Michael Jackson is black

As the title says, PoP Star Michael Jackson is a black guy who bleached his skin. For those who state otherwise that he has some of disease, This begs of question Why is the shape of his nose changed? This should be an obvious answer in the form of surgery. The trained eye can spot something “off” about him. Not to mention, here’s this little hint I’ve found

Stranger: Michael Jackson wanted to join too, but we’re rather firm with our “No Ni**er” policy.

Stranger: So… he bleached himself.
Stranger: Nice try, but still not happening.
Stranger: So, he got all uppity and anti-NWO
Stranger: So, down goes the monkey.

As you all can see from above, Michael Jackson is indeed a black person. From the first sentence, the stranger very clearly states the “No nigger policy”; Something the Jews certainly revel in doing thanks to the fact they’ve manipulated and demonized blacks all over earth, proving the idea that the Jew is a black man’s best friend is hogwash. So, Africans and Black Americans, You can stop the hero worship now. No deities are going to save you.

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19 Responses to Michael Jackson is black

  1. psuedoliar says:

    That’s the jew for you, Were fooled by their Holohoax that since they were falsely marginalized to swear ranks with them and denounce whites. They want everyone to believe Michael disowned being black because of their illusion of we shame and inflict degeneration on ourselves. They hate to admit that we were a culturally multi-dimensional people but jews want to propagate that rap is our only cultural contribution. This can’t be explained to people though. Just imagine, all that intellectual property just gone. This is also their plan to buffer up non-black ego and you obviously know how and why. That’s why other races have superiority complexes and blacks don’t. Also, another false flag happened in Kenya and Israel is coming into Africa to cause harm(likely molestation and poisoning suppressed by the media) while pretending to be savior of the day. Remember they banished all black people from Israel period? I admit other races are targeted by jews but were the only race not living in abundance at the least and suffering the most from Jews actions.


    They’re killing us! This is somewhat a repeat of the Haitian Earthquake when they poison the aid and water supply with cholera. Were at war!

  2. psuedoliar says:

    I know, I rather buy a bull than to believe a buybull. I was just showing you that Israel has their hand in what’s happeing. I don’t believe in Salvation.

  3. psuedoliar says:

    The link has to have something related to the bible because no where in that paragraph is the bible mentioned.

  4. psuedoliar says:

    Theology and commerce pertaining to what? Religion, MJ’s transformation, or in general?

    • Pertaining to the twisted Jewish philosophy, that is.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      I meant in general. The official government publication known as the King James bible is an actual law book, among other things. It’s just written using a different set of semantics and describes how the machinery of the “Matrix” works. This is one of the things one can learn in seminary.

      There’s a good reason why many court judges and the occasional prosecutor & sheriff attend such classes, and it’s not because they’re god-fearing church-going christian guys. It forms the conceptual framework for what we see happening on the surface.

      The nature of even a routine encounter with a police actor during a traffic stop can be traced back to the theological/spiritual “stuff”. They designed it to test us.

  5. rob says:

    The black church through their believe in education (jewish).
    The black celebreties by being role models of sucsess and blaming racism and the white people for holding blacks down.
    The black leaders like jew friend dick gregory-jew farrakhan freemason-jew friend jesse jackson and al sharpton church jew friend.
    And fake educational leaders for the young black folks as sara suten seti-jew brother polite (giving lectures with david star symbols) scaming blacks in real estate jew monopol businessess.
    Brother enqi with his black muslim former farrakhan friend are all fronts being payed by jews-or by not knowing the jew business and simply have read the jew controled books like malcom do they operate in their favor and are not threatened. Sara suten seti sold 1.000.000 dvd’s about black history. Not one word about the jew. His mentor was a black african jew scholar mentoring him on the whites. So the story goes over and over.
    It goes so far that michael mentioned the jews in his close circles but the fear of them is so big that not one person dropes the correct info on the black folks abour michaels beef with the jews.
    Sara suten seti continues his black brain washing of young black folks.
    These black jews and dick gregorie and the black celebreties keep black folks on a mental leash.
    Dr.sebi bullshits with his potions and presents himself sometimes with david stars on his clothes.
    How much more obvious does it get.
    All of these guys never give a plan of action (and when only against the whites who are actually of course jews).they lie about nutritional advise that they give to the community-they scam them in real estate deals like brother polite.
    These folks never never talk about the jews and also not talk about honest things that can have black folks connect the dots.
    They give lecture over lecture publish sell potions and books on an assembly line but the black folks stay confused as if they have watched the idiot box.
    As long as these black phonies not are pointed out the black people will believe in them.
    Michael J. Was a weak man..malcolm was strong but a total pawn.
    The young and older black folks look up for guidance to black celebs who all are drug addicts-from whitney houston to al sharpton (pharmaceurical drugs) to oprah (pharmaceutical drugs)Monique (pharmaceutical drugs) 50 cent, steve harvey (pharmaceutical drugs) bill cosby (pharmaceutical drugs) michael jay white (steorids) etc.the jews produce these losers and the people follow them.
    When they stop following them all the info warriors with their lectures are waiting at the door.
    And when they listen to their dr. Sebi’s and sara suten seti’s and polites and farrakhan’s they run into a psyop trap.
    And when they wrest them self’s out of one mind game the black jews and black jew friends are waiting out at the door smiling for signing them up for a nother game.
    Not only hip-hop but the entire spectrum of black music and entertainment as black writers and professors are nearly all jew fronts. The same by whites asian and latinos.
    Christina gonzales who ran for city councile last year in nyc has jew handlers.
    It doesnt matter if she is a latino jew like sotomayor or only a brainwashed latin girl-she says all the time “its white folks” who run the real estate. The latin folks here in nyc are being pushed into homelessness via jew real estate owner from columbia college and this latin girl says its the whites. You call it full spectrum warfare-all details and compartments are covered. All human beings moving within these areas and compartments of life have received their indoctrination covering the full spectrum of life experience in every detail.
    And if one detail fades due to correct info for example like 9/11 than that person still operates within jew parameters.The individual though knowing that 9/11 was bullshit attacks the individual that says that sandy hook was bullshit. Thats why when black folks figure things out at one department they attack others when they expose another one. To get free in all departments a person has to have faith in one self.the faith a person has in his world is due to jewish disinfo of his whole life. To just figure things out a little is no threat to that persons jew perception of his world. But if too much stuff gets exposed as fraud the persons world is in danger as his believe system seems to disintegrate. This person fights against the person who provides this info that disintegrates his world. The jew makes us fight to maintain our world which is jewish to save them by attacking the person who wants to free him. Everyone fights everyone as all are scared to lose their world.
    Jew wise people fight without even being paid from jews fighting each other all of the time.
    Only will power or trying to figure things out leads to massive infighting.faith in one self is needed not faith in an outside world view created by jews.
    We see that by all groups even if they’re not lead by jews-they follow the jews still.
    Blacks and all othets are mentally structured by jews.
    To have infighting means – never attacking jews.
    Only attacking non jews is done and for that all non jew groups do the work for the jews.
    Blacks do nearly the best work for them. But that stops slowly because the internet provides a full spectrum counter attack via correct information.
    And we all know-blacks got it bad from the jews.
    If blacks find out what jews did to them-oh my-the world will change for all humans.

  6. rob says:

    Correct. But believing in faith of one self “can” enable an individual or group to have a faith based action accomplished. The faith in black history for example. Or by asian people in their respective history. B/s without a little faith the individual or group wont overcome the immense obstacles of this jew made manipulation.
    Also, the fight against the jews will be based on the jew manipulation and that leads to infights again (see Mussolini his armed forces). The faith must be much stronger than todays fake muslim or church faiths around. This deconstruction of our reality fails already often by motivated people who want to do something about this rotten world.
    The normal believe in outside constructs has to be for that reversed to the inner being and spirit.the jews wont turn over the world to us. We have to make it our own via deconstruction of their fakery-fighting them with everything we have-leading-reeducating-correct nutrition (the biggest destroyer of mankind)-protecting us from their poisons from the air and water and soil etc.
    For this gigantic task you need faith via yourself in a spiritual firm-whatever that would mean. It will come to our souls via deconstructing the whole fake perception that holds us down and made us materialistic atheists Thats why the jews wont allow any coming together of independent spiritual groups that are jew wise. This is deadly for them. We are unable even via correct info to bond together b/s of silly details but by principle connected allread to the person who we are fighting with over details. The entire media world is fighting over little details.
    Only faith based action helps as it wont allow to be distracted by the jew distraction.
    A faith will leave you when you’re dead. Church has no real faith. And the muslims dont have it either. Look how fat and addicted they are. I noticed in my life sadly that chubby or overweight people of all colors are fear based people who all to often lack any faith. The truth is:they’re all to often cowards. Now, the whole country is fat.and not all fat guys are cowards. But what can they do to create faith for long term action when they are addicts to food.
    This is a huge problem as the fighting falls into the hands of the few fit people.this faith thing is prohibited by the jew-for that they push people in believe systems like education, and yoga and following authority-the little jew man talking in peoples heads to Follow the jew and having infighting all over the world.
    Like you said-believe means not too much. Faith is the place for conducting actions in the future. Individual faith is isolated. It has to be group based and then an army is born.
    Any kind of other believe is useless. Why would a person sacrifice his fat ass position?
    He sees malcolm killed by blacks.he sees hitler killed by white non jews.he sees the authority that he obeys beating up kids and single moms-he wants to do something but there is nothing except the net. The net provides info that he believes in but he does not dare to do something. He sees all the people having low profile b/s they dont wanna lose their jobs or get picked up by the police. He sees that anywhere in the world the revolutions fail and end in bullshit. People dying for nothing. Such a man who believes that something should be done is allready crushed. Faith needs reaffirment through looking inside and focus not waiting that something is being done. This is a hope based life. These people go to yoga and church and other groups.
    Why would a person sacrifice something for this sad world full of traitors and fearful people when not because of faith and love to these fearful people and the want of fighting a just cause.
    By deconstructing the fake jew reality around us and by principle understanding of the jew issue as avoiding infighting based on details that are disagreed upon-the road is open to endure all suffering and all terror that comes to such an army.
    The japanese were such an army. There is nothing to live for for a normal joe sixpack except a little illusions that he can still have a little fun. Fun in weakness is the future as faith is absent.
    Continue to blog against these aliens. We need informed people who are able to deconstruct this jew world for fighting it “by any means necessary”.

  7. rob says:

    It does not have to be a faith system like we are all used to know via our indoctrination.
    Humans can learn from history.
    Jews did learn and corrected their mistakes.
    We can do this too.
    Someone has to lead.
    Someone has to follow.
    Without leadership no one will put his faith in a person.
    It does not need to be blind faith.
    There can be check and balances.
    Humans learn from history-when the history taught is correct history.
    The american community never understood that they were following spies/agents/shills.
    To identify them today is much easier than in the past where no one had correct information.
    The jews invest in our belief in doubt which becomes hope-as faith cant develop b/s its arrested.
    These folks have to rush into the outside world for hope-not to believe in them self but in a thing from outside that will save the day (church style).
    In such a situation the leader can or might not be a spy or agent…
    It doesnt matter as no one is risking something because of their doubt in them self and their leaders.
    So, they hope that spidermam saves the day.
    No risk.
    Even total superman internet information all 100% true cant create faith.
    Doubt has to be removed first as this means opening up the gates for faith based action.
    Only a few will ofcourse follow up on such a leader.
    But still the informed will be supportive of this fighting body even though they dont have the faith to join.

  8. rob says:

    The leader and his group cant have the results of todays black lesders.
    If such a group can develop within non jews it has to be destroyed not by infighting and denouncing-but by means of physical action.
    Results count more than words and pictures on tv.
    No black folk I have talked to have their focus on results.
    It is amazing how they’re awake sleeping and suffer in this passive weak state.

    • Precisely, the fact that blacks focus too much on promises makes them so much VERY easy to manipulate. This is exactly how the Jews in government easily manipulate the non-Jews of even other races as well.

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