Abolish Psychology (along with Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, and everything else related.)


The sad part is that with psychology in their hands, the Jews can tirelessly exploit human behavior to their advantage.


The psychologist symbol is similar to the head of a devil’s pitchfork… See anything subliminal yet?

As insane as this may sound, Yes, I am suggesting that Psychology, in addition to Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Psychoanalysis, must be abolished. Why am I stating this as a solution? If we don’t, the Jews will continue to exploit human behavior day by day, month by month, year by year, decade by decade, and possibly century by century.. they’re not smart, it’s that they’re using psychological trickery to predict how we humans would think and react. That, and it’s one of the few businesses Jews never protest. I think you know the rest from there. The Jews love to make minimizations when it comes to them carrying out their atrocities against non-Jews (humans) as they’re very well-known to be hypocrites. There’s also the bait-and-switch trick so many Jews use against non-Jews, something of which is seen on television on a daily basis. Then there’s the divide and conquer trick, something which those who are aiming for a solution to the Jew problem, where they divert the attention of many races from catching on to the real problem. There are much more forms of psychological deceit, but most of you know the rest of the psychological tricks Jews use.

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4 Responses to Abolish Psychology (along with Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, and everything else related.)

  1. rob says:

    They show at times quite well what they can and will do to us if we fall out of line-outside of the internet.
    There was this incident in central park (a few years ago) in nyc with the (anti semite elmo/if this is typed into youtube said video pops up as other vids of this person can be watched) anti semite elmo. The person made good money with his elmo costume having pictures taken with children & parents as elmo.
    Those folks were mostly european tourists and a few american tourists and new yorkers. The jews started to get him away so he cant do business anymore.
    Now, this dude in comparison to others found out that jews hassled him. He read “THE INTERNATIONAL JEW –
    He went on a few occasions to central park and time square where he said things not favorable about jews.
    He mentioned that people should check out the international jew by henry ford.
    On one of the occasion where he made his jew talk the cops came and arrested him. A little later the paramedics arrived and put him into the van. Last station “mental ward”. Its very telling to see the average mental poverty of people that responded to this criminal activity of the authority in action.
    People were okay that this happened.

    • rob says:

      This elmo guy is out of the ward.
      Who gets so easy off once he is inside a jewish facility?
      A jew. Only a jew.
      Elmo guy is a jew and went to california.
      The non jewish guys who did anti jewish stuff and by that went into an institutions still are inside an institution.

  2. rob says:

    Actress Francis Farmer was the first person receiving LSD.
    CIA conducted treatment in Steilacoom Asylum.
    Director of CIA drug program was jewish doctor Sydney Gottlieb from the Bronx from 1951-1956.

  3. rob says:

    Yes. Rehab has no historical reference in this country – thats why its not real.
    It didnt exist in the past.
    It was introduced like the school manipulation via Rockefeller action.
    Our society is in its entire structure not real and for that made up.
    The jews get people voluntary into the addictions and then into jail or and rehab.
    The insane asylums are filled with people who were medicated as children or had alcholics as parents.
    The massive pedophilia in non jewish families drives girls and boys insane if they grow up with this trauma. They’re like the veterans of Nam and Iraq and Afghanistan medicating them self’s . They trotry to get the memory away and their emotional pain. They hate their parents and the world.
    If they get children there will be entire armies of these silent bombs walking and roming around the streets of this country.
    This becomes then real through documentaries-books-oprah discussions-tyra bank shows and news castcasts and films.
    In films one can see at all times some crazy shit going on.
    If one sees old black & white films this is not so obvious.
    The films reflect our society but its not real and made up. But tell that to someone. He will look in bewilderment and wont understand.

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