News Broadcasts are prerecorded

Yesterday, after watching a part of a movie called Videodrome, It didn’t take me long to find a clue from the videos… The Jews have prerecorded and the News “Broadcasts.” Why do I think so…? How else would they predict we would react to the actions of the people we see on television? It’s because they themselves have likely staged the events in advance as well. We’ve been had, making us multiple steps behind them. Eyewitness News… FOX News… CNN… I know their credibilities is nonexistent, but I’m trying to figure out their plans work.

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2 Responses to News Broadcasts are prerecorded

  1. 9/11 is a perfect example of this.

  2. Lex Mercatoria says:

    Even more mundane events that aren’t really thought of as “news” are recorded way in advance. Take for instance the State lotteries.

    I’d bet most of those “live” lottery drawings where someone selects the winning number balls from a machine are actually recorded weeks, possibly months in advance. It’s worse than that. Those number balls aren’t necessarily selected one right after another with the balls popping up randomly. I think they have tiny, two-second, video clips of each ball popping up that they then stitch together with a video editing program to make it appear all the balls for that drawing were picked sequentially in one shot.

    I know this is possible because for my State lottery when they broadcast a “live” drawing they don’t show a continuous, uninterrupted video of the man/woman picking the balls. It appears they start to pick the balls then the camera moves in for close-up shots of each ball being picked individually. One can see each of those close-up shots are separate videos.

    For those State lotteries whose winning numbers are selected solely by the State Lottery Computer the scam is even worse. Someone correct me if I’m wrong here, but typically that night’s winning numbers are selected well after lottery ticket sales for that drawing have closed. Thus the State lottery computer has records of all the combinations on all tickets people have purchased for that night’s drawing. They can then have the computer pick a set of winning numbers for which no ticket has been sold so they can roll over the jackpot to subsequent drawings, which encourages even more ticket sales for larger and larger jackpots.

    The following newspaper article on lottery fraud reposted at (yeah, I know it’s a kiked-up site) is telling:

    Perhaps at one time the lotteries were somewhat honest but over the years lotteries have been hit hard by serious players applying statistical analysis to reduce their odds, thus allowing said players to win repeatedly. The frauds described above would render statistical analysis useless because the drawings would no longer be random.

    I mention all this to further underscore what Shadow states above: that what the jews would have us believe is an honest recording of events from the outside world really is just a script, filmed well in advance, and screened for us on their reality simulation devices as if it were all happening in real time.

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