible won’t be an excuse this time.



Murder is the only solution for the Jews. They’ll defile our lands.

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8 Responses to Demonization and Genocide of Blacks

  1. psuedoliar says:

    NWO…NWA…see the resemblance?

  2. I thank you actually. It at least gives me a reason to post.

  3. GFF77 says:

    what do you think about “Anonymous”?
    I think its run by the rats!!

  4. Brad Kayganich says:

    “The creators of Hip-hop and rap are not black, but in actuality are Jewish people”

    jews didn’t create hip-hop or, rap. Since jews don’t create anything of substance, all they do is create garbage, and destroy. But jews did infiltrate the genre, and corrupt it. Like they do everything else they get their hands on.

  5. We must spread the word that the Jews are pulling the strings behind Hip-hop.

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