The Young Turks

It’s been a while since I’ve typed a post. With that out of the way, Let’s begin.

In the past, The Young Turks were a group of Jews killed millions of Armenians around the time of World War 1. Who did they blame  this on? The Muslims, as seen today. These Kikes love to play both sides and pick the path of least resistance when the opportunity arises.

Today, there is just a radio show of the same name that attracts patriots today. According to their website, it describes them as “The Young Turks, the first nationwide liberal talk show and first live, daily internet TV show, is a funny, smart, irreverent and entertaining look at politics, sex, news, pop culture, current affairs and personal stories.” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? They sound the exact thing like the Jew-owned news channels you non-Jews see everyday. In actuality of course, this is just the Kikes playing Pied piper. This little group is lead by Vampiric Jew Cenk Ugyir and Ben Mankiewicz, the former of which is the host, co-hosted by rat-faced Jewess Anna Kasparian. Of course, these Jewish spies infiltrate the opposition. Be your own voice and opposition, because there are many of you non-Jews that are pawns in this fight

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One Response to The Young Turks

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    Anna is more reptilian looking than rat faced, not that it makes a difference.

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