Who the Troops are really serving

Today, I’ve been remembered some advice. It’s not primarily hearing out to what a person says, but how they say it. How is this vital? It can be a lead to a more sinister chain of events. This is definitely the case for the U.S soldiers, who are being used as reluctant pawns. When they say “Our troops have served our nation,” does anyone know what it really means? If you’ve read this far, please read on.
Jews are known to have a supremacist attitude, are frail creatures, and have no sense of morality. They’re a nation within a nation, feeding off the fortune of their host nations, preaching for our torment, remorseless.
I won’t be surprised that the majority of the army are Jewish vermin scum. If you’ve read this far, then read on. Most of you would be saying “Just say it, already!” Alright, I will!

The U.S army are serving the Jews. You’ve read that right. If any common person had comprised how I said this, they’d be in deep shock. I did say we’re in a global Jewish Oligarchy. This article is just a good reminder.

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3 Responses to Who the Troops are really serving

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    It’s unfortunately true that the military are thugs for the jews, but I doubt the majority of the army is staffed with jews.

    Jews abhor manual labor and aren’t foolish enough to risk their sorry selves on the front lines of wars they foment. However, I’ll bet a significant number of control personnel, e.g., officers, generals, etc., who would never be exposed to combat are jews–probably more than their supposed 2.5% of the civilian population would suggest.

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