Law and Morality: two different things

As the Jews’ hypocritical “hate crime” of antisemitism have proven to us, law and morality are two different things although they are compatible to each other. Many non-Jewish law enforcement officers will criticize me and insist otherwise. If you’re wondering why I’m saying this is case, then keep reading. The reasons are so simple, yet many overlook this. People make the laws, yes? Then this means that Government follows the people, something the Jews certainly will not reveal. When you’re saying that you’re doing the right thing, that doesn’t really mean you’re following the law. It means you’re being moral and just. You can see in many conspiracy television shows. Sadly however, many non-Jews won’t scratch the surface, thus leaving the Jews infiltrate as they do today. The Jews are so stupid that no one will see through them and realize this. One can blame religion for this. The law may be necessity, but it does have flaws. Sadly, the flaws of Government itself are overlooked. The Kikes know that actions will be restricted by using the law against their opposition, thus letting them carry out their sadistic and demented acts without no interruptions.

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8 Responses to Law and Morality: two different things

  1. Well said; Most non-Jewish parents seriously don’t know who benefits from all these. They only look at the surface. If anything, the bible is to blame here…

    Your last few sentences may likely confirm that Jews have created government.

    • Government serves only the jews, that itself proves jewish creation of government. That’s why government positions are always a majority of jews, crypto-jews, and Human puppets programmed into undermining Humanity.

      • …I see… This practically confirmed my suspicions that Jews created government… I might be wrong about that.

      • A good example of government being a jewish construct is right here in our nations capitol
        Washington D.C.. For one that name itself. Two there’s a holohoax museum in D.C..There’s no museum dedicated too the Indians that were slaughtered when the jews came over here? There’s no museum dedicated to all the Africans who died in the jewish trans-Atlantic slave trade? There’s no museum to all the Europeans who died during the jewish communist revolutions? Plus our nations capitol is filled with jewish symbolism all over the place in D.C.. Why is that? I believe you know the answer!

      • Of course I do… I’m just a bit deep in thought.

  2. Firstly The bringbackourgirls hashtag… There must be a pedophilia ring somewhere in Nigeria… Jews made religion to throw us off from tracking down their real nefariously sick nature, and they’ll do the same to other races as well. Everything that isn’t television or has orator of authority slips under the radar of many non-Jews.

  3. The Jews are trying to make a bad name out of Africa it seems… The Kikes are definitely trying to stage their next hoax. the plane in 9/11 was a fake, This can’t get any more Hollywood than it is…

  4. Whatever Obama and co. is planning, it certainly isn’t pleasant.

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