Was Marilyn Monroe Jewish?


For every non-Jew who supports Monroe, or rather Baker, one would imagine how she’d looked like if she lived and got older

For all the non-Jews that are interested in Marilyn Monroe, here is one big revelation. As the title suggests, was the famous actress Marilyn Monroe, a Jewess by race? For starters, Marilyn Monroe is not her real name. It’s Norma Jeane Baker, and her mother is a Jewess by the name of Gladys Pearl Baker. Furthermore she surrounds herself with Jews, her supporters were Jews, her husband is a Jew by the name of Arthur Miller. Not to mention she have a widow’s peak. These are the only clues I’ve found so far.

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7 Responses to Was Marilyn Monroe Jewish?

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    I’ve always suspected “Marilyn” was a kikess from her younger photos. Aside from the general “look”, which is difficult to describe, another “heads up” physical clue is the frizzy hair which is uncommon for white women.

    As for Sammy Davis, Jr., anyone with functioning “jewdar” can see he was a kike. I saw an interview with him wherein he admitted he to being a Satanist–no surprise there.

  2. No doubt she was a jew, plus her real surname is Mortenson. She changed it to Baker later.

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