Autism, Aspergers, And ADHD: Real social disorders or Jewish frauds? (redo)

Today, we are told that various mental disabilities such as Autism and ADHD (or ADD) are real. As one would expect, every parent fear their child of being diagnosed with this. The question is, is it actually real, or is it a fictitious lie? The real question is what exactly are the causes to these disabilities? According to medical studies, it’s unknown at the moment. How can you discover a disease/disability when you don’t even know the exact cause of it?  Are symptoms of these really real, or is it just laughable mannerisms?  If we were to look at the symptoms…:

Autism symptoms

  1. Inability to talk to peers
  2. Repetitive activities
  3. Quirky mannerisms
  4. Obsession with one or two activities/show/etc.


Now that I’ve listed the symptoms, are these really symptoms? When one looks at the listed symptoms above, these are really laughable. If a child really likes something, he or she will repeat it. If a child is “obsessed” with something, this means they really want to see the results of accomplishing something. Thanks to the television sadly, many parents are not very skeptical of what the government says.  Now, let’s look at the for symptoms of ADHD:

ADHD (or ADD) symptoms

  1. Inability to focus for more than 10 minutes.
  2. Getting distracted too easily.
  3. Quickly switching from one thing to another
  4. Very impatient


Now that I’ve listed some symptoms of ADHD (or ADD) here, the same question applies here: Are these symptoms? If one were to read these as symptoms, this would be very laughable thing. If anything, blame television; It’s a form of brainwashing. Sure, you may watch all your silly cartoonies in action, but most parents reading this will say that my statement is silly. This really means that a child can’t wait to do whatever he/she likes.

The causes for these kinds of “disabilities” are even more laughable. Let’s list the causes of both of these genes:

Causes for ADHD (or ADD)

  1. Genetics  (Is that Really even possible? I don’t recall genetics having an effect on ADHD)
  2. Environment (Again, Really?)
  3. Development (This one is valid)

Causes for Autism

  1. Autism is caused by mercury.
  2. Autism is caused by lead.
  3. Autism begins with poor maternal bonding.
  4. Certain pesticides may trigger autism.
  5. Plastics.
  6. Gluten aggravates autism spectrum disorder.
  7. People with autism should eat more strawberries.
  8. Too much automotive exhaust is a leading cause of autism.
  9. Chemicals found on non-stick cookware may trigger autism.

Now with both of these “disabilities” out-of-the-way, One is still wondering who coined these mental “disabilities” and what’s their agenda for it’s use? Since I’ve done some deducting for some time, I’d say it’s the Jews. The parents who are reading this will deny it and say “You’re an ignorant racist for saying that; Jews are so smart.” or something along those lines and then show a video clip. Jews are not smart, people. They only make up impossibly long terms no non-Jew would ever use to sound really intelligent. Long words don’t make you intelligent. These kikes just don’t want crap like this to be discredited. That’s it. They’ve lied to you.

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5 Responses to Autism, Aspergers, And ADHD: Real social disorders or Jewish frauds? (redo)

  1. I don’t trust you on both statements, You’re definitely Jewish by facial features alone. That aside, if Autism was real, why are many Jews in on the AUtism, ADHD, Schizphrenia, and many other mental disorders? Not to mention, how the fuck can do classify a mental disorder if you don’t know the exact cause?

  2. So do I, man… So do I. I hear your sentiments as I’m in the same plight as you. The whole thing is a fraud by Jews anyway.

  3. Brad Kayganich says:

    Labels are false. they bear no meaning. If anything put that hate toward the kike. The ones who are really “autistic”.

  4. JD says:

    Autism is real and created by jews and they know exactly what they are doing but they try to suppress it. It’s caused by vaccines, but NOT by mercury or heavy metals, but by foreign proteins in certain vaccines that resemble myelin. It’s a demyelination disease. The body then creates antibodies and attacks its own myelin. They can create any autoimmune disease they want this way.

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