The Cause of apathy in crime scenes in the U.S and the other countries

You’re wondering why society’s so apathetic to the crimes today, It’s for one reason only: The Jews have discreetly killed or poisoned the food and drinks of non-Jews year by year as times goes on, thus leading to the situation today. The “civilian” Jews play good guys at the last minutes of a crime scene one of their kind started, and that’s whenever the cops show up. When a non-Jew actually tries to help another non-Jew from the crap the Jews carry out, the other “civilian” Jews call the police (A Jewish one, especially when on night shifts.) on the non-Jew, gang up on him/her in groups until the police arrives to arrest the non-jew, framing the non-Jew for some crime he/she did not commit. The fact they attack non-Jews in groups (read: Hive mind) through chauvinism is the reason the U.S (along with other countries) is superficially a democracy. It’s a very highly defensive tactic they use on a daily basis against non-Jews. The result is similar to that of the Hollywood action/crime films. The fact that the education systems in many countries is owned by Jews certainly don’t help things, nor does the fact the Jews discreetly killing non-Jews or poisoning their food and drinks. When Jews actually get caught doing the crime, it’s a crime in their demented mentality, but this mainly because law enforcement is in Jewish control. They can try to be discreet about it, but their actions speak louder than anything.

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6 Responses to The Cause of apathy in crime scenes in the U.S and the other countries

  1. Brad Kayganich says:

    kikes created “laws”, to destroy free will of Humans. So they can carry out their talmudic prophecy, which is the enslavement, and destruction of all life in existence.

    • Broken Aesops are something non-Jews won’t take very well, especially non-Jew blacks. The Jews will use their position of authority to their to trick them into furthering their plans.

    • Please excuse my previous post. To elaborate for an obvious example, hypothetically speaking, someone from your family tells you to follow the law, only to eventually break the law his/herself.

      • Brad Kayganich says:

        The problem are laws (this includes rules). Morality has been replaced, with laws, and laws degrade society. When you limit peoples ability to prosper, which is what laws do. They drop morality, too achieve success in a constricted system. Which leads to self policing, ignorance, crime, and other problems with society. Morality, is part of freedom. Freedom doesn’t exist, at the moment. Nor does logic. All are related to each other. This is why jews hate humans, we have morality. This is why jews need laws to destroy civilization, with their crimes, and jews rules state, to commit crimes against humanity.

      • …What you just said makes the saying “Rules are made to be broken” all the more true, given that all Jews are opportunistic demons.

      • …What you said sounds like anarchy, but it isn’t. The law may be a necessity to non-Jews who are in the law enforcement, but when one thinks about it, the concept of Government looks perfect on paper, but as current (and the past) events can attest, it will inevitably be exploited by the Jews.

        …What you’ve just comment sounds something I’ve always said to myself: Law isn’t morality. When a group of criminals won’t atone for a very depraved act, what do you do? Ignore the law and kill them to prevent the endangerment of thousands, no, million of lives.

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