Abolish Psychology (along with Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, and everything else related.)


The sad part is that with psychology in their hands, the Jews can tirelessly exploit human behavior to their advantage.


The psychologist symbol is similar to the head of a devil’s pitchfork… See anything subliminal yet?

As insane as this may sound, Yes, I am suggesting that Psychology, in addition to Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Psychoanalysis, must be abolished. Why am I stating this as a solution? If we don’t, the Jews will continue to exploit human behavior day by day, month by month, year by year, decade by decade, and possibly century by century.. they’re not smart, it’s that they’re using psychological trickery to predict how we humans would think and react. That, and it’s one of the few businesses Jews never protest. I think you know the rest from there. The Jews love to make minimizations when it comes to them carrying out their atrocities against non-Jews (humans) as they’re very well-known to be hypocrites. There’s also the bait-and-switch trick so many Jews use against non-Jews, something of which is seen on television on a daily basis. Then there’s the divide and conquer trick, something which those who are aiming for a solution to the Jew problem, where they divert the attention of many races from catching on to the real problem. There are much more forms of psychological deceit, but most of you know the rest of the psychological tricks Jews use.

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