College: Jewish Indoctrination Center

As much as my grandmother is trying to force me to go to college, even if I said no, she would still convince me to go to college. This is because the Jews own the colleges. These monster faced kikes want children to pay for these colleges, hoping the children won’t be played for fools. However, If their “education” (read: indoctrination) centers (i.e college) are discredited, their plans of indoctrination will fall apart, which they try their damnest not to happen. However, there are a fraction of gullible lemmings (like my grandmother stated above) in the mix. They’ll try to appeal to your future as a means to convince you to go, as seen in this video here, where this (most likely so) Jewish woman is saying that the guy earlier in video is a complete idiot by telling people not to go college. This is exactly what I meant in my one of my other posts that appealing to people’s emotions is a bad idea. As good-natured as this idea sounds, you’ll end up end being a pawn for someone else’s scheme’s at worst, as shown with all the non-Jewish people who are attending college right now as the pawns.
Right now, my brother’s in college, but little does he know, he too is being used as a pawn for Jewish Interests.

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2 Responses to College: Jewish Indoctrination Center

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    You say Anna Kasparian in “The Young Turks” video linked above is most likely jewish? How about abso-bleeping-lutely! These “young turks” are all as jewish as their namesakes were years before.

    As I’ve said to others, we of the human races merely look different to each other whereas the jewish species looks… wrong. Anna sports a reptilian look which will only become more pronounced as she–it–ages. Regardless of how softened their appearances may be in younger years, for most of them the creature within eventually emerges.

    • I recognized her throaty voice as soon as she talked. Not to mention, These people killed 3 million non-Jewish Armenians in cold blood. Should be enough to discredit them. Their features indeed become more obvious and pronounced as they get older, but always know them by their actions.
      That aside, being educated doesn’t mean you’re any less gullible.

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