Rothschild banking Dynasty: Jewish bullocks

Over the years, I keep hearing that the Rothschild (and the Rockefeller and Morgan) banking dynasty have been the problem. True, because they’re Jewish bankers speeding up the process of fulfilling their One World Government, where Jews are at the top. For non-Jews who haven’t wised up on the Jews yet, the idea of Jews going against Jews is complete bullocks as they all have the same genes. That aside, however, other Jews who isn’t surnamed Rothschild pretend not to be in the game, posing as spies, as shown today. What many non-Jews fail to realize/tend to forget that there are banks swarmed with Jews as bankers, in which they can take off and loot your money at any time they want, only making YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN suffer while they get off on vacations. This is definitely mandatory for non-Jewish blacks and Arabs, who are the biggest pawns of the Jews.
The Jewish kike rats are going to make a global currency, and should they succeed, it’s going to be the planet’s darkest hour. Very few leaves, very few animal species, and a massive amount of pollution.

An education on the Jew is necessary.

Non-Jewish Blacks and Arabs are the biggest pawns to the Jews.

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3 Responses to Rothschild banking Dynasty: Jewish bullocks

  1. Mamarott says:

    I found your site because I wanted to know if Christopher Green from AMTV was a shill.. turns out “just as I suspected” by a comment he made about Hitler .. he was… it appears that they have so many “disinformation” specialist that you can’t find anyone that you can trust anymore. Thanks for posting your site and I will be back.

  2. We can’t call it a “Controlled Opposition” either.

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