Moon Landing: Video Edited and Photo manipulated

A picture is worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t stop anyone from manipulating it


The well known moon landing by NASA/Hollywood. Whoops, did I already mention that NASA has connections with Hollywood? That aside, there are a few questions here. Is the well-known moon landing photo-manipulated? If any of these pictures are anything to go by….




They’re all photo-manipulated, with the third one being more obvious, looking like a lens flare from adobe photoshop. The ground on the moon looks more like dirt if the footprints are of any indication. Along with the moon landing, this also means that the others planets are photo-manipulated as well. This may be a good thing that the Jews haved shutted down their space program, right? But then again, this may also be a step forward to their plans, increasing their security against any non-Jew who opposes them.

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2 Responses to Moon Landing: Video Edited and Photo manipulated

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    One thing I am certain of is that NASA’s space/moon/shuttle related imagery is fraudulent. Either the imagery is fraudulent because the whole thing is no more than a hoax or they’re fabricating imagery as part of an effort to conceal something. I’d bet the latter is the case.

    If, by some chance, they’ve sent people & ships into deep space they didn’t use rocket propulsion technology to do it because rockets won’t produce thrust in a vacuum per the principle of “free expansion” of gases; they’d have to use classified technology like antigravity/electrodyne drives. That, and free energy technology, seem to be among the system’s most closely guarded secrets. I’m skeptical about the existence of satellites, too, for this and other reasons.

    The moon landing imagery could have been faked using techniques employed to create the film “2001.” Perhaps the gist of their film “Capricorn One” was correct.

  2. Lex Mercatoria says:

    Another point I forgot to mention: the basic problem with NASA’s and other space-related claims is that we can’t readily travel into space to confirm or deny what were told about what’s allegedly happening up there. Also, we can’t realistically build a massive, zero-G vacuum chamber on earth to determine for ourselves if rockets function in the depths of space as they’d have us believe.

    It’s really just conjecture and we’re left in the position of having to take NASA’s and physicists claims on faith. They have little credibility in my book.

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