Jews stole Swatstika flag from India


This Jewess stole the Hindu texts. Luckily in 1885, this Jewish hag was chased out of India.

What’s significant about this title? The Jews stole this flag for their regime in Nazi Germany, As far back as mid/late 19th century, The person responsible for such act was an ugly Jewish woman by the name of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, a Jewish spy who used the trust of the non-Jewish Indian people for the agenda of her tribe. It should be that this Kike woman has made a pseudo-religion (Then again, all religions are fake and gibberish anyway.) called Theosophy, all of which was dervied from Hindu texts. I’ve been speculating for quite some time that Gandhi himself is a Jew spy, Even though there’s no confirmation on this, but he does seem to have a hooked nose and a sloped forehead. I could be wrong. Just one Jewish person can cause many problems. Just one Jewish person. This post is just another clue that the Nazi regime were full of Jewish parasites.

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One Response to Jews stole Swatstika flag from India

  1. Kikevermin says:

    the truth does not fear investigation, but the lying jews certainly do

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