There has been a lot of nonsense about overpopulation. The Jews, while posing as other non-Jews in governments are talking about depopulation. The Jews obviously want to kill nearly every non-Jew on the planet to outnumber us. They’re probably already at perhaps 60% of the population if this keeps up. All of us non-jews (humans) can’t just go out on the front lines simultaneously.

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2 Responses to Overpopulation

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    I remember reading in the book “The Unseen Hand” how the author calculated the (then 1994) entire population of the planet could comfortably live on a patch of land the size of the state of, if I recall correctly, Texas.

    If the Powers That Be would release the advanced technology they’ve been suppressing since possibly the 1800’s the planet could easily support billions more people.

  2. This is why non-violence and pacifism backfire very easily and very badly . Everyone thinks that, by avoiding any violence whatsoever, there won’t be any problems. The Jews took advantage of this, snuck into political offices, and killed our real leaders. Self-preservation backfired.

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