Does the world really revolve around money?

With many non-Jews brainwashed by the television, many of them think this is the case, but this of course is the machinations of the Jews trying to convince them as such. I don’t strongly support the idea of responsibility, as the Kikes can manipulate you into doing something to further their agenda. While this idea is certainly something generated by the kikes projecting on to us, money ain’t everything. It’s not magic served on a platter (Not that I have dishes to serve.). What kind of term is financial power? It’s so childlike it’s not funny. Not to mention, they have no problems breaking rules and laws as long as it fulfills their agenda. In the grand scheme of things, This is their plan to create a global currency; The One World Government they’ve planned for centuries, using their fronts: The freemasons, the Illuminati, the Jesuits, whatever other secret society they have.


While the majority of non-Jews are brainwashed by the idea of being famous and rich as quite oftenly portrayed in Hollywood films, shitty Jew Gates (puns are welcome.), along with other shit Jew billionaires like Steven Schwartzman, will squeal about getting taxed, and compare that to Nazis, a group these kikes were actually a part of.

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8 Responses to Does the world really revolve around money?

  1. GFF77 says:

    that Bill Gates looks like one of them,,look his rat face!!

  2. Lex Mercatoria says:

    The world isn’t ruled by money but rather the *illusion* of money, and that is reflected in the way the world’s legal/financial system was re-engineered. The planetary system now functions without money, as it no longer exists except within a few Islamic countries. The jew elites long ago started substituting tangible unit-value systems with mental replacements or parallels, if you will, to the real thing. They’ve taken certain truths and perverted them into illusions they con people into accepting, thus people are enslaved with the latter’s consent.

  3. tim says:

    thanks for spreading the truth that others do not see!

  4. Harlan says:

    Kikes are grotesque “sub-humans” almost everything wrong with the world today is because of them, the Jews as a tribe have earned the death penalty a thousand times throughout history, they should have been erased already, they are the cancer of the world !

  5. Alfredo Noori says:

    I love this website – this is a place where like-minded, Jew-aware men and women can debate in-the-realm without having their comments deleted by the editor. How long have you been running a blog for? Anyways, please always keep active with these articles. The material is magnificent!

  6. Hollis Scheffler says:

    Great article, exactly what I needed.

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