Leo Frank: Disgusting Jew Pedophile

A very good example with excellent results when dealing with a rapist, let alone a pedophile, and a murderer, is Leo Frank. For non-Jews who don’t know who he is, he was a superintendent of a factory known as the Nation Pencil Company in Atlanta, Georgia in. He raped a thirteen-year-old child named Mary Phagan. In April 1913, This Kike strangled Phagan, thus killing her, leading him of being convicted in August 1913. When the Jews at the court tried to appeal a protest that the Kike was innocent, The people who witnessed this murder wasted no time deciding to executing this scumbag. Today, we don’t have that kind of justice, which would vastly save us tons of trouble. Sadly, with the Jews in Government and Media positions, this won’t happen very often. Besides, with their ill-proven victim status as a weak defense in addition to the what I’ve said about Jews being government and Media positions to bail themselves out of the crimes they commit, it should be very clear that Jews are hypocrites through and through, and Jews say that the Lynching of Leo Frank is Anti-semitism.

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19 Responses to Leo Frank: Disgusting Jew Pedophile

  1. rob says:

    You know I thought about this case.
    The white dudes who killed this effiminate pedophile jew pencil company owner did the wrong thing by thinking not big.

    They noticed that the jews not only helped avoiding the death sentence for their tribes man
    by controlling the law/court system.
    They also saw that they had the possibility to get this weak jew early released.

    They organized a raid on the place were the jew was and got him killed.

    But their idea was not honest and had no forthsite.

    a. They knew the system worked for this kind of scum.
    They had to be aware for that that their action sets the record straight only in this case.
    What about future cases?
    Or other cases in the past-and even other cases to come in the future?

    Would this crew be available for all the other cases that the jew would and could manipulate?
    The answer is NO.

    I believe they were at least a little if not fully aware of this fact.
    This hanging of the jew pencil comp. owner was an act of desperation !
    If the white dudes wont have done it-the jew would have gotten away.
    Lynching was the last change to bring the jew to justice.

    This means lynching also in the future would be more and more a desperation act against the jew corrupted law and order system.
    It would mean that lynching these kind of jews would mean the acknowledgement of being on the permanent defense.
    By understanding this there should have been a conspiracy of white society underway to take the country or at least the court system back in white control.
    This idea probably existed.
    It has not been executed or if so…was unsucessful.
    But this mary phagan case is a case of zero white power.
    One sees already at that time that white america was jewAmerica and that white society was in a total denfense fight against the jew.
    Writing books-and lynchings-and speaking out.

    They were not principled and strict enough and lost their societies to drugs and jew terror.
    They were in the situation like us.
    We cant speak openly but on the net we can.
    We cant do lynchings and we even have no gun rights anymore in many parts of the country.
    The only better thing we have for us going is the frustration in this country concerning all issues.
    We are also having this info transfered to the entire world.
    They were at an adavantage as they had a structured society but they were already on the defense.
    Today their great grandchildren are decimated and in in total fear.
    They didnt use their guns to get the jews out of the system as they were still strong.
    So for that they continued their defense.
    If you’re on the defense even though you have the power to reverse the system what would your excuse be?
    They saw the jew but did nothing but lynching.
    Reminds me of the church people – they pray.

    Sonlynching amd praying are the same-a self defense of sorts.
    Both we see with our own eyes means nothing in the face of the jew having control over us.
    Self defense against dugged up youth wont help.
    Holding cops accountable for beatings/killing/drug trade actions wont work.
    It didnt work in 1913 and it never worked after that date.
    we can learn out of history.

    • Not many non-Jews have the foresight.

      i’m beginning to conclude that Laws are nonexistent.

      • Lex Mercatoria says:

        This is, technically, true because, until recently there has been no lawful money of substance with which to execute the law. This doesn’t even yet get into the whole U.S. vs The U.S. of A. jurisdictional mess.

        This isn’t just America’s problem. England, for example, has been lawless for some 400 years or so.

      • Money is only around to swindle non-Jews.

    • “This means lynching also in the future would be more and more a desperation act against the jew corrupted law and order system.
      It would mean that lynching these kind of jews would mean the acknowledgement of being on the permanent defense.
      By understanding this there should have been a conspiracy of white society underway to take the country or at least the court system back in white control.
      This idea probably existed.
      It has not been executed or if so…was unsucessful.
      But this mary phagan case is a case of zero white power.
      One sees already at that time that white america was jewAmerica and that white society was in a total denfense fight against the jew.
      Writing books-and lynchings-and speaking out.”

      It would have to be a conspiracy of all Americans. We never had the court system, the only solution is to destroy the judicial system. So these kikes can no longer get away with the destruction of humanity.

  2. rob says:

    Yes sir.
    Copy that.

  3. rob says:

    They had a case in Israel in I believe 2005.
    A rabbi who cleaned a religious bath house catches another rabbi in the act.
    What act you’re asking?
    He catched one of his rabbi buddies having sex with his own kid.
    The cleaning bath house rabbi went public with this.
    Now, at an interview with an israeli rat reporter-the rabbi mentioned that after he went public that he got death threats.
    They kicked him out of his bullshit job.
    They tried an acid attack on him.
    He had to fear for his life.
    In the non-jewish world the pedo guy has to fear for his life-outside of jail at times and definitely inside of jail. Here one sees that these non human outcasts are not normal life forms within the human sphere.
    The rat israel reporter mentioned: well it is said that 50% of religious jews have this pedo stuff in their families.
    The bath tub rabbi says: I run constantly into people who talk to me about their terrible experiences in their respective childhoods. I have contact to mothers that experienced their children abused by their husbands. I talked to grown up men who were abused from their religious teacher as kids. I get mail & emailes in amazing numbers. People come to my home and talk to me about their childhood traumatic experiences.
    He finaly stops and says: the numbers are much higher than 50%
    Now look at that !
    Out of the horses mouth.
    50% rabbi and Hasidic kid lovers is much to low.
    I mean these people are anarchists. No rules not even in their families.
    The fucking jew subordinate italian mafia wouldn’t do that.
    But the jew does what no other degenerate is doing.
    And these subhumans live rich, unemployed, paying no taxes around us.
    They do child sacrifices, pedo with non jews and with their own rat kids.
    It cant get anymore subhuman than these aliens are.

    • There are no italian Jews. Just Jews. Other than what you just told me in your comment, well said. The Jews are no ordinary criminals. If Jews didn’t take over government, every last of one them would be rightfully executed.

    • Add this as well…there are no such thing as israelis, just jews. Another fabrication jews came up with such as other false names they like to hide under including; latino, hispanic, basque, huguenot, cajun, french canadian, blah blah etc etc… These kikes themselves don’t even refer to eachother as israelis. These kikes don’t expose themselves they pat each other on the back in front of you. I would take with a grain of salt any so called “news” expose from any news source as these kikes are in control of it.

  4. rob says:

    Yes. The news sources are often compromised.
    But the rats are pedos very very much so.
    I had a buddy who turned gay.
    He loved the young teen boys.
    If jew or not-gays have a huge huge tendency being into the young boys.
    By jews the same.
    The rabbi stephen wise I think was mentioned saying:we are sex addicts.
    Now their record is bad on the pedo stuff.
    There are these infos on them that create a connection to their history.
    And for that one can with ease say this article that mentioned this bath house incident-is something out of the realm of reality.
    In Europe these jews are known to be the number one pedos.
    And I bet this is also the case in russia & Australia and around the world.
    The child sacrifice stuff the same.
    Who does that?
    No one except maybe a very few natives (tribes) but these people dont live around us.
    The child sacrifice stuff is mentioned like the jew pedo stuff through out history.
    There is no other people doing that.
    Thats why no one hears people saying:the Japanese do child sacrifices all over the world.
    These pedo & child blood killer stuff the jew is known for.
    I can easily know through this (not believe) that even possible compromised info portrays a reality. Its a pattern. And this pattern gets worse as they think they’re above the law.
    This pedo and child killer stuff was 500 years not so worldwide executed.
    Now the drive for pedo and slavery includes container loads of children.
    They are found suffocated in cargo containers all over the world. These non jew kids are peddled for all kinds of anti-human reasons.
    Or take child prostitution (slave trade) it went global.
    Animal sacrifice and trade is global, too .it wasnt like that 1000 years ago.it gets worse and only the jews organize this stuff.
    For that the pedo stuff is internal (in jewish families) the reflection of their physical and mental parasitism that reflects back on destroying non jews and the entire PLANET.These jews have the most mental disorders. The jew is a reflection of the sad state of the world. They internalized that what they did to us and the reflection there off we can watch…watching them destroying their own families. “We are the destroyers”.
    The more they molest, kill, steal from non jews the more they have problems to keep discipline at home and in their own communities.
    Thats why the sources (like the bath house jew) are possible compromised but through historical understanding the reality is accessible to us in the present.

  5. rob says:

    The Ku Klux Klan was founded by freemason Albert Pike.
    After the civil war (genocidal war against the southern people) 50.000 black former slaves were shipped to haiti from northern anti slave groups.
    What is that for a strange racism that genocides whites and blacks and destroys any little resistance of southerners by starving them into submission even after the war (reconstruction) but ships blacks to Haiti so can not starve to death.
    The jews sabotaged further shipments of blacks to Haiti.
    45 years later Marcus Garvey started there were the 50.000 slaves were shipped to Haiti – with his back to Africa movement.
    The jew F.B.I. sabotaged his movement. They were not allowed to go to Africa by forgetting all about it. through the civil rights jew movements the odea got mostly deleted and used by jewish white racial groups. This was seen as racist & against blacks though markus garvey thrived on back to africa ideology.
    The KKK who actually rallied that blacks go back to africa would have had an ally in Marcus Garvey. One wonders why they never hooked up with him.
    As the KKK is jewish and was jewish controlled it never happened. The jews used the blacks as pawns to rally up race tensions all along – for that they had to stay in America. Civil Rights made it happen that most blacks didint think of going back to Africa anymore.
    The KKK killed in 85 years about fourthousand threehundred and something people.
    These numbers of course are manipulated as the tuskeege institute is jewish managed.
    A quarter of the killed were whites and a small percentage jews. The other three quarters were blacks.
    Why would the white KKK kill more whites than jews?
    We see here that the tuskeege stuff not necessarily is reliable data.
    The jews in old time in comparison to today were known for treachery and all other stuff.
    The Mary Phagan case was no KKK killing the jew pedo pencil jew factory owner. It was civilians non KKK.
    The country was fuzzling with cases like this.
    The KKK mostly not even killed the pedo kikes.
    Like in the Mary Phagan case often it was civilians none KKK.
    The KKK was jewish and they mostly would not attack or kill jews-rather whites. Isnt that funny.
    The pedos and society wrecker they dont kill. But the white & black small time criminals. Like today the jew cops. Exactly the same behaviour. The cops beat and kill only the small time white-black-asian criminal but not round up kike crime to end all crime.
    In all countries the same pattern. In the past as in present.
    The jews control all sides and all messages.
    Black movements-white movements but killing and demonizing only non jews. If jews get killed its mostly non jews who kill-deport-and fought them.
    And only these action are demonized through out history.
    Nelson Mandelas ANC (african national congress) terror bombed non jews in south africa.
    Openly they said they fight against white apartheid rule. But they killed whites & BLACKS.
    it would have been easy to put a bomb in a white areas supermarket or white church. No. They had to bomb and kill blacks.
    Why would they do this?
    The ANC had Israeli bomb advisers and terror experts training and politically guiding them.
    Like they did with ISIS and MARTIN Luther King.
    Against white rule turned against blacks & whites non-jews humans. This is not the brain pattern of a black racist. this is an jewish target as it excludes jews. I personally became aware of the very large jewish community in south africa. I worked with former israely military on some jobs. I never new they live there prosperous.
    The partern is simple to identify.
    No Pan African or simple Nationalist African organization was free of jews controling them. The message of these organizations was at all time “WHITE RULE”. Like in America the jew run black movements of the sixties. White Rule. White Power.
    In all of the ANC activities only blacks/whites were targeted by jews as they guided the blacks revolution around america and africa in a Jew racial manner. In america and africa not even once a jew got harmed. Only whites and blacks. All like the jews wanted it to be. Dualism Worldwide.
    The recent black church killing is the first time since after WW2 that a so called white supremacist killed blacks or any kind of colored people without white casualties involved.
    Prior they at all times killed whites and blacks and at times others non white groups (jewish pattern) or mostly whites only (timothy mcveigh-glenn frazier miller-etc) But were indentified by jew media as racist. If blacks killed blacks it never ever was racist. The only group that was racist and didnt show the jewish mindcontrol pattern were the “SILENT BROTHERHOOD AKA THE ORDER”.
    They stole jew money (the feds armoured truck heighsts) and killed a jew (radio host).
    These people were total against colored people but didnt harm one colored person.
    They stole from the fed and killed a jew.
    Total non jewish killing pattern.
    No jewish dualism.
    All other racist groups (whites and blacks) killed like the ANC non jews of all skin colors.
    Never targeting “only”the target group they so wanted to harm and get rid off.
    This racial pattern is openly to see in the race law state of israel. Were all non jews are by law sitting ducks. Only jews have rights. The mirror of this country is slowly forming the world into a world israel (jewish world soviet).
    A planet organized as a race law department by jews.

  6. rob says:

    Glenn (Grazier) Miller: WHITE NATIONALIST.

    He was the leader of the Caroliner Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Later Confederate Nights of the Ku Klux Klan. Later then it was the white peoples party.
    He was a Special Forces Trained guy.
    U.S. Army.
    He served two tours in Vietnam.
    After coming home he went white nationalist.
    He never had enough of his own money to make is group big.

    The Silent Brotherhood stole enough money from the jews to decide that glenn miller gets funded.
    With that money he created the biggest above ground white group in the U.S.

    The Brotherhood went to jail.
    Glenn Miller his organization was monitored by the jew fed as it became huge.
    His group was only middle class white folks.
    They did many demonstrations in army uniform and klan gear.
    Privately they did shooting exercised with 22 long rifle guns (small caliber). No big field exercises-only little group shooting stuff.
    He was able to become a very good organizer.
    During that time he was exceptionally good at doing that what he did.
    But as mostly his psychology was produced by the army (authority=jewish authority) he had a problem.
    This problem became apparent as one day the jew feds surrounded his compound.
    He was fully armed with his llieutenants in a position to fight and die for his cause (like robert matthews did) or capitulate.
    He fought in vietnam an enemy he mostly couldnt see at knight.
    But this was not the vietcong. It was the jew fed and they came at day time.
    So, he gave in and surrendered.
    He went further than that.
    He got scared and snitched against his llieutenants.
    And from that time he stayed a snitch for the jews.
    All the fighting in NAM didnt mean shit.

    Many many years later he pops up and runs for office. It was around 2011
    , 2012 or 2013.
    Like the jew fronts who became a little famous on the jew truther blog talk radio bullshit sites-he gets pushed onto blog talk and jew syndicated radio shows and on TV where his predecessors like Tom Metzger & David Duke became famous stars.
    He became well known again .
    Then he fades slowly out of the scene.
    That funding for his phony white power Klan campaign came from the jews.
    He had no group-no klan chapter like in the past.
    No independence as a snitch. All is wellfare style provided by the jews.
    He fades out of the jewish talmud picture.
    Suddenly the idiot box reports that he did an attack on jewish people. Later that turned in an attack on christians. He gets arrested and is gone.

    he was able through his prominence to get a big following of white nationalists. His followers didnt get it that the klan , he and anyone of the old times and new times-is a collaborator if he pops up on radio shows and the idiot box.
    He was on trial and snitched openly. No internet necessary. It was known.
    But the internet age dont mean much if the jews manage it.
    Like on TV they show reruns of old stuff and old leaders who are like john denugent and david duke on their payrolls.
    A few people of his friends went to jail long time.
    He became the big leader (fake leader) but funded this time not by white nationalist but by the jewish feds.
    I mention this case because i have experienced this with black people the same way. They are angry with the gov. but if the heat comes down only on their friends a little bit – they say:”man he went to far. You cant mess with the gov.”
    No support for the friends only fear. After watching TV they’re confidence is big only in talking.
    This is the problem with the army.
    The authority complex is the mirror of that of their parents and that of the countries population. Its unbelievable hard to act against the sheenie gov. after lifelong believing in sheenie authority. The americans only act against each other. Like trained dogs.
    Tha army sits in 170 countries. It looks like they can only kill non jews worldwide.
    This is the biggest problem in the world.
    The US ARMY dog cant bite his owner (the sheenie).

    • Remember Miller is a common surname amongst kikes.

      • rob says:

        I suspect he is a jew. Yes. He behaived lifelong like a jew.
        If he is a jew-you can expect as a special forces soldier-he did his jew thing in the us jew army. And what that means we can only imagine.
        He was on 2 tours in veitnam. Special Forces.
        He could have done unbelievable damage to the units like so many other jews in the us army.
        The Army In a War is The Most Dangerous Body to be in – if the sheenies are around. One cant evade. Like by the mafia one cant get out so easy. One cant say shit about the jews. One cant disobey. The US JEW ARMY IS LITERALLY THE SOVIET UNION.
        Eustace Mullins mentioned that in ww2 if there were dissenters they dissapeared or were killed during ground operations. The collrobege guys mostly were jews spying around in the army. This was known in the ww2 jew us army.

  7. thrallsmen says:

    What are your thoughts on Jew Jared Fogle?

  8. Add them in the Opposition controller list.

  9. I’m not familiar with it. These Kikes seriously need to be killed fast.

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