The simple objectives of communism

Alright, many of you non-Jews know that Communism is bad, but don’t know how the Jews carry it out against them. Allow me to make these objectives very clear: They are:

  1. Prevent any non-Jews from forming ideas against them. Jews steal ideas and rehash it. Hate crime is actually Thought Crime, a popular term in the book 1984. As stated byJoesph Stalin himself:

    “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?”

    Joseph Stalin

  2. Kick all non-Jews out of their jobs through extortion and replace them with their own kind. There’s no way the Jews would let a member of their tribe suffer through the wilderness. Today, it’s getting much worse.
  3. Move non-Jews out of their homes put their own kind in. With this, They can claim non-Jews are nothing but bad people out to steal money (the Jews’ God) when it’s contrary to their claims.


Sadly, Thanks to Minimizations made by them, Not many non-Jews realize that Communism is everywhere.

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18 Responses to The simple objectives of communism

  1. Indeed. You’re not the only one here.

  2. Lex Mercatoria says:

    Every plank of Kike Marx’s Communist Manifesto has been enacted into “law” at least once in America. I’d bet it’s the same for the other 1st-world nations and many other nations, too.

  3. Lex Mercatoria says:

    One probably wouldn’t want to speak out publicly against the jew if one has the typical clock punching routine (9-5 job). Ruining one’s job/career is probably the first thing they’ll do.

  4. I just remembered something… Some time back, I was talking to a certain someone about first/second/third world countries. He said that the Kikes stole all of the goods from other countries and bring it to these United States.

  5. That still doesn’t change the fact that the Jews are playing good cop/bad cop.

  6. The Rothschilds need to be lynched along with the other Jews. The Rothschilds are still Jews by blood. All Jews need to be dead.

  7. I’ll say later than sooner only because I’m cynical.

  8. All of this must be a major part of MK Ultra… Let’s add LSD into this.

  9. Of course they’re the behind MK Ultra. Drugs are the central part of the plan to make people weak.

  10. You don’t [b] need [/b] to believe it, we [b] know [/b] it. A lot people can’t tell the difference between practical standards and moral standards.

  11. Just as I suspected, government has become an obstacle.

  12. And people reading this are probably thinking along these along lines: “Wait a minute, if some of the Jews are againsts Drugs, then that means they’re assisting us as well.”

    I would counter by saying: If the Jews were against drugs, they would’ve abolished it a long time, but that certainly isn’t the case, now is it? These Kikes only set non-Jews up for their deaths.

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