There has been a lot of nonsense about overpopulation. The Jews, while posing as other non-Jews in governments are talking about depopulation. The Jews obviously want to kill nearly every non-Jew on the planet to outnumber us. They’re probably already at perhaps 60% of the population if this keeps up. All of us non-jews (humans) can’t just go out on the front lines simultaneously.

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7 Responses to Overpopulation

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    I remember reading in the book “The Unseen Hand” how the author calculated the (then 1994) entire population of the planet could comfortably live on a patch of land the size of the state of, if I recall correctly, Texas.

    If the Powers That Be would release the advanced technology they’ve been suppressing since possibly the 1800’s the planet could easily support billions more people.

  2. rob says:

    William H. Draper Jr. was from 1945 to 1946 the dictator of German economy.
    Chief of the economic division of the four power directorate, allied military gov.
    He formed the Draper Plan to revive German economy.
    Untill 1949 he directed the occupation of Japan, as General MacArthurs superior he became chairman of “PLANNED PARENTHOOD”, was author of the “PLAN FOR POPULATION CONTROL”.

    Planned Parenthood as Child Protection agencies are population control tools of the jews.
    Any black single mom in the hood-white single mom in a jew provided trailer park (all with asbestos laced ofcourse-why making it easy for the poor populace that has to be controled) are being formed into managable groups all more or less dysfunctional by jew drug induced drug culture life styles.
    These life styles of a jew making are then pushed on the idiot box to demonize these from jews messed up groups to hammer a crack between them and the afluent – middle class blacks and whites as they’re ashamed of their own poor.
    They find out quick that if they dont have already will or might join them soon them self.
    The fear of this happening drives the white and black middle class phonies crazy.

  3. longrangekiller says:

    Overpopulation dynamics are driven by jews.
    They produce the poor populace that gets multiple children via provisions of wellfare.
    They deprive middle class americans of these same big (mostly single mom) families that the wellfare poor or immigrant poor (with intact families) have.
    This the jew does simply by inflation and making middle class folks not available for wellfare except they are broke (poor) meaning they changed from middle class to poor families.
    Secretly they put poor people – drug them or/and kill them into their institutions (rehabs-hospitals-prisons-retirement homes-nursing homes-hospices) but give them incentives to repruduce outside of these institutions.
    Meanwhile middle class citizens have no incentives to reproduce as the inflation off sets any kind of action that could give them momentum.
    This momentum is provided to the poor americans and immigrants only via jew gov. programs.
    But these poor folks are not being set up so that they can sooner or later move on up the corporate ladder. This ladder is jewish and the jew wont let the poor move on up accept some token blacks-token asians and others to confirm their multicultural set up ( you can make it in america). This camouflages the jewish hand in their agenda. Also middle class americans are not able to participate in the corporate ladder move up as the shemes of the jews set them up for failures (losing homes-asset forfeiture laws-drug addictions of sons & daughters-alcoholism-unemployment etc).
    The jew forced into his own set up called dualism-the overpopulation that he has to on the other side reduce (reducing population via murdering same population that they give incentives to grow). This is done not only domesticly. This is done world wide.
    The populace that grows (that is the poor populace) is immediately the populace that degenerates most and gets killed on a vast scale (via their programs = WHO and human rights organization and others etc).
    The poor have huge anomalies.
    This poor group is being managed into people that become lab rats for furthering the jews world agenda of population control (meaning mass genocide).
    The poor and middle class function as control groups in the world set up that allows the jew parasite population control shemes to have the results the jews envisioned all along.

  4. longrangekiller says:

    Named for the reason of needing to members of the family to provide for the house mortgage payments due to jew induced inflation.

    Long before the housing market collapsed and the job market went south-the jew targeted american middle class for ruin.
    By providing sickening food via “law” and letting
    americans be moved within the inflation frame work meaning not having gov programs available that would offset inflation dynamics – the jews created a secret dynamic that let americans loose their homes long before the housing market collapsed.

    Simply set-the inflation created slavery.
    Two family members “have” to work to pay the mortgage payments.
    These payments are threatened over the payment periods of 20-35 years by inflation and disease.
    20-35 years are the average payment periods to pay for homes.

    Mom getts a heart attack and dies.
    This family loses their home as one family member isnt able to make payments.

    Pops gets an head stroke and dies.
    This family loses their home due to the same inflation dynamics as by family one.

    Mom gets cancer and gets chemo therapy.
    Mom dies like most americans who receive the jewish chemo therapy.
    Family three loses their home.

    Due to bad nutrition-vaccination-medication-sweets (sugar the neuro toxin) bad school meals and negative nutrition at home as sitting around and playing video games-little Kevin is sick.
    Mom goes to many doctors to find out what he has.
    Doctors check and find ofcourse nothing but provide drugs. Over the years Kevin becomes sicker and sicker. Mom has to stay with him at home as he cant go to school. Mom becomes a stay at home mom for supervising sick Kevin.
    Mortgage payments fail due to only one family member working and paying the mortgage.
    Years later this family is in the process of loosing their home.

    Pops has stress and starts drinking due to the jews pushing the alcohol issue for hundred years and messing with his mind via mass media.
    He starts beating child and mom.
    Mom divorces Pops.
    This family loses their home.

    In this family the kid becomes a drug addict due to jews pushing the issue via role models on the idiot box.
    The kid in possession of drugs is being arrested and via asset forfeiture laws the parents lose their home.

    Church family Brownmiller is planning visiting family in Atlanta.
    Their two sons Planning a party. One of them graduated and the other son celebrates his 19th birthday.
    Mom and Pops go to Atlanta and the sons have the party they planned.
    No gang bang stuff all is in the limits.
    Neighbor making a noise complain.
    Police shows up and gets access to house.
    They smell pot. All have to stop partying and a drug squad shows up. Many are arrested and taken to the precingt for questioning.
    The two brownmiller sons stay over night in the pen.
    Six months later the Brownmillers are in the process of losing their home due to “ASSET FORFEITURE LAWS”.

    Family Ellison has two kids.
    One daughter 11 years and one son 14 years.
    The son goes with friends and an older guy for a ride.
    The Ellison son does not know that the older guy who is from his cousins college has a gun and a little dope in his glove compartment.
    The cops pull them over for speeding. They check the car and find in the glove compartment the gun (he has no license for the gun) and the dope.
    By further checking the trunk of the car they find more dope.
    The Ellison son of 14 years though not directly involved becomes a felon.
    He ends up in jail and his parents need massive funds to help their kid getting out of jail.
    Meanwhile they fighting to get him out they end up broke.
    After years their home is lost due to failure of keeping up the mortgage payments.

    Meanwhile this secret “making americans homeless” and the jews getting their hands on american homes-the jews collapse the job market.
    This creates a domino effect in addition to the huge loss of homes due to the american overweight epedemic connected to inflation and jew drug induced asset forfeiture laws.
    The collapse of the job marked makes massive tent cities and alcoholism as medication addiction possible.
    Even folks in the so called inner cities lose their apts due to these mentioned TWO INCOME TRAP DYNAMICS.
    This is not being noticed by Americans.
    They take notice only of the big anounced unemployment caused by the job market collapse.

  5. longrangekiller says:

    One only has to find out how many Americans have hart attacks and head strokes. How massively is cancer going on. People die of infections in the hospital. Alcoholism is massively destroying families who all lose their homes.
    Insane asylums are build everywhere to house the mentally unstable. Many of these people had homes and families prior to entering these fake institutions.
    The strain of this jew created society that the middle class has to endure leads massivley to nicotin-medication-alcohol addiction and eating disorders and for that depression on a large scale.
    The large amount of illegal drugs ruined millions of American kids.
    In this country there are 16 to 20 million homes empty-forclosed , boarded up.
    Apt. Buildings boarded up. Apts not being rented out to swing the prices for the jews in a favourable way.
    Apt. Buildings standing empty and run down since decades: thirty to fifty million apts are not used for that.
    The jews create this misery and are all housed in nice safe areas as the police works for them.

    All poor Americans could have apts or houses being provided at free or low cost.
    But the jew wont go for it. He sits on his empty assets and rather have mass homelessness than solving the problem. As he has the monopoly on real estate and money as he controls law enforcement-he is safe as long as he is not removed from his parasitic position from Americans.

    Americans have the highest heart disease rate in the world.
    This is the dynamic that works with inflation in tandem to take their property away. The best camouflage that exists as it is never seen to work together to destroy america.
    Set up and engineered like the gang problem the jew set families up by the millions through a sickening and devastating food supply, legal drugs, illegal drugs and inflation. These dynamics ruin Americans.
    He ads asset forfeiture laws in the engineered drug realm and highjacks whole generations of kids through engineered drug culture into failure and ruin.
    As cops even planted drugs to have a pretext to get at the homes of families via asset forfeiture laws its not even necessary to be involved with illegal drugs anymore when the jew cops are around.
    This could only happen because of mass media.
    The idiot box showed danger in the east (soviet union). It showed danger of drugs (gangs).
    It showed danger of crime within america (serial killer etc).
    All of this is engineered and exists only to distract.
    Meanwhile American families struggle with multiple jobs and their diseased bodies the jew comes from behind and steals their children,homes,physical & mental health and their health care. It puts them and their kids in institutions and steals their freedom.

    This meanwhile the assets stolen from Americans accumulate in the jewish realm to such an extend that the TV by documenting on the state of America shows jewish America. Any film or docu shown shows not America but jewish America in its ruined state. Ruin for Americans is directly linked to the prosperity of jews.

    • This is why non-violence and pacifism backfire very easily and very badly . Everyone thinks that, by avoiding any violence whatsoever, there won’t be any problems. The Jews took advantage of this, snuck into political offices, and killed our real leaders. Self-preservation backfired.

    • longrangekiller says:

      Thats why so many people wanna fight.if it is with the hands or via suing in court or fighting verbal.
      This is training for kids so they dont get at the jews when they find out Mom lost her home due to jew bankers. He might also find out that he was in juvenile detention because of the jew drug pushing CIA game.
      A young american will have thoughts of Revenge in him. More than any European as he was overloaded with fighting the wrong enemy (americans and his own friends) due to this video game jew stuff and watching action films. Now, by finding out his misery was caused by Mr. Cohen he will have the correct enemy as the target. And this jewish target will replace slowly but surely the american target.
      Case closed.

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