The simple objectives of communism

Alright, many of you non-Jews know that Communism is bad, but don’t know how the Jews carry it out against them. Allow me to make these objectives very clear: They are:

  1. Prevent any non-Jews from forming ideas against them. Jews steal ideas and rehash it. Hate crime is actually Thought Crime, a popular term in the book 1984. As stated byJoesph Stalin himself:

    “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?”

    Joseph Stalin

  2. Kick all non-Jews out of their jobs through extortion and replace them with their own kind. There’s no way the Jews would let a member of their tribe suffer through the wilderness. Today, it’s getting much worse.
  3. Move non-Jews out of their homes put their own kind in. With this, They can claim non-Jews are nothing but bad people out to steal money (the Jews’ God) when it’s contrary to their claims.


Sadly, Thanks to Minimizations made by them, Not many non-Jews realize that Communism is everywhere.

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18 Responses to The simple objectives of communism

  1. Indeed. You’re not the only one here.

  2. Lex Mercatoria says:

    Every plank of Kike Marx’s Communist Manifesto has been enacted into “law” at least once in America. I’d bet it’s the same for the other 1st-world nations and many other nations, too.

  3. Lex Mercatoria says:

    One probably wouldn’t want to speak out publicly against the jew if one has the typical clock punching routine (9-5 job). Ruining one’s job/career is probably the first thing they’ll do.

  4. I just remembered something… Some time back, I was talking to a certain someone about first/second/third world countries. He said that the Kikes stole all of the goods from other countries and bring it to these United States.

  5. Just as I suspected, government has become an obstacle.

  6. And people reading this are probably thinking along these along lines: “Wait a minute, if some of the Jews are againsts Drugs, then that means they’re assisting us as well.”

    I would counter by saying: If the Jews were against drugs, they would’ve abolished it a long time, but that certainly isn’t the case, now is it? These Kikes only set non-Jews up for their deaths.

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