Law and Morality: two different things

As the Jews’ hypocritical “hate crime” of antisemitism have proven to us, law and morality are two different things although they are compatible to each other. Many non-Jewish law enforcement officers will criticize me and insist otherwise. If you’re wondering why I’m saying this is case, then keep reading. The reasons are so simple, yet many overlook this. People make the laws, yes? Then this means that Government follows the people, something the Jews certainly will not reveal. When you’re saying that you’re doing the right thing, that doesn’t really mean you’re following the law. It means you’re being moral and just. You can see in many conspiracy television shows. Sadly however, many non-Jews won’t scratch the surface, thus leaving the Jews infiltrate as they do today. The Jews are so stupid that no one will see through them and realize this. One can blame religion for this. The law may be necessity, but it does have flaws. Sadly, the flaws of Government itself are overlooked. The Kikes know that actions will be restricted by using the law against their opposition, thus letting them carry out their sadistic and demented acts without no interruptions.

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14 Responses to Law and Morality: two different things

  1. rob says:

    Yes. The jews used our parents to restrict us via the jew laws into subjugation.
    Often if the law turned out against them (mom/pops/grandma/relatives)by losing their home or losing their healthcare or losing their 401K plans or their retirement money they’re confused.
    But they do not understand and continue to support law and order to become more and more subjects of the jews.
    As the jew knows his history he sets up distractions and fronts.
    So he doesnt get pogromed from the humans who identify him as the culprit of all disaster-he creates destruction that he sells.
    He shipps drugs into the country that he by law fights against.
    He produces heroes (celebs) that promote to take the drugs that he the jew flys into the country.
    He imprisons then the hero worshippers that he created via jew media and sells the lucrative prison stock via jew wall street to the world.
    He sets up more and more law enforcement to combat the drugs he shipped into the country. He flies then guns into the country and creates laws to be tough on crime that same crime he is the producer of.
    Meanwhile he wants to keep guns and drugs of the street he imprisons people for getting the same drugs and guns that the jew CIA brings to the streets.
    He sells these crime scenarious to the public which is scared.
    The public wants better and tougher laws to protect them from the crime wave the jews produce.
    More and more people become prisoners of the jews.
    The Jew FBI distributes the massive drug shipments to the gangs that were engineered by the idiot box.
    With these gangs they maintain the thread to the public.
    The drugs flood the entire schools of the country even church schools.
    The country becomes a drug hub for being tough on crime.
    Crime is sold via mass jew media to make people aware of the problem for being tough on law. Slowly a national security state emerges that dispatch police to drive around passing red lights eating burgers and give tickets but wont fight crime properly.
    The FBI armes the mexican and balck gangs and pays them to do armed raids into black or mexican areas for creating and maintaining race wars.
    The jews on a political bases create LA RAZA and AZTLAN civil rights groups to create race tensions against americans.
    DHS keeps border open and attaks/beat/imprisons/kills the americans who guard the borders them self as patrol units.
    DHS exists to intercept the dynamics if the aggressive mexican immigration./drug dealing and race war action for safeguarding the jewish community.
    This all is brought to the attention of the public via documentaries/films/hip hop music/oprah/tyra banks shows to sell fear for to be tough on crime which means national security state. The NS state brings insecurity and crime for selling it to become big brother. Our parents created it. We have to fight it.
    The jew publish info that makes all Americans responsible for the state that america is in.
    Whites/blacks/latinos/parents/bankers/government etc. Is being named by the jews but of course never ever they call them self out.
    I dont blame our parents they were educated into being pawns and brokers of our misery not knowing what they were doing.
    Laws dont exist. Only by belief a law exist. Fear creates subordiation to laws that destroy us and our kids.

    • Well said; Most non-Jewish parents seriously don’t know who benefits from all these. They only look at the surface. If anything, the bible is to blame here…

      Your last few sentences may likely confirm that Jews have created government.

      • Government serves only the jews, that itself proves jewish creation of government. That’s why government positions are always a majority of jews, crypto-jews, and Human puppets programmed into undermining Humanity.

      • …I see… This practically confirmed my suspicions that Jews created government… I might be wrong about that.

      • A good example of government being a jewish construct is right here in our nations capitol
        Washington D.C.. For one that name itself. Two there’s a holohoax museum in D.C..There’s no museum dedicated too the Indians that were slaughtered when the jews came over here? There’s no museum dedicated to all the Africans who died in the jewish trans-Atlantic slave trade? There’s no museum to all the Europeans who died during the jewish communist revolutions? Plus our nations capitol is filled with jewish symbolism all over the place in D.C.. Why is that? I believe you know the answer!

      • Of course I do… I’m just a bit deep in thought.

  2. pseudoliar says:

    I speculate Israel was behind those 200-300 something Nigerian girls coming up missing. Isn’t April passover month? and you know what happens on that month… why did only children comeup missing? To also add they said muslims were behind it and jews love to blame muslims for their false flags. ie woolwich attack, 9/11, westgate, etc. Don’t even get me started about whats going on in Sudan. Lastly theres a hashtag # bringbackourgirls…what do you gotta say about that?

    • Firstly The bringbackourgirls hashtag… There must be a pedophilia ring somewhere in Nigeria… Jews made religion to throw us off from tracking down their real nefariously sick nature, and they’ll do the same to other races as well. Everything that isn’t television or has orator of authority slips under the radar of many non-Jews.

  3. pseudoliar says:

    They claim Boko Haram is behind this but i believe theres more to it. He was also blamed for the mall attack in Kenya that I proved to be a total hoax. And they said a lady by the name of white widow was behind it before so….google her. So that makes things fishy for sure. I’m not saying I lump this incident up as a false flag because 300 girls may’ve been actually kidnapped. But assuring it’s not by coincidence. If you notice plane crashes and etc. have been more frequent. Somethings being stirred up.

    • The Jews are trying to make a bad name out of Africa it seems… The Kikes are definitely trying to stage their next hoax. the plane in 9/11 was a fake, This can’t get any more Hollywood than it is…

  4. pseudoliar says:

    No doubt man! Maylasian flight 370 and the south korean missing ferry. Somethings odd about those too. western media has never showed this much interest in Africa before, and Michelle Obama who’s a rumored trans, being a sponsor for the hashtag….speaks for itself

  5. pseudoliar says:

    I’m certain now about it being a false flag or psyop…they keep changing the number of the missing girls. It went from 330 to 276..or something like that.

  6. pseudoliar says:

    This guy never mentions the jew but he’s spewing some facts as to what to expect. They plan a covert genocide…They’re stirring up false flags to demonize and invade.

    btw, here’s the poster of the bring back our girls campaigns…notice anything strange about it? In case you don’t, it features the silence is golden occultic symbol.

    another example containing the late Aaliyah

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