The American “Dream”: A Jewish Fantasy

As you can all see from the title, the ideology all you non-Jewish Americans love, cherish, and strive for is nothing more than a fabricated Jewish myth. Unfortunately, thanks to belief and the machinations of the Jews, many fail to catch on to this. Belief is nothing but a magic trick given logic. That out of the way… As I’ve said many times in my blog, the Jews own the government, the media, and every other popular major company you see in the United States (And every other country). The 2008 bailouts in the United State were to save the weasely rat-hides of the Jews from getting executed. All of the leaders in your government (This applies to every country.) are Jewish, and all of the beloved churches you gullible non-Jews go to are Jewish as well. 

And this is why ideals have naive tendencies; whatever positive traits they have, a Jewish spy exploits it.

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4 Responses to The American “Dream”: A Jewish Fantasy

  1. rob says:

    I had a conversation with a naive friend of mine.
    He mentioned that 75% of americans are on antidepressants and how this info nearly broke his heart.
    The average heroin addict is 14 years of age in this country thanks to CIA Boeing 747 fleets operating 24/7.
    80% of americans are on so called pain killers and sleeping pills oprah style.
    This means from my understanding thay the american dream turned into a nightnare.
    And I dont put alcohol addiction and food addiction (eating disorders) into the nightmare.
    All their kids will defect to the net. And a lot of them we will grab and let them know about the jew. These sad things that happen have all their good sides too.

    • The “American dream” was nothing but a trap set by Jews to lure out our children, not to mention Jews carrying out drug trades 24/7. And my brother says that racism against the Jews is bad. The Jews are the most racist group of creatures to ever walk the planet, and the only reasons their not discovered at large is their mastery of stage business (mainly the acting business), their hold of the media, and their control of the law which they use to guarantee the concealment of their true nature.

  2. rob says:

    You probably have church background. The church folks are very naive.
    The jews will make your brother wake up.
    If there will be a war theyll draft your brother sooner or later.
    He will change his opinion very quickly-like most soldiers changed theirs.
    There will be massive draft dodging and AWOL.
    Parents will bribe doctors and do anything that their boys dont have to go.
    They’ll buy train/plain/bus tickets to get the boys to hide by relatives. Families will leave the country.
    They will go to the desert and mountains to get away from the jew system.
    Like in vietnam it will be only much much worse.
    But this time these young men can be easy introduced to the jew thing.
    Most will be open to listen to what your brother dont want to listen to.
    Keep on pounding that beast.

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