In the Jews eyes, Anti-Semitism equals Terrorism

I’ve realized this for quite some time, but I slacked off a bit in doing so. That aside, being called an anti-semite is the same thing as being called a terrorist. This isn’t surprising considering the Jews’ supremacist nature that only they would call themselves God’s chosen. According to the depraved book that is the Talmud, hitting a Jew is the same as hitting a God. What this confirms is that the Kikes made religion, God, and every other one of the fictitious stuff you hear today. You wouldn’t be hearing about this if they didn’t rule the numerous governments around the world, would you? J They’ll sadistically murder every non-Jew should they have full control of the governments around the world. They’ll throw various traps against us to fulfill their agenda. If they succeed on their long sought conquest, The future is dark… very dark.

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6 Responses to In the Jews eyes, Anti-Semitism equals Terrorism

  1. And many non-Jews are laughing this off.

  2. They’re doing their damnedest to get the guns off the streets to prevent their extinction.

  3. They go in as cops….

  4. There is only one problem: The law…

  5. And the same happens to the folks born in the other countries as well.

  6. And one more thing, That camouflaged race non-Jews applies not just in their countries, but in every country now.

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