Jews invented racism


It’s funny that whenever someone rightly calls the Jews out their crimes, they call it racism and get in trouble for it. Sadly, many non-Jews don’t bother or think to research whoever invented/coined the word. However, this won’t


If he wasn’t Jewish he wouldn’t he hooked nose.

stop the Kikes from dismissing it as opinion. It just so happens that Russian Jew dictator Leon Trotsky (Real name Lev Davidovich Bronstein), communist Jew mass murder, invented the word racism. Well, would

you fucking look at that; Jew Trotsky and his fellow communist Jew Josef Stalin are in it together. So much for calling every anti-Jewish person a crazy nazi and anti-semite. Speaking of which, the inventor for the word Anti-Semitism is also a Jew by the name of Wilhem Marr. What this confirms is that Anti-Semitism really is a trick by Jews. What’s even funnier is that Jews refer to non-Jewish Arabs as terrorists rather than anti-semites.

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  1. She even has that “Throaty” voice. Nice.

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