When did you become aware?

Where did it start for you? Care to tell? Wondering why it started? What sparked the thought? I’m talking about becoming jew-aware.  I can say for me personally. I  didn’t become fully jew-aware until the past 2 years of my life. I’m 31 now, and from the time I was a child, until my late 20’s. I just couldn’t put a finger on it. Why does the world have so many issues? Why do we go to war? Why does Humanity, not care for their Brothers, and Sisters? Why do we hate one another? Why does Nature have to suffer? You know prior to grade school. I never thought about jews, I didn’t even know what a jew was, nor what one looked like. I never seen one. Funny being from California, a jew infested state. I never saw one, or if I did, didn’t even know it. As I was too young at the time to identify such features. I remember in grade school reading all the stories on nazis, anne frank(a myth), also other holohoax stories. Yet I didn’t pay them any mind. Well let me take you back into time. We took a field trip to Washington D.C.. We spent 3 days down there. Going to all the memorials, Arlington Cemetery, etc. On the last day of our trip. We went to the  jewish “holocaust” museum. I remember walking through there, wondering what does this have to do with our nations capitol? What about the millions of Humans who have been slaughtered? Why is there no museum for them? I came away from that still not fully jew-aware, but it did stay in the back of my mind. When the time came for me to enter high school. The judeo-indoctrination, got worse. especially when it came to history class. I recall we were studying World War 2. It came time for us to study the “holocaust”. I recall our history teacher Mr. Farro, speaking of the so called horrors the jews went through in concentration camps. That the nazis would do experiments on them, make soap out of their skin, make them swallow dynamite to detonate them, make leather, out of their skin. The stories were just so ridiculous he was spewing about what the nazis did to the jews. It made me question what really happened back then? As time past, and  I got older, there were a couple things I started too notice. One in particular. Our involvement with “israel”(jewish infested Palestine), and the US always taking “israels” side in everything, still made me question what was really going on? Yet I still wasn’t fully aware of the Worlds jewish problem.

Then I find out about the rothschilds. How they control everything in the world through agents, freemasons, illuminati, bilderberg, etc. As far as the rothschild were concerned, people were just saying they’re illuminati. Yet nobody was pulling the truth out. That they’re jewish. Then comes my alex jones phase, which lasted roughly a few years. I was still into reading the illuminati, trilateral commission, how they want to rule the world, “elites”. All the bullshit covers they use, too disguise the jewish problem. I would always check prison planet, infowars, you name it. Then I got into bill cooper, I spent some time with his information as well. Including reading his book behold a pale horse. In addition listening to his recordings. Yet after awhile. All this illuminati, freemason, bilderberg, trilateral commission, non-sense wasn’t adding up. It just wasn’t making any sense to me. It was always the same stories about how the “elites” want to destroy us, take our posessions, etc…There was never any closing to the stories. They were always left open for you to keep chasing, and chasing, until you just started making it reality, when it’s not. It was around 2008, when I realized these guys were dis-info. I rejected all information from alex jones, bill cooper, or anyone else creating these ghost stories about the illuminati, bilderberg, you name it. As these were honeypots to keep you stuck in. It wasn’t long before I went into the back of mind, where I always from time to time would ask myself about the jewish problem, how real is it? Well it’s reality. jews are at the root of the Worlds issues. Once one comes to realization of this, it doesn’t take long to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Hatred, corruption, discord, It’s all jewish, and you can’t debate facts. You can’t say Look around you. Hell, the information is right in front of your face!  It’s just whether you have the mentality to accept this, so one can destroy the bubble they have been in most of their life. So I say this: All Humans must become jew-aware. If we don’t, Humanity will suffer even greater tragedy. This isn’t a question of who, what, where, why, and how. It’s a question of life, or death of Humanity. So, when are you going to become jew-aware?

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