The simple objectives of communism

Alright, many of you non-Jews know that Communism is bad, but don’t know how the Jews carry it out against them. Allow me to make these objectives very clear: They are:

  1. Prevent any non-Jews from forming ideas against them. Jews steal ideas and rehash it. Hate crime is actually Thought Crime, a popular term in the book 1984. As stated byJoesph Stalin himself:

    “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?”

    Joseph Stalin

  2. Kick all non-Jews out of their jobs through extortion and replace them with their own kind. There’s no way the Jews would let a member of their tribe suffer through the wilderness. Today, it’s getting much worse.
  3. Move non-Jews out of their homes put their own kind in. With this, They can claim non-Jews are nothing but bad people out to steal money (the Jews’ God) when it’s contrary to their claims.


Sadly, Thanks to Minimizations made by them, Not many non-Jews realize that Communism is everywhere.

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  1. Indeed. You’re not the only one here.

  2. Lex Mercatoria says:

    Every plank of Kike Marx’s Communist Manifesto has been enacted into “law” at least once in America. I’d bet it’s the same for the other 1st-world nations and many other nations, too.

  3. Lex Mercatoria says:

    One probably wouldn’t want to speak out publicly against the jew if one has the typical clock punching routine (9-5 job). Ruining one’s job/career is probably the first thing they’ll do.

  4. I just remembered something… Some time back, I was talking to a certain someone about first/second/third world countries. He said that the Kikes stole all of the goods from other countries and bring it to these United States.

  5. rob says:

    Journalist Robert Kaplan was told:
    That an official of MANHATTAN CHASE BANK was parachuted into HO CHI MIN’S remote headquarter, where he found the guerilla leader dying of dysentery and malaria.
    He was saved when an OSS ( office of strategic services / the intelligence unit prior to CIA in america) medic PAUL HOAGLAND, was flown in.
    He saved HO CHI MIN’S life by administering the new SULFA DRUGS AND QUININE.
    He later served at C.I.A. headquarters until the 1970’s , where he was always known as “THE MAN WHO SAVED HO’S LIFE.

    Ho Chi Min was part of the group that founded the French Communist Party.
    He was summoned to Moscow for training and, in late 1924 he was sent to Guangzhou, Canton, China, where he organized a revolutionary movement among Vietnamese exciles called THE VIETNAM THANH NIEN MENH DOUG CHI HOI (revolutionary youth league).
    Ho Chi Minh got arrested because of his communist agitation and jailed from 1931 to 1933.
    He then went to the Soviets and taught at Lenin Institute until 1938 when he returned to China as advisor to the Chinese communist armed forces.

    Quoted from the book: “The Surrender of an Empire” by NESTA WEBSTER.

    Karl Marx married into English royalty, the family of the Earl of Balcarras.

    LEIBA TROTZKY-BRONSTEIN- former soviet war and naval comissar prior to that TSARIST INFORMANT, then agent of NEW YORK JEWISH BANKERS.

    Director of soviet office for foreign business concessions.
    Russia was piece by piece handed over to INTERNATIONAL JEWISH FINANCE by him.
    Trozky owned a BANK in Paris and a MANSION on the Rivera. Prior to WW1 he was a writer for jewish radical news papers.
    He was an agent for the TSARIST SECRET POLICE in Vienna reporting on Russian jews who had deserted from the Russian Army.
    His salary as an tsarist agent was: 150 gold crowns a month.
    Later trotzky moved to St. Petersburg and founded a capitalist venture in form of a FREIGHT – MOVING BUSINESS.

    The CHECKA was founded by:


    In 1918 after the teaty if BRESTLITOVSK March-03-1918 (russia making peace with germany in ww1) the bolsheviks fled the capital St. Petersburg as German troops where approaching the city. Germany broke the treaties terms with this.
    The Bolsheviks set up Moscow as new capital on March-11-1918.
    German troops continue to invade russia and set up the satelite governments of PETLURA AND SKOROPADSKY. The german units reached the krim peninsula and marched to ROSTOW ( not far away of STALINGRAD) the germans were greeted as deliverers. The populace started hating and resenting the jewish soviets. This response of the populace would repeat in WW2.

    There is in fact of bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many jews are bolshevists itself, in fact the ideals of bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of JUDAISM.
    quoted from the Jewish Chronicle April-04-1919.

    At the socialist conference in Southport held in May-1939 , Mr. Noel Baker confessed that the socialist party wrote messages for the secret German Press which circulates in Hitler’s country.

  6. rob says:

    Lenins Brother in 1887 Alexander who was teaching at St. Petersburg University was arrested and executed for taking part in the assassination attempt on the life of Tzsar Alexaner.

    Lenin became the leader of the bolsheviks in 1903 at the SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS OF THE RUSSIAN SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY- its Bolshevik section, which on that occasion split away from the Mensheviks under MARTOR.

    Compulsory labor with death as the final penalty is keystone of Socialism.
    Bernhard Shaw in the Labour Monthly for Oct-1921.

    June-06-1920 the first communist party in Britain was formed at the International Socialist Club in City Road by Sylvia Pankhurst ( Jewess of Russian extraction).

    Felix Frankfurter founded the HAROLD WARE CELL of COMMUNISTS (communist group within the U.S. Government).

  7. rob says:

    The organization principally concerned in propagating “SOCIALISM” in Palestine was the “Jewish Social Democratic Party”, called “PAOLE ZION”, formed in about 1900.
    This organization was accepted by the “SECOND INTERNATIONAL” and affiliated with the British “LABOR PARTY”.

    In 1922 the Communist Party of Egypt was formed out of the existing Socialist Party in that country.
    The principle instigator was a certain “JOSEPH ROSENTHAL”, a Russian jew who had lived some 20 uears in Egypt, taking a leading part in Anarchist activities.
    His daughter Charlotte an extremely skillful propagandist, had been educated at a Soviet School in Moscow and now acted as a courier b/n Egypt and Palastine.

    As early as march-02-1917 a week before the outbreak of the russian revolution , the German Imperial Bank notified its agents in switzerland to honor all demands by Lenin and Trotzky, and their associates for money for propaganda purposes in Russia.

    Soviet agents established relations with the KOUMINTANG (nationalist party of China) formerly known as “HUNG-MEN-HU.
    Formed by a group of students and revolutionaries and at first only a democratic and republican organization.

    Zionist Leader Nahum Sokolov declared THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS was a jewish idea.

    David Niles (Homosexuel) bragged about that Truman=jew never made a decision without consulting him. David Niles had a sister in Israeli Intelligence, and another sister worked for Soviet Intelligence.

  8. rob says:

    Recruited as the Soviet Agent named “Bor” while serving in the U.S. Army in Germany, Kissinger had carried out many high level operations for the SOVIET UNION.

    Anarchist Bakunin described him and his followers in the INTERNATIONAL as “The German Jew Company” and “Red Bureaucracy”.

    On Feb-01-1919 Edwars L. Doheny, the oil tycoon, told C.W. Barn,
    “Presiden Eliot of Havard is teaching Bolshevism.
    The worst Bolsheviks in the U.S. are not only College Professors, of whom President Wilson is one, but capitalists and the wives of capitalists.
    Frank G. Van Derlip is a Bolshevik.
    Socialism is the poison that destroys Democracy.
    Socialism holds out the hope that a man can quit work and be better off.
    Bolshevism is the true fruit of Socialism”.

    American International Corporation (AIC the principal money provider for communism in Russia during the revolution and civil war) it was founded by:
    J.P. Morgan-The Rockefellers and the National City Bank.
    Chairman: Frank Van Derlip former President of National City Bank and member of the Jekyll Island group that wrote the Federal Reserve Act in 1910 (put through congress Dec-1913.)
    Directors were: Pierre Dupont-Otto Kahn of Kuhn, Loeb & Co, George Herbert Walker (Grandfather of Former President George H. Bush Senior).

    J.P. Morgan & Guaranty Trust acted as fiscal agents of the Soviet Government in the U.S.
    The first shipments of Soviet Gold which was actually the Czars gold, were deposited in Guaranty Trust.

    In Jan-1922,
    Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover introduced on behalf of Guaranty Trust a resolution permitting relations with the new State Bank at Moscow.

    In the early 1920’s the address 120 Broadway in New York City was the Bolshevik World Headquarter.
    It housed Equitable Life Insurance, and the Federal Reserve and was build by Gen. T. Coleman Du Pont.

    Alger Hiss, Lauchlin Curry and Harry Dexter White were Soviet Agents.
    Alger Hiss’ mentor was Dean Acheson former J.P. Morgan Co.
    Asst. Secretary of State A.A. Berle Jr. testified before the Un-American Activities Commitee Aug 30, 1948 that Acheson was head of the pro-Russian group in the State Department.

  9. rob says:

    General Tito of Jugoslavia made the jewish Moishe Payada his Vice President, the jewish Dr. A. Berlania his supreme judge; his adviser on foreign affairs was a man by the name of Levy and his financial adviser the jewish Mikloshi.

    Slovene partisans (the liberation front) had the jewish leaders Bebler, Kidrin, and Vidmar.

    In Abyssinia (Ethiopia) the jewish Norman Bentrich visited the jewish Negus=Prince Haile Selaisse to advise him on the constitution he was to have.
    As a result an almost completely jewish administration was installed for the Emperor.
    Professor Kamrat is in charge of education; Messrs. Tedesco and Katz manage finance; N. Marion is Minister, of Justice; Dr. A. Schalt is Minister for health and Uhlendorf manages propaganda for native consumption.
    This happened all after Mussolinis troops were defeated during the second world war in Africa and Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia were conquered by British troops. Only Libya (Italian Colony) was still left in the hands of the Axis Powers.

    After ww2 liberated Belgium had the jewish Gutt as finance minister. His confiscation decrees were well known by the people of Belgium.

    To liberated Greece was sent the jewish Sir. S. D. Waley to advise on the currency.
    As a result Greece became the slave of the jewish gold standard.

    The German liberation had jewish Winkler as Police commissioner in Cologne. The jewish H. Fried became the American Miliatry Governor of Hanover.
    Germany had later on – the political party called CDU = Christian Democratic Union in power which was the same party in the 1920’s with at that time the name ZENTRUM (center party) which was jewish as the CDU was jewish.
    They never wrote laws. Only the jews from nehind the curtains wrote laws and had the public believe its their political parties that artificially ruled postwar Germany by never making laws.
    Most Chancellors like Adenauer, Brandt, Kohl and today’s chancellor Angela Merkel (jewish) were jews.

    Colonel Bernhard Bernstein was chief cartel investigator for the United States Army.

  10. rob says:

    Communists recognized that final political control always resided in the Military.

  11. rob says:

    Berhard Weiss a secret communist and a jew , who had been vice President of the Police in Berlin Germany, who was entrusted with the re-organization of the Chinese Police by Chian Kai-Sheks Government.
    These dudes travel around the world and infiltrate everything that they later take over or destroy. This guy left Berlin Germany as the national socialists came to power, and he was send to China were he was to continue his bullshit. Chiang Kai Sheks party was filled with jew infiltrators.
    His naivity would make him and his countrymen two decades later drown in blood.

  12. rob says:

    Ilja Ehrenburg was Publisher of Pravda.
    Among the 42 editors in Soviet Russia of the press were 42 jews led by David Zaslansky.

    The Soviet governments of the provinces consisted of 503 members of whom 406 were jews.

    Out of the 23 members of the local Soviet on Moscow 19 were jews.

    Jew Epstein controlled the film industry in the Soviet Union.

    The jews began to call themself’s hebrews and israelis in 1860.
    The Encyclopedia judaica 1971 Volume 10:23

    Strictly speaking its incorrect to call an ancient israelite a jew or to call a contemporary jew an israelite or hebrew.

  13. rob says:

    The political revolt or March-1917 brought about complete emancipation of Russias jews.
    The Universal Encyclopedia.

    The economic policy (NEP) in the soviet union adopted in spring of 1921 by 1924 nearly one third of all stores in Moscow were owned by jews.

    In Exhibit 260z=communication of U.S. Consul General at Moscow (Summers) to secretary of state May-02-1918 :
    “Jews predominantly in local soviet government.
    Anti jewish feelings grow among population which temds to regard oncoming Germans as deliverers.
    (Exhibit 261) 50% of Soviet Government in each town consists of jews of the worst type many of whom are Anarchists.

    Netherlands Minister in Russia at time of the Russian Revolution-had warned the British & French Governments that communism is jewish.
    Exhibit 256 through 259.

    Whittaker Chambers had identified Alger Hiss as soviet agent to FDR’s security chief Adolf Berle in 1939.
    Admiral Leahy at Yalta was told ny a secirity officer not to mention high level secrets in presents of Alger Hiss (KGB AGENT).

    In 1928 BIRABIDJAN was established on the border of China & Russia.
    This was the first jewish state in the world.
    Jiddish was official language.

  14. rob says:

    Munitions that are being evacuated from Archangel (Arctic Port in Russia) are sent to Moscow, the Urals and Siberian towns.
    Soviet Government desires to take up the matter of payment for munitions, and expects to pay for them in raw materials, but asks for time to org. the economic resources of the country.
    The above was communicated by Colonel Raymond Robins a wealthy Wallstreet operator to Ambassador Francis.
    The jew soviets could only pay with their countries resources because they had absolute nothing else.
    They destroyed their own country plus the intelligentsia.
    What was left? The natural resources and the slave labor that survived the purges and mass starvation and executions by the jew soviets.
    To organize the entire country for making it a “super sized” factory for slave labor-they needed the russian slaves for. The jew american capitalist had for that free slave labor under conditions like in the old times with the native indians-africans-indonesians-bengalis-etc.

    The above conversation means massive genocide was planned and foreseen. Only by organizing the resources of that defeated country the country in it self could survive for being formed into the mightiest military fighting force of the world in 1941 under Stalin.

  15. rob says:

    Stalingrad tractor plant was completely build in the U.S.A. and shipped to Stalingrad.

    The most famoes and used soviet tank in ww2 was the T-34.

    T-34/85 modified version.

    The T-34/85 had an American Christie Suspension system.

    A 500 horsepower V-type diesel engine used & developed by B.M.W.

    The Canone and turret had been developed by Krupp (German armament Concern) .

    Enhanced firepower- 76.2 millimeter Swedish Ball Bearings.
    In ww2 production of the T-34 and T-35/85 was concentrated in tractor and automobile plants built by American Firms.

    The nations who claimed to be free supplied the jew soviets with military detail that they used to build up their armed forces with-by using jew american built super factories.
    In all of the European countries and Canada as Australia the jews were in power.
    The jews from all of these countries supplied the jew soviet with know how and production capacity.
    Thats what might happen to us with jew china.
    The entire world supplied this shit commie nation with the know how to police the world after we retire.
    The statement from the jew banker Baruch in front of Congress that the world government will come it depends only if by consent or by force means China could be the force.
    China is their Soviet Union.
    China is in Africa-Cooperates tightly with kike israel-theu’re in Russia and Europe.
    Their shitfaced operators camoflaged as IT guys and Engineers are seen everywhere.

    • longrangekiller says:

      All bearings are an integral part of weapons systems, there is no substitute.
      All Soviet tanks and military vehicles run on bearings.
      All Soviet missiles and related systems including guidance systems have bearings.

      The Soviet airplane IL-86 is a copy of the Boeing 747

      Early Soviet nuclear powered submarines are similar to the U.S.S. Nautilus class in configuration.
      The Soviet Yankee class is copied from the U.S.S. Polaris balistic misslies submarines, with plans obtained through a massive Soviet espionage program in Great Britain.

  16. rob says:

    80% of the supplies for the North Vietnamese where provided by the soviets at war time.
    The supplies were shipped directly to Haiphong port in North Vietnam.
    The jew american bomber command ofcourse never bombed the port porperly to destroy it.
    No we couldnt do that. But we could bomb the entire country back to the stone age.
    Absolute everything was bombed but not this port.
    Absolute everything was bombed except the Rockefeller oil rigs in the commie north.
    American intelligence knew that this war is bullshit as they flew tons of drugs out of the golden triangle (cambodia-vietnam-laos) to America.
    If a pilot parachuted out of his jet by being shot down and he landed in the golden triangle-he dissapeared never to be seen again.
    This drug triangle they didnt bomb either.
    All the thug armies were working together with the american jew army and CIA.
    Harm came only to the people who could not understand what was happening meaning the soldiers and vietnamese people-the ones who werent thugs. Eventually many soldiers were so corrupted they became thugs too.
    The U.S. soldiers and the Vietnamese People were all duped to play the fighting game for the jews to genocide the vietnamese and have the american soldiers die, get trauma, become cripples or being jailed. The army became the vector for heroin addiction in america. Heroin addiction was nothing new in the US. But it became big during and after the vietnam war.
    The reason for 80% heroin addicts being white is the vietnam war that provided the basis and the paralelle emerging drug culture of the hippies (engineered by the jew gov.) that provided the culture.

    Henry Wallace, after his visit to the Komsomolsk aircraft plant, commented as follows during the ww2 war:
    “The aircraft factory in Komsomolsk where Stormovik Bombers were built, owed both its existence and its production to the United States. All the machine tools and all the aluminium came from America…it looks like the old Boeing Plant at Seattle”.

    Soviets have the largest Iron steel plant in the was built by McKee Corp.
    It is a copy of the U.S. steel plant in Gary, Indiana.

  17. rob says:

    Hitler signed open directive No. 21 ordering Operation Barbarossa on Dec-18-1940.
    (Operation Barbarossa took place in June-22-1941.
    though as below reported the plans for this attack were known to the soviets)

    Soviet Intelligence officer had access to info regarding Directive No. 21 Barbarossa.

    Marshall of the Soviet Union A.A. Grechko:
    “11 days after Hitlers approval of the final plan for Barbarossa, the plan was known to soviet intell.”.

    In Dec-1940 Lieutenant General F.I. Golokov, Chief of the GRU reported according to confirmed reports, Hitler had decided to attack the Soviet Union without waiting for the war in the west to end.

    Gorlikov knew about the troop movements towards the border-about German defectors and movements of German airforce units.

    Red Army increased their ranks from 1.5 million in the spring of 1939, to 5.7 million in the spring of 1941 without declaring mobilization and alarming with that the neighbor countries.
    The “law” that made this possible allowed as well for the preparation of 18 million reservists, so that at any moment they could fill the ranks with the desired number of soldiers.

    By 18 million reservists the jew soviet union had the biggest army on planet earth.
    Between 1942 and 1944 the american draft was providing 18 million americans for selective service.
    The reds had their 18 million strong attack dog ready to make the world jewish in 1941.

  18. rob says:

    At the outset of the Communist rule in Romania (eastern european country bordering at that time the soviet union) the jewish communists supervised the yiddish schools.
    The jews didnt send their kids there b/s the teachers praised communism and where anti religious. At the same time non jewish christian families didnt have this option and were forced to let their kids get taught anti religious views in school.

    Averill Harriman was send to Russia by the Rockefellers right after Hitler invaded the Soviet Union b-s when that happened Stalin had a nervous breakdown which lasted two years.
    Harriman later returned to the U.S. and ran for vice President in 1948.

  19. rob says:

    The entire operational plan for Soviet invasion of Chechoslovakia in July-1968 was obtained by a German operative in May.
    He delivered the plans to Lt. Gen. Joseph F. Carrol, director of the Defence Intelligence Agency Berlin.
    Carroll outlined a plan to leak this intelligence, which would force the Soviets to abondon the operation. Ambassador to West Germany “HENRY CABOT” was briefed on the leak, but received direct orders from Washington to cancel it from Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford.
    The Soviets were aware of the leak and postponed their invasion from July-to August-21.
    During this period they were assured by Washington that the U.S. would not interfere.

    Israel was created by a Hungarian Jew named: Tibor Rosenbaum, who procured arms & money through his swiss base for both the Haganah and Stern Gangs, through his control of the “INTERNATIONAL CREDIT BANK” in Switzerland.
    INTERNATIONAL CREDIT BANK was the Meyer Lansky Bank for his jewish Mafia operations, it also handled Mossads European funds for secret operations. Later on this turned for the Europeans to “OPERATION GLADIO” European terrorism: WEHRSPORT GRUPPE HOFFMAN, ITALIAN FASCIST BOMBING OF BOLOGNA in 1980 for creating a National Security State. And it kicked off the left wing terrorism of the RAF (Red Army Faction) and the communist terror of Italy at the same time developed via funds of jewish Mafia banks.

    General Development Corp. was Meyer Lansky’s Real Estate Firm.
    Miami National Bank now owned by Citi Bank – was known for many years to be controlled by Lansky.

  20. rob says:

    The Czars physician Gleb Botkin, revealed in 1931 that the Kaisers Chief Military adviser and Chief of his armies on the Russian border, Grand Duke of Hesse – Darmstadt risked his life on a secret mission to Russia’s Czarskoe Selo, the Imperial Palace, where he asked his sister, The Empress Alexandra, to let him talk to the Czar about making a separate peace with Germany.
    The Empress fearfull of criticism, refused to receive him, and after spending the night in the palace he was escorted back to the German lines.

    Czarist Russia would have survived if the Grand Duke of Hesse Darmstadt would have been able to talk the Czar into making peace with Germany.
    The Czar was German as the Grand Duke of Hesse was.
    The jews could corrupt the europeans to such an extend that no one would risk his life for peace like the Grand Duke did. All were related by blood.
    Meanwhile behind the scenes the jews were stabbing all european nations in the back for reaching their wet dream – a world gulag archipelago.

    Norman Dodd interviewed H. Rowan Gaither.
    Gaither: “Most of us here were, at one time or another, active in either the O.S.S. (office of strategic services/forerunner of the C.I.A.) or the State Dept.
    or the European Administration.
    During those times and without exception, we operated under directives issued by the White House, the substance of which was the effect that we should make every effort to alter life in the U.S. as to make possible a comfortable merger with the Soviet Union.

    Norman Dodds investigated by request of the Reese Committee the tax exempt foundations-in this case the Ford foundations.
    Well, were not too far away from the merger.
    Only the Soviet Union is not existent anymore as the world merged with the idea of the jewish world
    soviet. All property is in the hands of the world jew.
    Planet earth is covered with starvation, guerilla wars, upheavals, U.S. Army wars, military basis of china and america, mass vaccination camps (gigantic labs with humans as lab rats), chemical warfare, assassinations, trading of kids, animals,birds, massive dissapearances of humans and kids etc..
    Maybe it doesnt look like the soviet union but its a jewish wet dream.
    The jews turned away from the direct subordination of the world through the soviet union.
    They went for the subtle subjugation via world media and the bling bling and all of their human rights organizations providing them with acceptance of committing genocide with a helpful hand and a smile.
    They just changed the approach from Stalin (War) to
    Free Trade (peace). Both we know means war.

  21. rob says:

    The Institute for Policy Studies was founded by James Paul Warburg.
    Its cofounder was Marcus Ruskin, protege of McGeorge Bundy, president of the Ford Foundation. Bundy had Ruskin appointed to the post of President Kennedys personal representative on the National Security Council and in 1963 funded Students for Democratic Society, through which the C.I.A. operated the drug culture.
    This drug culture with its leading pop groups created the basis for the heroin epidemic experienced today as it used the drug addicted U.S. Army as a vector for spreading it through out the U.S.
    The U.S. Army soldiers, in vietnam were not using heroin by intravenous injections.
    They used like Whitney Houston pharmaceuticals.
    In this case painkillers also sold under the name sedatives or sleeping pills. These are opiates.
    The soldiers took them oral. They took them oral also with alcohol (like Whitney Houston did).
    That was at the beginning. By the time the direction of the war was more and more leading to a senseless fighting-the soldiers responded with using the painkillers with slight moderation. They crushed the pills to powder or if they were in capsule form – they opened the capsules.
    The G.I.s poured this opium powder on to a spoon and sniffed it up. The impact was much more intense than by oral application.
    Back in the U.S. the Veterans used intravenous injections.
    The jew uses dualism also here.
    What the laymen does not know is that the heroin on the streets (provided during the vietnam war through jewish C.I.A. airfleet called “AIR AMERICA”) is the same heroin that is in the painkiller capsules our parents use.
    The heroin called painkiller-sleeping pills is by “LAW” approved via the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) which is a jewish banking extension monopolizing law in this area of life for americans.
    This is not seen as heroin. Whitney Houston came from a background of Church people – singers of gospel etc. Her parents took painkillers (heroin) and were addicted to it.
    The jews bring that same heroin into the country by huge Boeing airplanes. this heroin is not regulated by the FDA. This means who ever comes in contact with it by selling or taking it or via TV and music by finding it cool – by that trying it out becomes by the Rockefeller Laws (again jews monopolize the law but this time on the other side of the spectrum) a criminal. This fills up the gulag prisons by creating a pretext to stop and frisk and pull over and raid homes to fill up the jew prison system and fill the drug programs to the max. Much more none black and black professional get oukled over than street kids. When i called at my place thirteen years ago the cops because girls were drug selling in the building-the cops never showed up. The precingt was one block away. The street kids are camouflage to come at all american kids and now at their parents. If its the domestig terror thread ot the muslim trrror thread ir the war on drugs. Rehabs and jails are so structured psychological that the most people who enter rehab or a prison will go back-the jew created a perpetum mobile producing & recycling criminals by means of drug culture and monopolizing law.
    On the other side of the spectrum the jew trained doctors with their jew education and could manipulate all other americans (parents and their manipulated kids) to see the sleeping pills they take as health care provisions .
    Kids and parents take heroin on a daily basis opiate.
    Some sometimes but as they become older it tends to be on a more or less regular basis.

    The jews provided the chinese with opium.
    They found out that this can be applied to the world by providing a front called medical system (helping people).
    Today many people of the world use these opiates provided by the medical system to become addicts as their kids become addicts of the same drug but are criminalized. The only difference between kids and parents is the kids on heroin are dysfunctional and kill for their hit.
    The sleeping/painkiller pills mom has at home are the door opener for her kids heroin addiction – if legal by pills or illegal by intravenous injections.
    First it was china but now-the entire world turned into a Chinese opium den.
    If one goes into a hospital all folks there are mostly opium drugged. They’re lying on their beds looking at the ceiling with an empty stare.
    If one pulls up pictures of the old opium dens one sees the same people lying on beds or floors drifting away – only in chinese homes.
    As the jews produced retirement homes-nursing homes-hospices the situation turned literally to the Chinese opium den experience.
    The Chinese smoked it. The American orally swallow it with some liqued.
    The Chinese Emperors at times didnt like that to happen to their people and refused to participate. The jews called the british banking mindcontroled troops and broke the resistance.
    In America, never a president resisted to follow orders letting the jew CIA into the country-as america never was free like china.
    Today China wont resist either as China is as jewish as america.
    The streets are flooded with jewish heroin.
    From the Boeing with CIA control and from mom at home in pill form.
    Heroin addicts steal that painkiller heroin from mom and sniff it up-like the U.S. Army soldiers did in Nam.
    They also sell it.
    The jew hospitals all the time have painkillers stolen in masses.
    15 years ago i occupied a room at a puertorican family that also rented out a room to a white girl coke addict. She had a contact that sold her the sleeping pills that were directly stolen from the jew hospital supllies.
    The jew hospitals complained in the past about this and rased the wages of the cleaning personnel etc so this stealing could stop.
    The hospitals have maximum security-at least in theory if one comes into these lab rat centers of suffering- one sees tight security. Cameras everywhere. But its possible to steal drugs on a constant basis in a massive way meanwhile the cameras record every step of the staff.
    What does that mean in jewish terms?
    The jews let it happen but check all incoming visitors very seriously. All the cameras mean shit if you want that stealing goes on. They want the streets full of these painkiller heroin pills in addition to their C.I.A. drug supplies.
    The jew C.I.A. even flew in pure heroin that killed the addicts inistantly by their first hit.

    The only difference between heroin on the streets and heroin as pills at home is:
    If they’re taken oral the hit is not as strong as intravenous applied.
    The pill heroin means that the drug is not filled with detergent and other junk. The heroin addicts prefer the pill form over the street heroin which is not very safe.
    The entire drug war is a charade making middle class folks think that they’re no addicts meanwhile their kids become slowly junkies by taking advil, advil pm, tylonol, tylonol pm, aspirin, xanex etc. as happened to the parents.
    To solve the problem is removing the jew and educating people – otherwise parents unknowingly will be responsible for their kids turning more and more into addicts and are turned over to the authorities.
    Most of the kids entering the programs and prisons and the counseling of a psychologists and psychiatrist will never come back to recover.
    These kids at all times get forced wrong directives down their mind – destroying the little spirit they could keep by being massive drugged via medical system.
    They’re beat-kicked and lied to.
    By letting us believe that only black kids experience this – they steal the minds of all other kids away.
    The jews hate none jews otherwise they would not have thought out a system that relies on suffering and confusion via degrading young people to such an extent that they commit suicide.

  22. rob says:

    One of the first legal communist oirganizations was in 1922 when the communist international founded an agency known as MOPR=International Class War Prisoners Aid Society.
    Became known as International Red Aid=I.R.A.

    Its American section was set up in 1925 Called the International Labor Defense.

    In 1936 the I.D.L. helped to organize the National Lawyers Guild=N.L.G.
    N.L.G became affiliated in 1946 with the International Association of Democratic Lawyers=I.A.D.L. the worldwide communist front group for Attorneys.

    The jews who set up ALZAZEERA the fake muslim channel were The two French Israelis:
    “DAVID & JEAN FRIEDMAN (Billionaires).
    Senior advisors were Zidnak Rabeen and Ahud Baraak.
    Zidnak Rabeen and Ahud baraak are the company owners of L’OREAL (known for its beauty and hair products).

    Louise Marshall part of the action from his side was taken concerning the abrogation of the treaty with Russia under taft.
    James Marshall his son headed the New York City School Board and some communal organizations.
    He was director and legal counsel of the Jew run Garland Fund.
    Garland Fund subsidized the N.A.A.C.P. from its foundation in 1913 by the jewish Springarns.
    Springarn was part of the M.I.D military investigation department.
    He later on communicated information from the black communists to the Dept.

    Lenin and others belonged to the second international.
    Moscow formed its own, called the third international in 1919.

    At the beginning of Barbarossa (code name for the german invasion of soviet russia on june-22-1941) almost all “industry” capable of producing new ammunition was lost from august to november 1941. German troops took 303 soviet gun powder, shell, and missile factories, which had a production capability of supplying 101 million artillery shells, 32 million mines, 24 million air bombs and 3600 tons T.N.T.
    This constituted 85% of all output from the Ammunition Narkomat.
    The mobilization reserves of the most valuable raw material were concentrated in those factories.

    With that the Germans won the war.
    But the Americans supplied Lend Lease equipment and tanks for use against the small German army.
    Meanwhile the Germans were strucked down by a deadly gierilla war behind there lines. Their communications were so stretched it became dangerous.
    In 1942 they were unable to secure the soviet baku oil fields.
    In 1942 the germans lost their mobile warfare option and were moving on horse carts.
    They reached Stalingrad without securing the oil fields in Baku. The force was gone. They started bleeding out as they could not gain back momentum.
    The guerilla war that was waged behind the lines was the break needed for the soviets to reorganize their lost recourses.
    Jew america provided these lost resources.

    Grigori Naumovich Voitinsky.
    Was send to China in 1920 as advisor to contact Chinese radicals prior to creating Chinese communist party.
    He was mainly responsible to form communist Chinese Party.

    The massive troop movements in prior months the Barbarossa strike from inner soviet to the borders was noticed even in prisons.
    G. Ozeror one of the deputies of airplane designer A.N. Tupolev , at that time was in prison, together with Tupelov and his entire design burea.
    Both individuals designed behind bars a dive bomber. They had contact to engineers from airplane and automobile factories and with people from the peoples commissariat of aviation industry.
    G. Ozeror recounted later on in his life:
    “Inhabitants of dachas along the Belorussian and Vindarsk Roads complain that they cannot sleep at night because trains with tanks and cannons are herded through”.

    The jews got ready to overrun Europe.
    The jews even put their design teams and some scientists in prisons ha ha ha. Is there no other place to work?
    The whole idea of getting people to work in gigantic factories METROPOLIS style and to put even their scientists and airplane designers in prison to work, is so jewish.

  23. rob says:

    They stick to rules.
    In the soviet union they just picked them up at home and at their jobs and send them to an asylum. Here they get them to show up volunteerly at the asylum.

    After i checked your article on rehab i saw on craigslist labor gigs section that they want people to sign up for receiving money if they cant work because: sleeping disorders, anxiety attacks, headaches etc.
    Any out of job person who cant find a hob has all the symptoms they listed for to get paid.
    I would not wonder if an strict evaluation is connected to that. They list them to categorize them as such people they later can set up. Or they do this to add one more welfare recepient level to their mass welfare provisions that by giving foodstamps to 100.000.000 people in this country.
    The inflation rises steadily through ths printing of unbelievable amounts of money.
    All what they’re doing is creating chaos.
    As so many folks are addicted to something they’ll have a huge army of addicts put into the rehab gulags.
    All these people are lead by the pied pipers into their instutionalization. All in the name of science and medicine to help people.
    And who’s not far away? One of the Trotzkis.
    We need rope.

    • rob says:

      They lure their own followers into these traps.
      This on itself shows the jew.
      They camouflage with a fake spiritual organization their lab rat rehabs.
      I really would wonder if the jew nation of islam not had a rehab hidden somewhere like scientology. They re kind of one now.

  24. rob says:

    This is interesting.
    Could this be that every organization has their connection to a rehab or is itself a rehab parallel to its own jewish front organization?
    The U.S. Army is directly linked to a rehab system for their psychological warfare against these helpless soldiers.

  25. rob says:

    I understand now. The idiot box is linked to police. By providing behavior modus operandi directives makinfmg people taking drigs and acting like rebells
    The directives people get from the idiot box is linked to addiction as it shows that doing drugs is cool.
    Doing drugs is linked to going to jails or rehab both jewish controled.
    Family life is linked to woman rebellion (woman rights feminism) fights and alcohol abuse by men and sleeping pill abuse by woman both rehab connected.
    Alcohol anonymous is linked like the jew movement anonymous to jew organizations that decieve non-jews.
    This is pushed by the media.

  26. rob says:

    She retires. At least she will experience the hate against jews that will never retire. All jews will experience the hate against them from the world populace sooner than later. Its a matter of time.

  27. rob says:

    The thesis of the danger of genocide was hanging over us in June-1967 and that Israel was fighting for its physical existence was only bluff – which was born and developed after the war.
    Israeli General Matitjahn Pellet.
    Haaretz March-19-1972.

  28. rob says:

    Bundeskanzler of Austria after ww2.

    Kreisky: 1970-1983. He was a jew.
    Police fotograph shows him in his criminal phase in 1935 where he was incarcerated.

    Bundeskanzler of Austria: Sino Watz 1983-1986 he was a jew.

    Bundeskanzler of Austria: Tschecho Wiener and Vranitzky both jewish. 1986-1997.

    Diring ww2 the World Jewish Congress created an Institute of jewish affairs in NYC – later it moved to London – directors were: Jacob & Nehemiah Robinson from Lituania.
    Both worked out plans for the fake Nuremberg Trials and Reparations.

  29. rob says:

    The Famoes German General Of Hitlers Wehrmacht:
    General von Manstein.
    Erich v. Manstein was born the 10th child of Eberhard und Helene von Lewinski but was adopted by an uncle.
    The King of Prussia granted special permission for Erich to take on his uncles name. The Lewinski Family had jewish origins, including a distant forebearer named Levi.

  30. rob says:

    The Chief of M.I.5, British Intelligence Service – in the 1960’s stated that his files contained the names of 4326 persons definitely known to have been murdered in the U.S.A. and Europe by Communist assassins since 1920 through an international net of jewish assassins.
    This came out through a defector named Walter Krivitsky in Washington D.C. In 1938.
    His real name was Smelka Ginsberg a killer.
    Born in 1899 – a Polish Jew .
    He Killed his way up to Chief of Soviet Military Intelligence for all Western Europe, with Headquarter Paris.

  31. Just as I suspected, government has become an obstacle.

  32. And people reading this are probably thinking along these along lines: “Wait a minute, if some of the Jews are againsts Drugs, then that means they’re assisting us as well.”

    I would counter by saying: If the Jews were against drugs, they would’ve abolished it a long time, but that certainly isn’t the case, now is it? These Kikes only set non-Jews up for their deaths.

  33. longrangekiller says:

    Stalins right-hand man was Molotov whos wife was Rebecca Karp, sister of the jewish realtor Sammy Karp, in Connecticut, “Abie the Rib” Ribicopf.

    During the ww2 , Ilja Ehrenberg & Litvinov-Wallach directed the military operations of the United States.

    Former Premier Mendes France (a jew) he negotiated an end to the war in Indo China.
    Mendes France led the Fremch delegation to Bretton Woods.
    In Bretton Woods the jews made the Dollar the reserve currency of the world.
    Meaning the world being enslaved to the jewish realm of money & gold.

    After ww2 the jews appointed: High Commisioner of Germany-John McCloy who worked for the law firm of Cravath & Henderson, the firm which represented the jewish bankers, Kuhn, Loeb & Co.
    The assistant High Commisioner and real power, was Benjamin Buttenweiser, a partner of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. whos wife Helen was the lawyer representing Alger Hiss during his trial.
    Alger Hiss was a KGB agent.
    The jews killed him before he could spill the beans.


    Born in 1895 in Bakou Caucasus.
    Father mining engineer (German).
    Mother a Russian.
    Richards Grandfather, Alolphus Sorge, had been Karl Marx’s secretary at the time of the “FIRST INTERNATIONAL”.
    He became a fanatical Marxist following the Russian revolution, and a militant member of the communist party of Hamburg (German city).

    Harry Dexter White (homosexuel communist) was denounced by Whittaker Chambers of being the leader of a communist spy ring in America.
    He had a major position in the treasury and IMF (International Monetary Fund) after ww2-both capacities he held were holding immense power of the 2 continents North America and Europe.
    Harry Dexter White died 1948 before his scheduled appearance on the House Committee of Unamerican Activities-that investigated the Alger Hiss affair.

  34. longrangekiller says:

    Kerensky (he was the head of the provisional gov. in Russia July-Oct 1917) was chosen by Joseph Sliozberg, the Grandmaster of the International Order of B’Nai B’Rith in Russia.

    Princess Paley, wife of Grand Duke Paul, stated that the English Ambassador at St. Petersburg, Sir John Buchanan, fomented and directed the Russian Revolution on direct instructions from Loyd George, head of the Liberal Party in England.

    Lenin was brought to power by “Venetian Count Volpi Di Misurata”, a black nobility figure who put Mussolini in power, orchestrated the numerous Balkan wars and, secretly directed the Russian revolution.

    American taxpayer underwrote Kama River Plant financing through the Export Import Bank.
    The head of Export Import Bank at that time was “William J. Casey”, a former associate of Armand Hammer (Armand Hammer was the head of the Communist Part U.S.A. and the mentor of Green Party Leader “Al Gore”) and now (1985) Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
    Financing of the Kama Plant was arranged by Chase Manhattan (Drug Money Laundering Bank – Rockefeller Bank) whose then chairman was David Rockefeller.
    Chase is the former employer of Paul Volcker, now chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank.

  35. longrangekiller says:

    Under Communist rule-the northern part of Angola is the Cabinda oil complex owned by Gulf Oil Corp. now Chevron Oil of California.
    Both Gulf and Chevron are jewish.
    Cabinda provided 80% of Marxist Angolas foreign exchange.
    The balance comes from Diamonds concessions operated by American jewish corporations.
    Soviet & Cuban assistance is paid for from these foreign exchange earnings.

    The communist Cubans & Russians guarded these jewish world corporate oil fields.
    Thus pulling Angola down into a genocide. Communist African Commander Savimba later on starved an entire city to death.
    On the other side of Africa the jewish Falasha (fake african pretending to be african) helped the jewish soviets to commit a genocide on the non-jewish Ethiopians.
    These same falasha later on were moved to israel by orders of american jewry.

  36. longrangekiller says:

    The Ethiopians were since 1890/92 more or less ruled by the jewis (Falasha).
    1916/17 The so called Negus (meanig prince/anglicised Nigger/Urbanized modern form Nigga) came to ppower.
    This Negus ruled over the Ethiopian people.
    The Ethiopian people were so hating the black jews (they werent Africans) that as General De Bono (in ww2 after oct-13-1943=Italian declaration of war on Germany – he fought on the allied side against Germany) invaded from Eritrea (in the north)
    Ethiopia – the Ethiopians started to collaborate with the Fascist invaders.
    In the south (from Italian Somaliland) General Graziani invaded Ethiopia.
    Graziani fought after oct-13-1943 on the German side fighting communist partisans).
    As to the Negus was communicated that the Italians have invaded the country from the North and South-he, the Negus called up the tribes to come together and fight the hated enemy.
    Many tribes didnt show up. Others rised up against the Negus. Others hoped that the italians soon destroy his rule and stayed passive.
    And others again showed up to fight.
    As there was no unity as by the first invasion in 1896 where the Ethiopians defeated at Adwa (Adua) the italians – it was a No Go for the jewish Negus.
    His body guard unit of several hundred in Belgium traned men had modern weapons but were no match for the italians.
    As the Negus lost his stance in his country as he was a jew supressing the African Ethiopians – he fled to his banking jew friends in jewish ruled England.
    After completing the conquest of Ethiopia the Italian Viceroy of Aosta made race (decrees) laws to dissolve the jewish groups living in the two big cities of that country. The jewish falasha went underground.
    Here we see again that if a jewish rulership runs the non-jewish peoples life’s-any outside invader is welcome. Even Fascist Italians.
    In ww2 the Germans experienced the same thing in jew soviet russia. The populace was passive hoping the soviets will be crushed or rised up or collaborated with the Germans.
    In ww1 it was the same.
    The jewish delegation that showed up to sign the treaty of Brest-Litovsk on March-1918 had the Germans just invade Russia (breaking the treaties terms). As they invaded the country many Russians had enough of the jews already and were happy to see the Germans.
    The Chinese would have collapsed if The U.S. would have invaded Communist China during the Korean War.
    The Chinese Farmer was exterminated nearly.
    Mass starvation on a scale unkown to humanity – the jews turned China into a super death camp.
    The US Army was not allowed to penetrate the borders of “China death camp”.
    A mass collapse of communist rulership would have been the result.

  37. longrangekiller says:

    A strategic Bomber Command as the U.S. had one destroys via LONG RANGE the industry in the heart of the enemy country. In short it is able to reach through its longrange capabilities any location in an enemy country.
    The Germans had nothing of that kind and were during WW2 not able to eliminate the industry that with American help was moved via railway out of the reach of the short range german bombers.
    The jew soviets build up their in the west from the German invaders lost industries. The Germans couldnt reach these industrial areas with their bomber fleet.
    The U.S. had in 1950 the only Strategic Bomber Command that could bomb any country-any location literally any spot on planet earth.
    China had zero capabilities to retaliate.
    Their army was weak and consisted of pressed in sevice farmers who disliked and hated the communist for killing their offspring or parents or neighbors.
    Like in the Soviet Union they had to force and press their soldiers into service. All units had commissars and by any resistance or things said against communism the individual was arrested and never seen again.
    Many chinese soldiers(farmers) defected.
    Their Tank Army was a joke.
    The entire talk about mass attacking chinese armies was a propaganda commercial.
    The U.N. troops destroyed the third world north korean army. But were not able to destroy the chinese third world army. Both was made possible through Jewish manipulations.
    Destroy the koreans-north & south. The south koreans were destroyed by the north koreans.
    But do not destroy china.

    The U.N. troops didnt had enough man power.
    The Marines fought in subzero temperature against massive troop formations.

    Like the Germans six and seven years prior fighting against massive jewish lead mongolian and russian troops.
    The Marines were good fighters as they werent pressed soldiers.

    All for nothing because the jew was controlling all operations like in all prior wars.

  38. longrangekiller says:

    The Prince (Negus) of Ethiopia was a Freemason like Professor Ben was (Dr. Ben was the mentor of Sara Suten Seti aka the General).
    The Rastafarian group that have their Role Model in the Negus are also Freemasonic led as is the Nation of Islam.
    The entire Raggae spectrum is jewish controled mind warfare.
    Never mentioning the Freemasonic influence of Raggae and the Rasta movement they controlled the Rasta people.
    Bob Marley was a jew. Why not telling the people he manipulated ? Because he’s not bblack. He’s a jew.
    His son lives is Israel were the black jews are by israels race laws protected.
    So, in 2013 jewish civilians race attacked the non-jewish Africans. You can see that on youtube.
    I my self worked a few times for a big Raggae producer. This dude was a jew. He was big time in Business with Raggae.
    Dick Gregory (famoes civil rights person still alive) talked about him but not mentioned he is a jew. Dick Gregory is an Oncle Jew Tom since fifty years.
    Like Mowtown and Hip-Hop all is in jewish hands.
    Did Bob Marleys son protest against the race attacks in israel? No. The same with Dick Gregory and his ilk Jesse Jackson, Dr. Sebi, Al Sharpton. All blacks on TV are Uncle Jew Tom’s. Not one of them opened his mouth. They only open their mouth if the jew tells them to open their mouth and when to close it.

  39. longrangekiller says:

    Harry Waton –
    A program for the jews.
    Published by committee for the preservation of the jews – New York 1939 – page 143:

    Key figures for prepairing and executing the attack on Milosvich in Serbia in 1999 were the jews:
    U.S. secretary of state “Madeleine Albright”, U.S. secretary of Defense “William Cohen”, jewish Nato General “Wesley Ckark”.

    Jewish media provided the pretext and the manipulation for the peacekeeping force that kept the KLA protected while they raped and killed the Serbs.
    The KLA were criminals supported by jews.

    The U.N. Forces in that area of the world were doing the same thing like in Africa-they watched jew supported thug armies doing slow genocides against none-jewish populations having UN troops watching.

    International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War.

    Between 6.000 to 8.000 of the recruits to the International Brigades are estimated to have been “jewish”.
    Half of the Poles, over one third of the Americans, and around 20% of Britons .

    70% of the medical personnel who volunteered were jewish, with yiddish often used in operating theatres as a common language to a degree, the high number of jewish recruits to the International Brigades was the function of the over-representation of jews in socialist and communist parties.

    Moishe Stern, a Ukrainian jew, who was an operative in soviet military intelligence , arrived in Spain in September 1936 (the civil war started in mid july 1936) using a forged Canadian passport, adopted the name “Emilo Kleber”,and became second in command to the International Brigades as communist commander.
    Quoted from the jewish chronicle online :
    The jews of the Spanish Civil War-a forgotten story.
    By Robert Philpot, July 13, 2016.

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