Leo Frank: Disgusting Jew Pedophile

A very good example with excellent results when dealing with a rapist, let alone a pedophile, and a murderer, is Leo Frank. For non-Jews who don’t know who he is, he was a superintendent of a factory known as the Nation Pencil Company in Atlanta, Georgia in. He raped a thirteen-year-old child named Mary Phagan. In April 1913, This Kike strangled Phagan, thus killing her, leading him of being convicted in August 1913. When the Jews at the court tried to appeal a protest that the Kike was innocent, The people who witnessed this murder wasted no time deciding to executing this scumbag. Today, we don’t have that kind of justice, which would vastly save us tons of trouble. Sadly, with the Jews in Government and Media positions, this won’t happen very often. Besides, with their ill-proven victim status as a weak defense in addition to the what I’ve said about Jews being government and Media positions to bail themselves out of the crimes they commit, it should be very clear that Jews are hypocrites through and through, and Jews say that the Lynching of Leo Frank is Anti-semitism.

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11 Responses to Leo Frank: Disgusting Jew Pedophile

  1. Not many non-Jews have the foresight.

    i’m beginning to conclude that Laws are nonexistent.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      This is, technically, true because, until recently there has been no lawful money of substance with which to execute the law. This doesn’t even yet get into the whole U.S. vs The U.S. of A. jurisdictional mess.

      This isn’t just America’s problem. England, for example, has been lawless for some 400 years or so.

  2. “This means lynching also in the future would be more and more a desperation act against the jew corrupted law and order system.
    It would mean that lynching these kind of jews would mean the acknowledgement of being on the permanent defense.
    By understanding this there should have been a conspiracy of white society underway to take the country or at least the court system back in white control.
    This idea probably existed.
    It has not been executed or if so…was unsucessful.
    But this mary phagan case is a case of zero white power.
    One sees already at that time that white america was jewAmerica and that white society was in a total denfense fight against the jew.
    Writing books-and lynchings-and speaking out.”

    It would have to be a conspiracy of all Americans. We never had the court system, the only solution is to destroy the judicial system. So these kikes can no longer get away with the destruction of humanity.

  3. There are no italian Jews. Just Jews. Other than what you just told me in your comment, well said. The Jews are no ordinary criminals. If Jews didn’t take over government, every last of one them would be rightfully executed.

  4. Add this as well…there are no such thing as israelis, just jews. Another fabrication jews came up with such as other false names they like to hide under including; latino, hispanic, basque, huguenot, cajun, french canadian, blah blah etc etc… These kikes themselves don’t even refer to eachother as israelis. These kikes don’t expose themselves they pat each other on the back in front of you. I would take with a grain of salt any so called “news” expose from any news source as these kikes are in control of it.

  5. albert pike was a kike. There’s also a statue of him in the district of communism aka washington d.c.

  6. Remember Miller is a common surname amongst kikes.

  7. iewslayer says:

    What are your thoughts on Jew Jared Fogle?

  8. Add them in the Opposition controller list.

  9. I’m not familiar with it. These Kikes seriously need to be killed fast.

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