Jewish Presidents

Many thought that Obama is the first Jewish President. Of course, the Jews lied. Now, in light of this lie, here’s a list of Jewish Presidents in the United States. One can look to see if they’re Jewish by their facial features.


George Washington


John Adams


Thomas Jefferson


James Madison


James Monroe


John Quincy Adams


Andrew Jackson


Martin Van Buren


William Henry Harrison


John Tyler


James K.Polk


Zachary Taylor


Millard Filmore


Franklin Pierce


James Buchanan


Abraham Lincoln


Andrew Johnson


Ulysses S. Grant 


Rutherford B. Hayes


James Abram Garfield


Chester A. Arthur


Stephen Grover Cleveland


Benjamin Harrison


William Mckinley


Theodore Roosevelt


William Howard Taft


Woodrow Wilson


Warren G. Harding


Calvin Coolidge


Herbert Hoover


Harry Truman


Franklin Roosevelt


Dwight Eisenhower


John F. Kennedy


Lyndon Johnson


Richard Nixon


Gerald Ford


Jimmy Carter


Ronald Reagan

Image Image

Bush Family


William Clinton


Barack Obama

Donald J. Trump 

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16 Responses to Jewish Presidents

  1. Brad Kayganich says:

    This list is only the the beginning………

    • Brad Kayganich says:

      Funny thing is the bush’s, cheney, and barack jewbama, are related to each other. By the jews solomon bush, a key figure in early american history, and mareen duvall, a huguenot, which the huguenots, are crypto-jews. warren buffett, another crypto-jew is also related to the bunch via mareen duvall.

  2. ThankGod says:

    Kennedy a jew? What a fucking clown you are. His father was a HUGE anti-jew Catholic. Some of you people get so wrapped up in hating the jew that you just point the finger at whoever you want.

    • Have you even thought about this little suspicion? Although he does get killed, the rest of his family don’t seem to revolt against it.It Have YOU ever wondered that something was off about Kennedy?

      • Lex Mercatoria says:

        I’ve wondered if he had some jew blood; the lack of earlobes in the above photo is a clue, though not a definitive marker. Also, I’ve long suspected his wife was part jewish.

        Perhaps his family didn’t revolt in response to his “assassination” because he might not have been killed. The whole assassination story revolves around the infamous Zapruder film which has been proven to be fraudulent–pretty much assembled frame by frame. If JFK was murdered no authentic imagery of the event–as with 9/11–has surfaced in the public.

  3. Brad Kayganich says:

    jackie onassis was a jew. It’s possible Kennedy could have been a crypto-jew, he definitely had connections to jewish interest. The whole moon landing hoax, Vietnam war. All jewish concoctions, that he backed.

  4. Brad Kayganich says:

    Abraham Lincoln needs to go on this list.

    • Someone else on this blog said he was Jewish. Thanks for reminding me.

    • jeff says:

      Abraham Lincolns real name is Springsteen, Bush’s are Scherffs, Roosevelt is Rosenfeldt, John Kerry is Kohn, Washingtons father was a huge slave owner and this is very telling because mainly Jews owned slaves, they dominated the slave trade, they were the ones who owned them because you had to be extremely wealthy to own slaves. Crypto jew Nathan Bedford Forrest whose grandmother on his fathers side was Jewish last name Baugh and his mother was Mary Beck (Jewish Surname) founded the KKK, along with other Crypto Jews. Jews were the only ones who had a vested interest in oppressing black people because the slave trade was their industry and supplied them with free labor to acquire wealth. However they hid behind the guise of Christianity and pinned it on Southern Christians.

      • The Whole Khazar debacle is nothing but another Jew-scam designed to keep people away from the Jews. The Khazar myth is just another red-herring made by the Jews. These hook-nosed rats have been causing so much trouble long before Khazaria was even established.

        Not to mention, Jews are a race, not a religion. Everything else you got right.

  5. Brad Kayganich says:

    thomas jefferson, as well.

  6. Brad Kayganich says:

    Might as well list every president. Thanks for letting me finish my post.

  7. Lex Mercatoria says:

    Most of the presidents are said by some to be distant descendent of either Charlemagne or King Alfred the Great. Burke’s Peerage out of England tracks knows of their backgrounds as they track the lineage of royalty & aristocracy.

    • jeff says:

      They have basically infiltrated and overthrown most if not all monarchy’s. The “British Monarchy” today have no legal right to be there, they have no legitimate bloodline and this has been proven because they traced the lineage. Queen Elizabeth is not the Rightful heir to the throne. Interesting side note, the British Monarchy today are relatives of the Rothschilds. Kate Middletons mother is Goldschmitt and related to Rothchilds as well. The Judeo-Nobility do not marry outside of the bloodline.

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