Is ‘Anonymous’ Jewish?

There has been a group of activists known simply as ‘anonymous.’ Seems like a guy out for the people, yes? However, If one were to take into account of the fact he never mentions the entire race of the monster-faced creature known as Jews as the problem to all of the ills, this wouldn’t be the case. Sure, the group exposes Israel, but never exposes the Jew as a whole. To the trained eye, this would definitely seem odd and off. This ‘Anonymous’ group has to be helping these Kikes in some way. If anything, this ‘Anonymous’ has helped them steal the belongings of non-Jews while they were protesting in the Occupy movements, a movement of which was definitely a trap from the beginning as can be seen here, as it’s lead by a Jew going by the name of David Graeber. What’s so glaring about this? This ‘Anonymous’ has never once mentioned it’s a trap from the beginning. Then again, protesting is how these monster/rat-faced Jews conceal themselves from being ruthless killers. They will protest from anything ranging from the price of gas, the price of bread, the price of books, taxes, etc. They won’t stop playing both sides until every non-Jew (read: “gentile” or “goyim” to the Kikes.) is eliminated on this earth. They can’t be reasoned with, nor they will be bargained or tamed until either of us are dead. 

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11 Responses to Is ‘Anonymous’ Jewish?

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    Anonymous, just like Wikileaks, is yet another jew media fakery psyop.

    In short, the gov’t/media octopus is just pretending to expose itself in what amounts to yet another instance of the jews playing all sides of the game.

    • Brad Kayganich says:

      That site you linked to. Cluesform, is ran by a jew.

      • Lex Mercatoria says:

        I suspect you’re correct about that in that Simon Shack probably is a jew. However, the media fakery research there isn’t easily rebutted. If one is mindful of the site’s limitations–they prove what the media is doing but don’t focus on who the media is–it can still be quite educational in debunking many media stories as hoaxes.

      • True.

        But then, You have to keep an eye on the demonic Jews on the forums and posts who make post look like real people taking action.

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  3. Before I begin, I’ll correct you terminologically; This whole “white power” thing is an infiltration, not a psy-op. New York is a Jewish stronghold, as with California (for obvious reasons), Chicago, Orlando, Paris, Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, etc.
    I already know the Nazi group was formed by Jews.

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  6. You do realize that the FBI is controlled by Jews, yes.

  7. i seriously suspect this is happening in many other countries as well.

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