Osama bin Laden: Real or fake

Many don’t realize (and boy they sure don’t) that this fictitious “terrorist” is nothing more than a Jewish actor playing arab. If one were to scratch the surface and look very closely at the hooked nose and the meaty lips, these are sign that he’s Jewish. The Kikes knew we would turn to the television for information because we cannot control the subconscious mind, allowing them to do whatever they want while we’re distracted. Not to mention, acting is a Jew’s most dangerous weapon as they can deceive people if they’re not looked at closely. This isn’t even adding into account of those fake dead photos that were photomanipulated.

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3 Responses to Osama bin Laden: Real or fake

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    OBL, whose mother is a Yemeni jewess, supposedly died around 2000-2001.

  2. rob says:

    OBL was anounced dead by CIA Bush jr. at the end of 2001.
    The jew media followed up.
    Fox news had their mentioning of OBL death on
    The war on terror starts.
    In this war on terror all registers of a psy-op are invested.
    The media bombed the heads of the non jews world wide with stories of Afghanistan and al-quida.
    Then they started to mention that “they” are searching for OBL.
    even though he died – they were now searching and looking for him.
    The jews know that the non jew who is investing immense time of his life into the Jew media has amnesia by watching it. This amnesia sets in after a certain time.
    The jew media telling the non jew on 12/26/2001 via jew fox news that OBL has died could not tell the non jews a bare 2 weeks later after anouncing the death of OBL-2 weeks prior that they’re searching for him.
    OBL was dead but after 2 or more weeks the amnesia not yet set in.
    The jew did that later on after the non jews forgot about the anouncement of death through jew fox on 12/26/2001.
    If a person slowly has amnesia as the jew mass info cant be remembered properly-the mind Of the non jew sheads the info out the window as the info is just to massive by watching hours long 7 dsys a week the jew box.
    The time frame of the info of OBL death and the amnesia that sets in after a certain time-erases the reference that he would need to confirm that OBL is not dead after receiving the info that they’re searching for him-meaning he is alife.
    This enables him then to question the conflicting info “that the search for OBL is on” though he was anounced deat on dec/26/2001.
    At the right time the conflicting info was worldwide released as it worldwide was by amnesia reality.
    A dead man suddenly was being searched for.
    These conflicting messges can only confuse the mind controled non jew if there is no memory as a reference.
    The jew waits (he knows how long it takes to forget) and then puts the conflicting info forth into the heads of the world non jew population.
    Years later CNN finds OBL in a cave (an actor).
    This interview was a super world psy-op.
    On may/2011 OBL dies again.
    This time it gets anounced by OBAMA.
    This story is conflicted 4 to 6 weeks later by the seal team 6 leader on national TV saying that the media lied etc and that he will write a book about this fake kill of OBL.
    a while later seal team 6 crashed with their helicopter and seal team 6 is history.
    Meanwhile this OBL stuff is programed into the heads of non jews-jew friend CIA michael sheuyer is programing non jews with his message that america does not need israel.
    He gives info to that effect that al-quida is a ghost and that our foreign policy gives the muslim world the necessary incentive to do attacks on us in america.
    Michael sheuyer was the station boss of the al-quida OBL unit.
    this jew guy knew OBL is dead but acted as if OBL is not the real enemy-its our foreign policy that AIPAC controls. He sais these things on the jew media.
    All that CIA bullshit gets downloaded to the jew truther sites and sells as truth.
    The OBL alive psy-op gets never questioned and turns into an america invites terror attack by muslims scenario.All attacks are done by sheuyers bin laden unit them self meanwhile the jew media makes a dead man walk again.
    His bin laden unit knows about the israelis that snipe our brainwashed soldiers.
    His CIA unit knows about the IED’s planted by Israeli explosives experts.
    He knows that the entire army will have gulf war syndrom like the first bush sadam army.
    In the first gulf war the entire us army had ten years later gulf war syndrom.
    These jews are rats. If you see the face of this physical unfit michael sheuyer-you will look into a rats face.
    The osama psy-op is saved for ever.
    A jewish agency CIA or MOSSAD says only the truth when all its actors have a glock at their heads.

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