Was Marilyn Monroe Jewish?


For every non-Jew who supports Monroe, or rather Baker, one would imagine how she’d looked like if she lived and got older

For all the non-Jews that are interested in Marilyn Monroe, here is one big revelation. As the title suggests, was the famous actress Marilyn Monroe, a Jewess by race? For starters, Marilyn Monroe is not her real name. It’s Norma Jeane Baker, and her mother is a Jewess by the name of Gladys Pearl Baker. Furthermore she surrounds herself with Jews, her supporters were Jews, her husband is a Jew by the name of Arthur Miller. Not to mention she have a widow’s peak. These are the only clues I’ve found so far.

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13 Responses to Was Marilyn Monroe Jewish?

  1. rob says:

    She started out as an ESCOURT (non street prostitute). Like in todays jew Hollywood industry you have do what it takes. Arnold would go in his early days off with gay guys.
    These gay guys all were jews who loved these muscle men and paid them to have a chat-get a bite to eat in a restaurant and other loser stuff.
    Ms. Jew monroe did alot of things to gain fame and emotional balance. She married several times. One of her husbands was I believe the jew subordinate mafia connected FRANK SINATRA a full blown cocaine addict.
    She converted to judaism like the fake black guy-SAMMY DAVIS JR.
    All these dudes ofcourse wanted to fuck ms. Monroe.
    Jerry Lewis was also a jew.
    All these jews were on drugs.
    Ms. Monroe took pills.
    At the end of her confused jew life all the time pretending she is a blond caucasian-she was totally addicted to psychotropic drugs.
    She, before her death could not even speak coherently anymore.
    The jews killed this jew drug prostitute.
    If the eternal jew wouldn’t have eliminated her she would have been transfered to a mental institution.
    The non jew without knowledge is adolizing all the time jews who are gay drug addicted men/female prostitutes called escourts.
    They read their autobiographies which are all kind of written 9/11 fakes and never understand that they themself are much more stable individuals than their drug prostitute heros.
    What a poor people the jew produces.
    And non jews emulate them and we have left and right non jews who operate like jews-lying, stealing, taking drugs, drinking, making promises/breaking these same promises, molesting the young/date raping-sabotaging our non jewish society’s around the world.
    Often the jews send the jew marines to fuck up a country who has not yet adopted totaly the behavior of the worldwide parasite.
    The parasite adapts and then via mass media forces us through peer pressure to adapt to his vampirism amd sabotage by copying the vampire jew.
    He with that can force multiply his thought and behavior a million times.
    He gaines control of our society as it becomes itself a parasite with vampire rules of law and order but he stays invisible too.
    Monroe was a jew whore who was treated accordingly by weak jews.
    That reminds me of the jew films of alien with sygourny weaver.
    There is a part in the film (the jews created the aliens after them) where a bunch of captured aliens was locked up to be studied. But they killed one of their own so the blood which is acid destroys floor and burns a big whole into the floor.
    The jew alien beasts could escape then.
    Jews living within and under each other on long term destroy them self.
    They need other non jews to thrive or they deatroy them self.
    They never ever create-except illusions.
    They only destroy by vamprisn. Sucking energy out of our system.
    we invest energy and have low return b/s they eat our energy and leave only a bit so we can invest againg.
    They eat it up again.
    There is nearly no one anymore beyond the age of 40 years that has no CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROM. the jew is an organized energy vampire managing our mind and directing our energy.

  2. rob says:

    I used psychotropic pills prescribed by my neurologists many decades ago.
    He prescribed me so much of them that I could supply 2-3 people with my drugs.
    My friend became an addict through his own neurologist.
    I stopped taking them after a short time but supplied my friend with my huge supplies.
    I stopped taking them as they made you totally slow.
    You couldnt even work properly. But my buddy took them and had to withdraw from the drugs later on. They had an impact on my whole body (muscles).
    My mind was dull.
    There is no sex possible as you have zero erections during the course of the medication.
    Mind low-body slow and zero body dynamics-sex zero-sport zero due to druged muscle mechanics-and i was constipated.
    No one arrested our neurologists. You take that stuff on and off for years and your motor skills deteriorate. Thats what the jew has-as a present from birth on.
    They have messed up motor skills. These cratures never do P.T. only sit and think of new ways to leech.
    I was physical incompetent like a jew through these pills.
    Zero sex. Like abortion clinic-cant proper produce children.
    Can’t organize as the drug made me slow and tired.
    You see here that the drug is jewish as I was ment to be physical low and weak like them and would not be able to organize against them.
    The zero sex thing didnt let me procreate.
    Before even producing a baby for killing it of later on in an abortion clinic-I couldnt even produce one.
    The jew again here.
    They try to get our offspring before even produced.
    Or we produce but our folks are not functional and girls do abortion for avoiding hardship or poverty.
    The weaker we get the more folks want to avoid normal ways to live.
    The avenue they turn to is at all times the jew avenue leading to our mysery.
    When I see people on the streets going their way I see physically jews.
    All have depletet motor skills. They have no body structure.
    Its as if we turn into jews.the only thing is that the parasite controls our becoming jews.
    Maybe thats also why people still feel for jews and defend them.
    Its not that they adapted but we adapted to their set up and became them.
    Its probably a psy-op on these anti jew sites when they talk that the jew adapted so well to our society. If they would have did so then there would be no problems.
    They might done it at the beginning. But as they developed the magic tool mass media-we shaped our self after their demands.
    These demands became as we adapted-demands of peer pressure.
    Once there is a fad/fashion folks want to live by it.
    The folks who dont seem to like it are forced to adapt.
    Look at our world. Even church people adapt to this and produce massive misery.
    Thats why I stoped eating junk watching mass media and stoped even listening to music.
    The jew is everywhere.
    No peer pressure (jew pressure) by me.
    I go nearly everyday into my gym (PLANET FITNESS).
    I can assure you I dont have I-pod or I-phone music on my ears. Never.
    I only by force have to listen to the junk music they play.
    I dont care about the music.
    But after full 2 years playing the same old songs I started to like them some of them.
    The jew is everywhere.
    Protection from jewish mass media in a city or even small town is very very hard.
    I adapted to the music not by peer pressure but through constant repetitions.
    I at least call this programing.
    I never thought that this works so good.
    And when i dont adapt after 2 years I do after 3 years.
    And when I drop out of the gym membership hang around at home my body adapts to the jew and gets weak and sick.
    Thats why I dont give humans the fault for their misery.
    The jew occupies our mind without us being aware of this fact.
    Even if we’re jew wise the parasite is in us in areas we dont even imagime.
    Thats no materialism-these are spiritual attacks for destroying our spirit (fighting spirit).
    And we see that in the fact of constant fear and stress in non jews by not fighting back with faith=spirit and unity and for that becoming prisoners of fear.

    • Why don’t you just burn the pills outside your house? The only advice I have for you now is just The cops (the non-Jewish ones, at least) are too gullible, always taking information at face value. They’re not worth confiding in even at this time and moment; mere liabilities. Do you still have parents around you?

      Drugs are still drug even if they’re prescribed to you.

  3. rob says:

    Im not on any prescription drugs. That was in the past. I cleaned my self up long time ago.
    If a person is doing this until he’s middle aged he has made the medical jews apart of his life.
    I know – cops are to busted brain wise to wake up.
    Prescription drugs are the worst b/s the people who take them believe they make them healthy again.
    When you step in any hospice/hospital/nursing home/retirement home-you look at drugged people. No health there only the jew guiding system in their head that directed them to this final last station in their lifes.
    My friend died later on b/s of these jew drugs.
    Its like a invisible war.
    We’re falling like in ww2 when the germans gunned down whole columns with machine guns b/s jew bankers had their brainwashing tools banged into the american heads.
    Im sitting here getting ready to go to the gym.
    Next to me are 2 black older woman.
    They have both heart diseas.
    I talked last time to a middle aged jehovan witness also heart diseas.
    The jew leaves no gap where maybe we can not be attacked.
    All these woman are food drug addicts.
    They can read the drugs and GMO stuff on the back of most of the stuff they buy.
    But they just dont believe that drugs and GMO and other stuff is packed in their food they buy.
    But you can read that stuff in the back on the labels.
    They pray and not much happens except they develop coronary heart disease.
    The jews can openly say through their fronts (vegan movement-raw food movement and vegetarian movement=PETA) hey meat is bad eat vegan!
    Hegelian dialectic as they set up the paleo diet via mr. Etkins meaning eat meat b/s its healthy=PALEO DIET.
    But the church people dont listen to nobody like all the other people wont.
    To change people like the jew fronts wanna change people and free the world from oppresion and war wont work.
    The jew has to be removed and then the people are free.
    No more DURIANRIDER JEW for vegan lifestyles leading people fighting against meat eater lifestyles.
    David wolfe is a vegan or raw food jew.
    DURIANRIDER on jewtube is a raw vegan.
    I noticed that the jews promote via manipulating the views of a youtube channel-their jew fronts to fam.
    Vitalizetv is a jew.
    This guy is picked by the idiot box and shown that he had a problem with the police by doing his filming.
    Of course his channel views went rocket high as he was on national tv.
    Many other jews the same thing.
    DURIANRIDER vegan runner and cyclist.
    This jew has no real pro videos but has 50.000.000 channel views.
    The jew manipulate this dudes channel views so he can pour his low intensity conflict message to us.
    Jew vegan or rawfood vegan david wolfe comes on national tv and boom he becomes world famoes.
    And they head all these vegan movement peace hippy stuff like the jews did in the 60’s.
    Its like this DOLPH LUNDGREN character in UNIVERSAL SOLDIER.
    decades later he still fights the vietnam war that didnt end for him.
    Theyre everywhere he said in the supermarket with his last universal soldiers-meaning the vietnamese.
    The jews mean themself with they’re everywhere.
    And they are everywhere not to be seen by guiding us to see others instead of them.
    Its still the same.
    Instead of students drugged with FBI provided LSD and other drugs-we have now vegan jews leading health movements.
    Say no to drugs.
    Say no to meat.
    Animals are my friends.
    Meanwhile on the other side we have the drugged up bodybuilder and junk food eaters saying-meat is important without it life is not possible etc.
    And massive low intensity conflict is produced in the mass media.
    Since non jews becoming aware of the parasite they push the low intensity conflict button realy bad and hard. Im happy im not into mass media-its hard to take the info and image onslought.
    I know you might know this stuff but the dudes who come to the blog have to know about the strategies/technics/deceptions they pull on us.
    Without it the average vegan/vegetarion/gay guy/chinese person/well fare person cant operate towards mental freedome.
    They talk so much shit on the hip hop jew sites pushing the god damn race stuff.
    The jew has to go and will go – up in smoke.

    • We have to shut down the show business; without show business, it’ll severely weaken the Jews’ ability to act (as in actors) their way out of the chaos. The show business is unsurprisingly the only business that has ever rarely been protested against.

  4. rob says:

    Thats true.
    But hold it.
    Americans protested against the entertainment industry.
    But how did they do it?
    The church rallied against the violence and sex/nudity.
    But didnt mention the jew.
    They did that in the 30’s and even earlier.
    They got angry even at comic publishers for distribution of their crap to kids.
    But the church people didnt push the jew word.
    Blacks demonstrated against racism very often.
    Blaxploitation films. But here again they didnt push the jew angle brutaly.
    Muslim did rally and latinos.
    But by not pushing the jew angle and watching the jew box them self-they forfeited all they rallied for. And if they mentioned the jew they were kicked out by their own friends in the group. Most of the time these rallies were organized by jews anyway and funded by them too.These weak people couldnt even boycott the jew box.
    Thats a hell of a lot of ignorance.
    Today all dont care if massmurder is watched or soft porn or real porn.
    Allmost all people who rally against something are compromised by their weakness and ambivalence.
    For that its true: no one rallied against the film jew industry-only as a total boycott was this idea of rallying against the film industry to be successful.
    Isnt it amazing that people demonstrate against racism but watch that stuff them self?
    They are against violence but watch it 7 days a week.
    They tell their kids they should be nice to the other neighbors kids but watch films were they kill kids in villages or kidnap them.
    I wonder often how these people can exist without having a headache.
    This wanting to demonstrate against monsanto is also a joke only dreamed of by students.
    They have all this monsanto GMO food in their cafeteria at their jew college and want to rally against monsanto.
    They cant boycott it because they’re dont wanna put them self in.
    Like their parents they fail.
    Its really like they want to fail by demonstrating – as they support nearly everything they’re demonstrating against.
    Imagine these sad deadend people never experiencing success as the jew reversed them.
    They’re Upside down people.
    Here where I live they shut 125th street down for Malcolm his birthday.
    SHUT ‘EM DOWN they called it.
    One black woman wanted to enter marshalls and it was closed.
    She looked at the people who were waiting for marshalls to open.
    They shut every store down on 125 str in HARLEM for malcolms birthday.
    The store would open back up at 4pm it said.
    This woman was confused and asked the folks that were waiting for marshalls to open back up-whats going on.
    A girl said to this confused woman: the store is closed b/s of malcolm x birthday and it will open back up in 30/min at 4pm.
    The black woman asked: who is that malcolm?
    Ha ha.
    Down the street there was ofcourse a mini rally of fake militant black folks pushing the white-race angel again and ofcourse not pushing the jew-race angle.

    • What I meant was that the Jews have protested everything (from pedophiles to corrupt banks) with the exception of show business; It’s their biggest weapon. They can get away with the lies while appearing professional and innocent about it.

  5. rob says:

    Yes I understand.
    The young girls of today have film and tv personalities.
    Did you check johndenugent.com
    This right winger wants a white/black ALLIANCE against the jews.
    The problem he thinks Putin is a nationalist.
    His political contemporary stuff seems so jewish.
    His history stuff is very good.
    But then he stArts with UFO’s-imagine this.
    Something is all the time wrong.
    Everybody can make a mistake in his information providing but if something doesnt sit right over a period of time? Its bullshit b/s time can tell-you something via your gut feelings.
    Now a rightwinger john de nugent comes out with sane rational stuff but there is something wrong with his other posts. The greys and other aliens who are against the jews.
    Unbeatable bull.
    David Icke style.
    Nearly alll webs or blogs are jewish.
    From the past anti jew guys really only a very few are legit.
    The twelfth bough is good.
    But this girls has weak followers as the jew thing is rarely mentioned.
    Investigative its very good.
    Lasha darkmoons site darkmoon.me is top jewish.
    Kaminski is having nice articles on that site but very pessimistic.
    Its actually not good his articles b/s defeatism is the result.
    The commenters are jew/shills etc. All the time the same fools.
    B mans revolt is for rednecks but he keeps it good and avoids mostly this bullshit black against white stuff.
    Many helth blogs quote from naturalnews.com but its super jewish.
    Conflicting messages/articles like on the idiot box.
    One has to really have an understanding of jew blogs and food & helth to not fall for this jew mindgame.
    Snippits and snappits website is a muslim mom.
    She writes more and more like a jew political blog.
    She believes also putin is a nationalist.
    They have all often good info in their archive but their articles are bullshit.
    Northern truthseeke blog is not memtioning the jew enough.
    I wrote this dude that if a person all the time says america this and america that and canada this blah blah the people get the impression that it is really america/canada/Egypt/syria/russia b/s these bullshitters dont mention every single minute the jew.
    As if americans run the U.S.
    As if russians run russia or syrians run syria.
    Not even Mussolini ran his country himself.
    By putting down the senussi muslim rebellion in Libya at the beginning of the 1930’s he got financed from his own italian jewish federal reserve.
    These bloggers are shitheads and also have to be put out of their psy-op misery.
    ADAM AUSTIN is a honest guy-he didnt move away from his principles.
    JAM had amazing videos on YouTube but was so emotional and at the end he was a phony.
    I know a guy who is scared to go to anti jew web sites and blogs.
    He even was scared to go on amazon to buy a book from Eustace Mullins that I recommended. So he wanted to order the book over his aunt.
    I gave him to avoid this complicated stuff a book of mine:THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION by Douglas Reed and some other stuff.
    Often guys are afraid to put comments on youtube or general on blogs.
    This is so unbelievable. How can they deal with that what awaits us if they can not even have their freedom of speech on the net.
    They lost it outside the net already long ago.
    A little courage is needed in life. But if they are so gutless that their fear paralises them to feel bad about talking freely-oh my.
    The 840.000 people who disappeared last year and are popping away every year dont show up anymore b/s they made bad comments.
    Or b/s they said something against the gov.
    Babies-kids-teenagers-young working folks-soldiers-senior citizens-the mentally challanged-retarded people-insnae asylum people-bag ladies-homeless people.
    Also jail people dissappear but are still in the computer.
    All these people dissappear for many reasons.
    To be scared by making a comment is unecessary.
    They just watch the jew box and become scared like little kids after watching frankenstein.
    Ok be well.

  6. Lex Mercatoria says:

    I’ve always suspected “Marilyn” was a kikess from her younger photos. Aside from the general “look”, which is difficult to describe, another “heads up” physical clue is the frizzy hair which is uncommon for white women.

    As for Sammy Davis, Jr., anyone with functioning “jewdar” can see he was a kike. I saw an interview with him wherein he admitted he to being a Satanist–no surprise there.

  7. rob says:

    Anthon Sander Le Vey as he set up shop with his jew church of satan-had alot Hollywood folks signing up.
    The most Hollywood idiots are anyway jews.
    There should for that also be no wondering why a jew makes a satan church and the jew celebs flock to him.
    Jews ate all satans breed if by being in a datan church by vampire sucking in the financial instutions or by other camouflaged things.
    They cause at all times misery and stress.

  8. No doubt she was a jew, plus her real surname is Mortenson. She changed it to Baker later.

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