In the Jews eyes, Anti-Semitism equals Terrorism

I’ve realized this for quite some time, but I slacked off a bit in doing so. That aside, being called an anti-semite is the same thing as being called a terrorist. This isn’t surprising considering the Jews’ supremacist nature that only they would call themselves God’s chosen. According to the depraved book that is the Talmud, hitting a Jew is the same as hitting a God. What this confirms is that the Kikes made religion, God, and every other one of the fictitious stuff you hear today. You wouldn’t be hearing about this if they didn’t rule the numerous governments around the world, would you? J They’ll sadistically murder every non-Jew should they have full control of the governments around the world. They’ll throw various traps against us to fulfill their agenda. If they succeed on their long sought conquest, The future is dark… very dark.

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8 Responses to In the Jews eyes, Anti-Semitism equals Terrorism

  1. rob says:

    The hate crime laws (camouflaged race laws/against non jews in their own countries) spread over big parts of the world.
    If one says something against jews and israel as a non jew is the jewish state- one faces heavy consequences.
    Getting beaten up from jew cops.
    Getting jailed.
    Getting injured.
    Getting injured and crippled and even killed.
    The above stuff happend to dozens of americans.
    If these same americans beaten up come to the U.S. and mention the jew publicly they lose their job and or get calls that threatens them and their loved ones.
    The same american folks move then to Canada and end up before a human rights commisson that will prosecute them if the jews are mentioned by them.
    In Europe the same persecution awaits them if they dare to talk about the jew.
    In the former soviet republics they face the same stuff and can get up to 10 years jail time (IN LATVIA).
    Persecution of the harshest kind.
    If moving to the russian federation those folks will be persecuted and had to go underground if they mentioned the jews.
    If these americans would escape to australia and think they could voice their opinions on that continent-they will face jail time.
    The jews have allready set up for most part their persecution of non jews in this world in one way or the other.
    This they do by screaming they are the persecuted race.
    it all is a circus and the jews are the directors meanwhile we are the clowns.
    the only worry the slimy jew has is-we are clowns who have access to hundreds of million guns and knifes. Thats not funny for the jew.

  2. rob says:

    Thats why the jew try hard as a marathon runner to do away with the guns.
    They go now to neighborhoods (white hoods) and literally go to peoples home and take their guns.
    They stop people on the streets and ask them-you have a gun on you?
    But this is despair action on their side.
    See, they did corner us by freedom of speech and all other stuff.
    But they were not able to use their strategy of divide and conquer by the gun issue.
    All syria distraction and all iran and asteroids and sandy hook etc. wouldn’t have an effect on the divided americans. It is amazing that on actually all issues we are divided but the gun unites us. One imagine there were other issues like this that their strategy of divide and conquer failed-the jew might be history today. One see’s by this issue that even as they divided and conquered the americans the 400.000.000 guns are a huge huge issue and the many stuff they threatened us with in the past as at present are straight out bluff’s keeping a poker face.

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