Michael Jackson is black

As the title says, PoP Star Michael Jackson is a black guy who bleached his skin. For those who state otherwise that he has some of disease, This begs of question Why is the shape of his nose changed? This should be an obvious answer in the form of surgery. The trained eye can spot something “off” about him. Not to mention, here’s this little hint I’ve found

Stranger: Michael Jackson wanted to join too, but we’re rather firm with our “No Ni**er” policy.

Stranger: So… he bleached himself.
Stranger: Nice try, but still not happening.
Stranger: So, he got all uppity and anti-NWO
Stranger: So, down goes the monkey.

As you all can see from above, Michael Jackson is indeed a black person. From the first sentence, the stranger very clearly states the “No nigger policy”; Something the Jews certainly revel in doing thanks to the fact they’ve manipulated and demonized blacks all over earth, proving the idea that the Jew is a black man’s best friend is hogwash. So, Africans and Black Americans, You can stop the hero worship now. No deities are going to save you.

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15 Responses to Michael Jackson is black

  1. psuedoliar says:

    That’s the jew for you, Were fooled by their Holohoax that since they were falsely marginalized to swear ranks with them and denounce whites. They want everyone to believe Michael disowned being black because of their illusion of we shame and inflict degeneration on ourselves. They hate to admit that we were a culturally multi-dimensional people but jews want to propagate that rap is our only cultural contribution. This can’t be explained to people though. Just imagine, all that intellectual property just gone. This is also their plan to buffer up non-black ego and you obviously know how and why. That’s why other races have superiority complexes and blacks don’t. Also, another false flag happened in Kenya and Israel is coming into Africa to cause harm(likely molestation and poisoning suppressed by the media) while pretending to be savior of the day. Remember they banished all black people from Israel period? I admit other races are targeted by jews but were the only race not living in abundance at the least and suffering the most from Jews actions.


    They’re killing us! This is somewhat a repeat of the Haitian Earthquake when they poison the aid and water supply with cholera. Were at war!

  2. psuedoliar says:

    I know, I rather buy a bull than to believe a buybull. I was just showing you that Israel has their hand in what’s happeing. I don’t believe in Salvation.

  3. psuedoliar says:

    The link has to have something related to the bible because no where in that paragraph is the bible mentioned.

  4. psuedoliar says:

    Theology and commerce pertaining to what? Religion, MJ’s transformation, or in general?

    • Pertaining to the twisted Jewish philosophy, that is.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      I meant in general. The official government publication known as the King James bible is an actual law book, among other things. It’s just written using a different set of semantics and describes how the machinery of the “Matrix” works. This is one of the things one can learn in seminary.

      There’s a good reason why many court judges and the occasional prosecutor & sheriff attend such classes, and it’s not because they’re god-fearing church-going christian guys. It forms the conceptual framework for what we see happening on the surface.

      The nature of even a routine encounter with a police actor during a traffic stop can be traced back to the theological/spiritual “stuff”. They designed it to test us.

  5. To many blacks have the belief that law, authority, and money are necessities to the Jews. What’s worse is believing won’t accomplish anything.

  6. I’d be more cautious of having faith if I were you; If we we’re to have faith in a someone who’s secretly a spy, all of the efforts go to waste.

  7. On your argument on doubt: One has to look very closely at reaction and must only be focused on the results.

  8. Precisely, the fact that blacks focus too much on promises makes them so much VERY easy to manipulate. This is exactly how the Jews in government easily manipulate the non-Jews of even other races as well.

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