Russia still in Jewish control



The headline this Jew has is common in Jews, complete with Sloped head and a large fat lower lip.


Many state that Russia will saved the world from Jewry. However, Russia is still in Jewish control. How do I know, one may ask? If Jew Putin was against the rat-faced Jews, he would have been dead. However, Putin has not been killed yet. In addition to this, the Rabbis in Russia are damn well going to play good cop to prevent their cover from getting blown, something similar of which is transpiring in these United States. I’m sorry, but not only is it stupid, but it’s a dead ringer that Putin is a Jew, surrounds himself with Rabbis, and promotes homosexuality. This trick is nothing new to any non-Jew with a trained eye.
Those (non-Jews, who else) who know of the Bolshevik “Revolution” know well that Jews are the most depraved race on the planet in addition to the (real) holocausts in [Dresden, Germany], [Nagsaki, Japan], [Hiroshima, Japan], Armenia, the Ukraine, etc.. I’ll clarify that again, because not only is Russia still in Jewish control, but China as well, because these two have been in Jewish control for a long time, especially the latter. This also puts into question how many non-Jews are in these countries. The numbers certainly aren’t very high. For the non-Jews in these countries, please…Be well.
As one can see, China and Russia are not going to save anyone from World Jewry, because these two nations are full of Jews. Imagine that. They’re just merely sayanim for the Jews of

the other countries.



Here's Kike Putin in a yarmulke. This should be obvious by now. So much for hero nation.

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5 Responses to Russia still in Jewish control

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    For anyone who doubts Putin’s jewish background one can find on the internet a photo of him wearing a yarmulke.

    As the saying goes, the more things change the more they stay the same.

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  3. Joud says:

    Don,t buy into Putin being a Jew, lot of good stuff here but sounds like doom & gloom, if what you say about Russia & China is true, I,ve found nothing so far to back up your claim, Angela Merkels mother was Jew, But Putin, ??

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