Jews use Religion as a weapon


These belief systems are better off dead than alive.

I’m not even gonna type much, because Jew Karl Marx spells this one out.

“Religion is the opiate of the people, and for that reason it is to be used as a principal means of disarming the gentile, and, once in power, through the pulpit and
prayers, to keep him subjugated and subdued.” – Karl Marx (real name is Mordechai Levy)

What easier way to lower your enemy’s guard by posing as a benevolent organization, pogrom, or whatever similar term of your choice, only to strike the moment you’ve gained their “trust” to infiltrate and enslave your enemy? It’s too bad that not many of us non-Jews catch on this. So much for faith and hope, the two opiate words. Imagine how everything would be like if there was no religion? We would be living vastly better lives than usual, but no; many adults have a mentaility similar to that of a child’s.

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  1. rob says:

    Pope Paul VI was a secret jew descended from a jewish family.
    Pope Paul VI election to the papacy was null.

    Cardinal Pierloni who in 1130 was elected Pope with the name of Anecletus II.
    The election was declared void first by St. Bernard and various local councils in France and Germany and later on in other countries.

  2. rob says:

    The Holy Synod of Salamanca declared that jewish Physicians entered this profession solely for the opportunities which it offered to kill Christians.

    In 833 A.D. The Mohamedans forbade the jews to adopt the profession of medicine.

    McAlister, under the auspicea of the Palestinian exploration fund, from 1904-1909, found in the Canaanite=jews stratum of about 1500 B.C. the ruins of a high place, a temple to Ashtoreth, containing ten crude stone pillars, five to eleven feet high, before which human sacrifices were offered.
    Under the debris in this “high place”, McAlister found great numbers of jars containing the remains of children who had been sacrificed.

    Secret password of Freemasonry is “TUBAL CAIN”.
    Tubal Cain a descendant of Cain, was son of Lamech, the father of Noah, who had two wives, Adah & Zillah.
    Zillah bore Tubal Cain, he was the Forger of all instruments of Bronze and Iron.
    The sister of Tubal Cain was Naahmah (Genesis 4:22).
    Naahmah’s revelries with her blood relatives, I, Iam, resulted in the Curse of Canaan; she is also recorded as the person who brought human sacrifice and cannibalism into the world.
    Tubal Cain, grandson of Methuselah by Lamech, was of the line of Cain, hence his name.
    He is known as the father of whitchcraft and sorcery, hence his importance to Freemasonry and their use of his name as their password.

    Hams descendant by the Black Cush, Nimrod, son of Cush, became the worlds most demonic ruler, and the first ruler of the world.
    He used his power to indulge in sex orgies and child sacrifices, until Shem beheaded him for his offences against God.
    Shem cut his body into pieces and send these gory relics to the priests as a warning to cease and desist their vile practices of demonic worship.
    Instead the priests hid the pieces , reviving them as objects of worship, concealing them in their groves and shrines as the first mysteries.
    The secrets of the relics, or mystery was made known to initiates only after a long period of initiation, when they could be trusted not to betray the worshippers of Baal.
    This was the true origins of the “MYSTERIES”, from which Albert Pike (jewish freemason) notes in “MORAL & DOGMA”, all masonic rites originated.
    From Eustace Mullins book: THE CURSE OF CANAAN.
    this is the book to obtain concerning freemasonry.
    “MORALS & DOGMA” by Albert Pike.
    The same Albert Pike who started the KU KLUX KLAN wrote this unique book.
    The rites and meetings of the Klan with burning crosses is truly Pagan.
    All procedures are held at night in comparison to “real” church meetings where no one dressed like a ghost and the night was not necessarily worshiped. This is Halloween stuff.

    Gnosticism: from gnosis, or knowing.
    Gnosis refers to knowing secrets of the “Mysteries” that is, the place where the relics are hidden, the pieces of Nimrod’s body.

    The G which is prominently featured in Masonic symbols indicates not only its origins in Gnosticism, but also “Generation” that is , , the fertility rites of the sex cult of Baal & Ashtoreth.

    This “G” is also featured in the logo of the Gannet Chain, a group which has been rapidly swallowing up mewspapers and television stations all over America, as well as publishing the newspaper USA Today which loses over $100.000 a year.

    One wonders why the jews own a news paper that loses money.
    This is not known to the laymen:
    All newspapers in America lose money.
    Since the internet they became more and more obsolete.
    By principle, a monopoly operation is prone to lose money.
    As the jews also own other monopolies like the movie theatres (Multiplex Cinemas) which are totally bankrupt like the real estate companies in the so called inner cities – the jews fail to make money.
    Now, why would the jew have huge monopolies and run bankrupt entities?
    Because they print the money. They cant go really broke.
    As the jew awareness rises they keep the old indoctrination tools alive to keep the few folks that still are using them away from the internet.
    Meanwhile their own actions force them into counter actions as they act toward their dualism in a desperate way.
    This FREEMASONIC GANNET group mentioned above bought newspapers up from jews.
    The jews buy up their stuff from other jews as there is nothing else to be bought up from Americans. They stole or bought out Americans out of their own country.
    Their Collateral Secret economy is the massive illegal stuff that compensates for the “no return” investment into their dead monopoly industry.

    The Collateral secret economy is:


    Everything that is scarce and rare they put on the market and sell it. They are the principal destroyers of rare animals as they sell their bones or eyes or blood or whatever they have (for example often fur) to other rich jews who pay any price for these rare animal stuff.

    Bank of America and Chase Manhattan use the money of their customers to Launder Money.
    The jews need a Collateral side (secret) economy as they have like in communism arrested development in their open industries. Monopolies make no return. So, the bankers print money and destroy the currency of all countries in the world by subsidizing their bankrupt monopolies worldwide in their corrupted occupied countries (occupied by U.S. Military Bases).
    This leads them to overkill planet earth as they’re forced to create collateral for their own deadending of their own industries that are having no return. This forces further and further the destruction of the world as they everywhere monopolise and need new markets to avoid their arrested development.
    They literally destroy the world by trying to make money as they monopolise and stop making money.
    They print so much money that the world will soon be like Germany in 1932. Where even a teacher could not afford a loaf of bread anymore as it costs three hundred dollars. The jews bought up the entire country. But no one could afford rent. No one could afford bread. 80 percent of the prussian capacity was invested into wellfare for the people in prussia.
    In bavaria it didnt look any better in 1932.
    Only printing money but no one could spend money as the prices were rising like crazy. The jew owned and monopolized nearly everything.
    In our situation the wars that are created are the cloaking device for their secret economies. Sex slave-slave labor-arms trade-war war war the biggest collateral as it cloakes genocides that makes huge amounts of money that the open economy isnt able to produce anymore. Soviet Russia was a dead country. Only for reaching out to monopolize the world as a Jewish World Soviet it could live. It wasnt able to make money and was on life support all of his life by jew america.
    Now america cant live anymore without life support exploitation of the world as it has like communist russia monopolised everything. The jew searches for any little thing that he can make money of. SEARCH & DESTROY.
    Creating monopolization by forcing new markets into the realm of exploitation by looking for new markets to have Collateral by printing money to keep the deadend monopolies alive. A constant hunt for the dollar accompanied by death, terror and starvation.
    The Soviet Union Part II.
    This is the reason for having only 500.000.000 people left on planet earth for slave labor puposes meanwhile the jews live underground in their METROPOLIS CITIES eating and having group sex with kids and indulging in blood sacrifice to their god Baal.
    Their system of SEARCH & DESTROY is not planned for sustainability. So, they know this will end in disaster.

    The Delta=TRIASNGLE=Triad.
    Triads were the ancient Chinese underworld gangs.

    Calvinism a strong influence in England in the 16th Century-its prophet:
    Jean Cauin of Noyons.

    Educated at the College du Montagu, where Loyola founder of the Jesuit Sect, had studied Cauin later moved to Paris, where he continued his studies with the humanists from 1531-32.
    In Paris he was known as Cauin.
    He then moved to Geneva , where he formulated the philosophy of now known as Calvinism.
    At first known in Geneva as Cohen (the usual pronounciation of Cauin) , he Anglicized his name to John Calvin.
    The religious Calvinism movement was based on literal jewish interpretation of the ten commandments, old testament philosophy.
    The early disciples of Calvinism were known as Christian Hebraists.
    Besides controlling the commerce money avenue Calvinism enabled the jews to expand and invade other areas of European Commerce besides money lending.
    From Eustace Mullins book : “Mullins new History of the Jews”.

  3. rob says:

    Isn’t it amazing how they operate with their cloaking devices? Though at that time they couldn’t do that what they do today-they steadily advanced their ideas in an environment that was aware of them.

  4. longrangekiller says:

    Freemasons were known as the “Order of the Strict Observance”.
    Spartacus Weishaupt (leader of the Illuminati) died 1830.
    His successor became “GUISEPPE MAZZINI”, the Italian Revolutionary.
    He was the producer of the Italian Mafia.
    This Mafia turned to an American and European cancer controlled by jewish freemasonry.
    Today they added the Russian Mafia (jewish mafia).

    The League of the Just was a branch of the Illuminati-this group commissioned Karl Marx to write the “COMMUNIST MANIFESTO”,in 1847.
    Published in 1848 it was circulated worldwide through the Freemasonic offices.

    A development of the French Revolution was “Social Science”.
    Developed by an imprisoned Aristocrat-Conte de Saint Simon.
    From this mans ideas came the entire concept of Socialism and Social Wellfare used later on by Democratic Governments.

    Benjamin Franklin had been “GRAND MASTER OF MASONRY” in Philadelphia since 1731.
    The Franklin Masonic organization had been authorized by Lafayette, who later backed “Benito Juarez” (Benito Mussolini was named after him) in the Mexican Revolution.
    Until the onset of the Scottish Rite, a rival organization, set up by the “Duc d’ Orleans”, the swiss bankers, and British Intelligence, Benjamin Franklin had been the “CHIEF MASONIC ORGANIZER IN THE COLONIES”.

    The Edwa & Dean conspiracy to nullify the first Amendment.
    Headed by Timothy Dwight, President of Yale.
    The conspirators were “CALVINIST CLERGY MEN AND PROFESSORS”.

    Grandmaster Lafayette directed the Juarez Revolution in Mexico, in South America, Bernardo O’Higgins and Simon Bolivar, both of whom were “MASONS” , led the revolutionary forces against Spain in country after country.

    In Italy Garibaldi and Guiseppe Mazzini led the atheistic revolutionary forces which had the Pope arrested after their victory, that unified Italy.
    This made Italy with the Vatican a Freemasonic entity.
    This also turned the above mentioned south america via those freemasonic revolutions into a freemasonic continent.

    • …Where do you get this information from…?

      • longrangekiller says:

        This perticular from EUSTACE MULLINS.
        the other sources i forgot.
        As i dont keep the books i read (i gave them away due to moving around often) or i forgot the pdf sources on blogs.
        There are at least two blogs that have very good historical info available on the net.
        The reason i can put them here is i wrote that stuff down as refreshing my mind with it.
        I dont have books at home for that the stuff i read at times i wrote down (made notes).
        If you read Eustace Mullins books and pamphlets and booklets it leads you to a very serious understanding of the world.
        But there is alot of good stuff away from him on the net too.
        It might be helpful to do a list of serious authors.
        The newbie could use this. Its alot of info out there-too much for the newbie to select properly. I devoted my life to reading and physical training and health food. For that to understand these areas in an correct and balanced way i needed decades.
        I needed decades because the info i read was manipulated by the jews. So, it took longer than usual.
        The jew tries to put massive info on the net and the newbie is confused (except he comes around to your blog.)

        Eustace Mullins though not pro black thought that he had patriots around him. He found out that most of these groups are weak or fools or even good hearted people but easy to manipulate. This left him on his own. Person after person the jews got. Group after group folded. Family after family was ruined including his own.
        He identified the jew in his essence.
        A black person mostly is uncomfortable with white anti jewish literatur or blogs. He cant realise that the black realm is completely void of the jewish issue and for that i believe that blacks though the longest time in america from all other minority groups are the most manipulated.
        As i know what is good literature and what not i was able in those decades to decode the jews by myself.
        If you find out your wife manipulated and betrayed you decades long-your later girl friends will be easy to identify if they want to pull some stuff off or are lying to you.
        But this works only because of the manipulation experienced. The more intense the more wiser the person gets but he has to get in contact with correct info-info like your blog.
        But he has to stay focused.
        I know people who are not focused. They’re only focused on their jobs. So, many people could figure out stuff but turn to something more exciting. Later they come back as they all of the time have to do something for not getting uncomfortable in their emotional weak state making their mind wander around like a gypsie-never resting into a focused state.
        Thats it.
        Thanks for letting me post.

      • But Eustace Mullins is Jewish by his facial features. We should be more careful who we listen to.

  5. longrangekiller says:

    This guy was only by sheer luck not put into a mental institution after he wrote his first book:secrets of the federal reserve.
    They slowly terrorized his entire family.
    They all died by stress related heart conditions.
    He moved to mexico and became a painter (artist).
    His father was beaten into a heart attack by FBI agents.
    He himself had an heart attack by being set up by FBI.
    They nearly shot him into a swiss cheese.
    At the end he was pushed into a mental institution.
    His rights to his books they ignored. Many of his books were plagiarized in one way or the other.
    He made money on the stock market and had it taken away from the jews.
    If one compares his life to the life of DAVID IRVING-it seems like day & night.
    If David Irving would expand his research on other things identifying the jews-he would be in a different position.
    David Irving is not dangerous enough to the jews.
    Your blog is much more heavy hitting.
    There’s other info than Eustace Mullins out there.
    When you see the country Turkey having the same flag like in the past Elijah Mohamads Nation of Islam-it is because both are freemasonic.
    One can put things together with eustace mullins or without.
    One will soon understand that even if a person reads some fake info by keping on studying he’ll be able to correct the bad info. I can as you – sooner or later have the ability by training the mind through correct info into a state were 100% correct info is not necessary anymore. If that ever really exist is a question anyway.
    The mind is able by training still to come to very acurate conclusions though the info is at times maybe incorrect. The person moves to other info and so on.
    Its not necessary to know everything or that eustace mullins has to be read. One only has to keep focus on the jew. In the 1920/1930/1950 and later there was all the time some books out talking about the jews. Some is on the net. Some can be bought even on amazone.
    Even jews talk about them selfs.
    I found out that eustace mullins is a good source.
    I found also out that many white rightwinger like Professor Revilo Oliver are very acurate about the jewish problem. But the race division thing is there. But the info is very good as he is very honest about his white country men failing to deal with the jewish phenomenon in a correct manner.
    Shavez was a freemason as the entire south american continent was a freemason playground.
    In this case eustace is correct about the freemasonic revolutions taking over country by country in south america all directed from america.

    Normally communism is jewish. So there were not too much communists who went against the jews.
    It probably nearly never happened. But one time it did.
    It happened after the second world war – in the 1950’s.
    In that decade the east europeas with their last energy went against the jewish masters.
    The east german people revolted and nearly removed the jews. They failed and were mass executed.
    The Hungarians like after the first world war revolted.
    They failed and were mass executed and died in the jewish gulags.
    The Polish revolted. The Polish were so anti-jewish that this revolt against the jewish master that held Poland captive was not coming only from the people like by the anti communist revolts of the east germans ot Hungarians.
    This was an anti-jewish revolt lead by the non jewish communist Poles. They hated the jewish communists though they were communists them self. In all other revolts worldwide the communists never rebelled against the jewish communist master.

    Chrustchev talked with the head of that group and threatened with the red army.
    The Polish Communist General ignored the thread and turned away and warned Chrustchev that it will have consequenzes. Chrustchev gave in.
    Now, this was never ever communicated via book or video as i know off. So it might be bull. But by further investigation i found out that this is correct.
    If i only would have relied on eustace mullins this would have slipped past me.
    And at the end it is not so important to know this strange detail to know and understand the jew.
    In a 30 year time frame a person is being brainwashed as never before in our society by the jew. But your blog can offset this in one week or even a few days. This is done the Ghandi way: with no violence.
    This is power of information-correct information.
    And this info not has to be at all times hundert percent acurate.
    Thats why the jews are fucked.

    The Alex Jones guys will move on and if they hit your blog-BANG.
    Their brain changes.

  6. longrangekiller says:

    That is correct. Something is wrong with David Irving.
    I cant say from my reading exerience that mullins is fake. They kill us yes. But there are more people awaking than they are killing.
    Well, i meant that its possible with the available info even from Daivid Irving and others that “might” be working for the jews to come to very good conclusions. This wont work with the truther sites-the amount of incorrect info is too much. But these dudes wander around and look for better info. This they do intuitively.
    The jews cant turn that off.
    Thats how i searched too-intutive.
    Only non jews are without knowing related to the truth.
    Thats why your blog if it would be still up if you’re70 years old – would have masses of people visiting as there is no competition.
    Sooner or later your blog will be a problem to them.
    Thats why Irving is not too important as he covers ww2 only.
    Here is something that shows at least he behaives in a way that is not making the jews too angry.
    There is this blog called
    This site was made by one of the moms that lost a kid in the jew david koresh overkill.
    She relates a story that is typical for people who dont go too far as the jew set them limits.
    The person who wrote COTRABANDISTA – a book about the vietnam drug cia trade.
    The Author of this book had contact to this woman who lost her kid in the david koresh raid.
    He wanted to speak about his book and the info he had in general on one of David Irvings “focal point” speaks.
    Also Professor Martin was seaking on these forums were mostly black people were in the audience.
    Irving checked him out and the Contrabandista Author meantioned the woman of the david koresh church people. Now, david irving checked her blog out and was very irritated that this CONTRABANDISTA author had contact to her.
    This woman who lost her kid to the raid of the gov. was heav. anti jewish.
    David Irving said this woman is crazy as she is radical.
    He didnt respond to the author anymore that wanted to talk on david irvings forum about his drug cia information.
    David didnt answer any emails from him.
    He never got back to him in regards to let him speak because he was scared about the “maybe” fall out that this guy who could be linked to this public action blog woman could create.
    The jews made him shit in his pants.

  7. longrangekiller says:

    Yes. I know you listed him as a jew.
    My point is just that they are not hampering the information flow.
    He’s scared to be broke and turned over to jail and will lose his family.
    He’s following rules-jew rules.
    Wont help the jews though.
    The jew information crossed the limit and this means they are identified. Critical mass will be reached sooner or later.

    Be well.

  8. Don’t ask them anything.

  9. I think you said that too many times, but the reminder’s appreciated. It just needs more detail about. Some viewers will get the point eventually.

  10. longrangekiller says:

    The “DRAFT BOARDS” if the draft will be reinstituted will have jews controlling them as they controlled them in the past.
    They are anti-war (like anti-drug) but push for war in the media. Also their groups shout attack Iran (prior it was attack Iraq-bomb vietnam-attack germany etc) but they ere throughout the last century the only parasit on board that draft dodged and went A.W.O.L. on a massive scale.
    But the jew made sure all non-jews get in jail if they tried to pull that of what they did.
    Also in the war stuff they are the principal anti-war movement runners and the pro attack this country/that country folks. But never they talk about attacking israel. Meanwhile they even race attack africans in israel and kill/maim/incarcerate dozens of americans.
    When we go to the larger groups in israel it goes into the thousands.

  11. longrangekiller says:

    French Revolution.

    Agents employed by the Duc d’ Orleans deliberately bought up the grain and either sent it out of the country or concealed it in order to drive the people to revolt.
    The farmers and merchants, therefore, fearing that their supplies would be robbed in-transit, were afraid to move their goods to the markets.
    All chaos in the French Revolution was organized in secret by Freemasonry.

    The Templars over their half century stay in Palestine formed a close and sinister connection with the order of the Assassins or Hachichiens – a branch of the Ishmaelites of the east whose members were “jews”.
    Their objective was the rebuilding of Solomons Temple .

    In the year 1893 a French Lodge called “Les Litres Penseurs Ecossaise de France, Le Droit Humain – this Order admitted woman into their Lodge as well as men.
    The movement has become to be known as Co-Masonry. And with this Co-Masonry was curiously mingled the cult of “THEOSOPHY”.
    The leading heads of Theosophy in its history were members of these Co-Masonic Lodges.
    In 1900 , this new Grand Lodge transformed itself into a Supreme Council of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite.
    There are now a hundred Lodges working under the Supreme Council, and they’re to be found in:
    France, Belgium, England, Scotland, India, Holland, Java, Switzerland, Norway, South Africa and South America.

  12. longrangekiller says:

    Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was an occultist, spirit medium, and author who co-founded the Theosophical Society in 1875. She gained an international following as the leading theoretician of Theosophy, the esoteric movement that the Society promoted.
    She might have been a freemason.
    Away from that. This is all jewish. Her name , traveling like a gypsie, she has no job, living on her fake spirituality for years.
    But one thing she was besides a god damn jew.
    She was poor.
    Somebody funded her.
    All jewish fake movements are financed by big jews.

    She was born in the Ukraine with the name Yelena Petrovna von Hahn .
    Von is a title that European Aristocrats carry.
    She was not born poor on July 1831.
    She did the same thing like Karl Marx who was connected to the aristocrats of the Balcarras and showed of his pro working class side though he had never worked one day in his life. He even let his kids starve to death by refusing to work. He rather wrote about the workers than to get involved in the work process himself.
    If thats not jewish.
    At least his rat kids are knocked out and dead.

    Blavatsky died poor. She died of Influenza in Great Britain.
    This disease was heavy affecting poor neighborhoods in Great Britians Cities.
    Alot of kids and infants died of this disease.
    Influenza affects people with a weak heart circulatory system and for that malnourished bodies.
    The kids in the working class areas in Europe had this disease. It was a disease of the poor like tubercolosis.
    Theosophy and Freemasonry turned out to be one thing. A jewish thing.

  13. longrangekiller says:

    A secret “YOUNG TURK” (Freemasons) committee was founded and the whole movement was directed from “SALONIKA”, as the town, which has the greatest percentage of Jews in Europe – 70.000 jews out of a total population of 110.000.
    Many Masonic Lodges were located in Salonika in which the revolutionaries could conspire.
    These Lodges were under the protection of European diplomacy, the Sultan was defenceless against them, and he could not anymore prevent his downfall.

    Alta Vendita or Haute Vente Romaine, they originated with the “Carbonari” early in the nineteenth century.

    Monseigneur Dillon, in his series of lectures delivered in Edinburgh in 1884, traced the origin of the Carbonari back to the “Illuminati” of Bavaria.
    The Cabonari however, did not begin as a revolutionary body; its founders were Royalist and Catholics who, deluded as to the real aims of Illuminism, followed the precedent laid down by “Weishaupt” of taking Christ as their Grand Master.
    But before long the adepts of revolutionary masonry invaded their ranks and obtained the mastery over the whole association.
    As soon as Weishaupt passed away,the supreme government off all the secret societies of the world was exercised by Alta Vendita highest lodge of the Italian Cabonari…The permanent instructions of this body to its adepts consists mainly in war on the Papacy, but it also admits: “Our final end is that of “VOLTAIRE” and the French Revolution, the destruction of Catholicism, and even the Christian idea”.
    The Alta Vendita was thus a direct continuation of thr Illuminati, and in accordance with the custom of their predecessors, its members all ellected to be known by pseudonyms like Mr. Weishaupt was – Spartacus.

    Most famed social revolutuonaries went to the Carbonari for training – guidance.

    Simon, Bazard, Buonarotti consulted Nubius “after the manner of the Delphic Oracle”.
    Later on we find “MAZZINI”, allready a Cabonaro, aspiring to become a member of the Haute Vente – a suggestion dissmissed with scorn by Nubius.
    For the methods of the Cabonari were not those of the Haute Vente, which held that the mind rather than the body should be the point of attack.

    “The murders which our people render themselves guilty…” writes Vindex to Nubius,”are for us a shame and a remorse.
    We are too advanced to content ourselves with such means.
    Our predecessors in Cabonarism did not understand their power.
    Its not in the blood of an isolated man or even traitor that it must be exercised; it is on the nasses…do not let us make martyres, but let us popularize vice in multitudes. Let them breathe it in by their five senses, let them drink it, let them be saturated in it…it is corruption en masse that we have undertaken, the corruption of the people by the clergy and the corruption by the clergy by ourselves, the corruption that ought one day to put the church in her tomb.
    The bast dagger with which to strike the church is corruption.
    To the work then, even to the very end”.

  14. Ben says:

    I have a Feeling that the Jews were behind the Christian Slaughter and persecution of Pagans.

  15. longrangekiller says:

    Your logical thought is precisely on target.

    As the jewish conquista discovered “ESPANIOLA” (the island of spain) they organized and planned the sugar plantation workforce of the “ARAWAK NATIVES” of that particular island and turned it into a death camp.
    The pioneering of the routes and the thought of how to get the most out of the workforce are the same ideas we find in the work camps of the native indians in the U.S. until this day. Minimum wage stuff and constantly invasions of the police into their reservations. Drugs/alcohol/illegal drugs distributed via their USDOT=United States Department of Transportation by law to these same reservations.
    No Christian had these ideas popping up worldwide.
    The pirates of the Carribean (jews) had no mercy with the Arawak Natives of todays “HISPANIOLA” (renamd from ESPANIOLA) . Hispaniola meaning “LITTLE SPAIN”.
    The christian missionaries were misguided non-jews.
    Often they were jews them self.
    This perfect cloaking device -reported as white christian via jewish recorded history- was then to become the culprit of the pagan slaughters worldwide-that the jews planned and executed.
    They set the colored world up against the white world.
    Their idea: world wide race tensions.
    Only the jews have these ideas to lie about the past and make others responsible for their crime.
    They advanced their slave labor shemes according to their experience with the enslaved natives of the world.
    They planted thousands of Martin Luther Kings and Nelson Mandelas into the third world plus into the first world. In the first world they had names like Karl Marx and Rosa Luxemburg, Emma Goldman, Lenin and Trotzki etc.
    At all times these MLK’s fronted as the particular race they addressed. But they were jews or in the third world black commies and not seldom also black, asian and south american Jews.
    With this in hand and their control over schools and books and mass media world wide-they were able to get away with this crime.
    They continue their enslavement and massmurder with the same simple shemes they did at the times of “Sir Francis Drake” (SEBASTIAN CABOT=jew) or with the jewish conquista and the Pirats of the Carribean (jews).
    The pirates like Sir Francis Drake turned into the WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION.
    Thus enslaving the entire world.
    The only difference today is that the people of planet earth “THINK” that they are no slaves.
    This is due to high tech brainwashing via mass media. Behavior modification via environmental jew control works.
    The environmental groups are not for nothing all Jewish.

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