Recent, there has been a game which, may or may leave a reason behind this, includes beating the snot out each other.  It’s as predator-like as it sounds. I have to wonder where did this game come from?

However, there is one case of this in particular found here, which shows Jewish victims being beaten at Crown Heights, prompting the Task Force. The catch here is that it’s quite hypocritical of Jews to oppose acts of violence against their own kind, yet, when they carry out their crimes, they show no remorse whatsoever, therefore, the Hate Crime Task Force is run by Jews playing good cops, who have no problem arresting other fellow Jews to prevent their cover from being blown. On another note, this may possibly be an act of revenge for what the Kikes have done to their ancestors on the African Slave Trade, where these hypocrite scumbags had no remorse for whipping these poor fellows. That aside, Interestingly enough, according to the article linked above, nothing was stolen after they punched the Jewish victims. Jews are known to be crybabies, as they protest from everything, from the price of bread, to the price of gas, to their fellow crypto-Jews going to war against each other. On the other hand, this is how they cover up being the most depraved scumbags they are, holding pedophilia rings, organ harvesting, usury, blackmail, and every other possible ills one can think of.  Then again, the way this is done is poorly planned and asking for blacks to be labeled as nothing but troublemakers again. but considering that there are Kikes manipulating blacks right this very minute, this shouldn’t be a surprise.

Off topic: This may be true or not, but I think I know why the Jews took over China first. Aside of the goods, China had many skilled strategists (Sun Tzu comes to mind here) who were way ahead of their time, and the massive amount of discipline in addition.

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12 Responses to Knockout

  1. …You may be right. This may be a bad idea, as blacks can easily be pawns for the Jews. It’d be easier if many of them had restraint and voiced disdain against the Jews. I’m only picking this one particular case to point out how hypocritical Jews are to scolding violence against them. It does sound like trouble, no question about it, as many blacks only pursue happiness rather than getting rid of the Jews. I haven’t forgotten that the Jew-media the use is a psy-op tool. I blame my dad’s influence for this one, since he, like many other blacks, are unaware that the Jews are deceptive, pedophilic, nation-wrecking, usurious scumbag hypocrites with no remorse.
    Also, If I actually said that Jews invented racism, I stand corrected…

  2. Your comment does reinforces the fact that non-Jewish blacks are easily manipulable to the Jews. But then, one has be aware of Black Jews possibly pulling the strings here.

  3. Maybe if black have stopped watching the television and scratch the surface, Us non-Jewish blacks wouldn’t be labeled as ghetto thugs ready to knock someone out.

    They can hold their “victim” status a little while longer.

  4. ….I never paid any attention to it. It was kind of obvious that Kikes were using this as an emotional distraction.

  5. Lex Mercatoria says:

    The Trayvon Martin story is just another jew media hoax intended to stir the pot. These KO stories are probably jew media hoaxes, too.

  6. First it’s not Zionists. It’s Jews. They have caused trouble long since Zionism appeared.

  7. Hootenanny says:

    I know that it’s “Jews, not zionists”. These problems existed ling before 1948, I get it. Gentile tools who support their cause, either wittingly or not, are referhe enred to as “Zionists”, not Jews.

  8. Hootenanny says:

    That “term” could apply to Christian Zionists as well, but that wasn’t my point. I wrote a lengthy screed agreeing with the author, but I didn’t come to split hairs, so whatever.

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