Police Departments owned by Jews

This is a risky move, but I’ll try. It’s obvious that the police departments all around the U.S (and definitely other countries) are owned and very likely founded by Jews. Is it really a wonder how Police Departments don’t get anything done or let people die? They’re supposed to help the weak because they’re good people, is that right? In a word, No. For one thing, authority and morality aren’t synonymous with each other. Most would think so. It’s similar to saying that the fictitious character that is God is good and virtuous because he created us. Sure, They’ll arrest other Jews, but this is just to prevent the Jewish cops from getting their cover blown. Not to mention possible black Jews getting in on this as well.


The NYPD and many other Police Departments are owned filthy Jew rats who get off on people’s suffering.

I have another one right up.


That ugly Jewess in brown uniform with gold trim isn’t smiling because the woman in the center was honored as a member. She’s smiling because she gathered another pawn.to do the tribe’s dirty work.

Here’s another one.


The BuPD is also swarming with Jews left and right.

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5 Responses to Police Departments owned by Jews

  1. I have mentioned a few times that jews have blended with blacks. And I never did until now.

  2. Lex Mercatoria says:

    I know a former policewoman who used to work at the State’s capital city. She said a lot of jews (Israelis?) started working in the police force but they only worked the night shift thus most people wouldn’t encounter them.

    Typical…. Slithering in while no one is looking.

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