There has been a lot of nonsense about overpopulation. The Jews, while posing as other non-Jews in governments are talking about depopulation. The Jews obviously want to kill nearly every non-Jew on the planet to outnumber us. They’re probably already at perhaps 60% of the population if this keeps up. All of us non-jews (humans) can’t just go out on the front lines simultaneously.

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2 Responses to Overpopulation

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    I remember reading in the book “The Unseen Hand” how the author calculated the (then 1994) entire population of the planet could comfortably live on a patch of land the size of the state of, if I recall correctly, Texas.

    If the Powers That Be would release the advanced technology they’ve been suppressing since possibly the 1800’s the planet could easily support billions more people.

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