Nothing is out of the Jews’ reach.

If the title wasn’t enough, look around you… You’ll see everything owned by the Jews in every country through the Kosher tax, because they’ve been behind the scenes for thousands of years, thanks to their one invention known as money (see here for more details). Somewhere as early as 9000 B.C, It’s stated by history that grain was the first form of a monetary policy, where they would “loan” the person grain during the hard times and winter. Then, during the spring season, the people who were loaned the grain would be owed half their possessions, and would be in debt the next year… All I know for sure is this likely explains how the kikes have tricked and swindled non-Jews (humanity) for millenia. The Kikes have always already infiltrated humanity from the shadows, which probably explains their expulsions for the purpose of spreading their numbers throughout the world and repeat the infiltration process in every country, making their depraved operations much more effective as can be seen today. With them in government, they can and will enact laws that would usually end them and their nefarious plans while they gather up resources to undermine humanity even more, and the addition of technology makes it all the easier for them, as social media such as facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc, can and will find whoever threatens their kind with murder. Not only that, but the Kikes knows whatever the public eye sees is acknowledged as fact and will use it to their advantage. This isn’t being intelligent… This is exploitation.

The Kikes also have no problems playing “Cops (non-Jewish cops are genuinely good people, but they don’t realize they’re being used as pawns) and Criminals (Okay, it’s supposed to be robbers, but criminals is more a generalistic term.)” to keep up the camouflaging masquerade they’re keeping today, but they have pawns in all of us non-Jews. Some us of are even bigger pawns than others, such as the Mexicans. These folks care about no one but themselves, but don’t realize that the Jews are manipulating them to set a racial uproar maybe some time in the future. Then there are the blacks in the ghettos, who have a “me vs. the world” mentality. They don’t realize that they themselves are pawns to the Jews as wells. Will everyone realize that the Kikes are having all of humanity fighting amongst themselves soon?

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13 Responses to Nothing is out of the Jews’ reach.

  1. It’s pointless. It lies on the same principle as protesting. That, and I still think you’re a Kike trying to bait me into posting pointless bullcrap.

  2. ….Just how many “civilians” are in New Zealand are really Jewish? These Jewish “civilians” are spies as well. Shit… The Kikes may have infiltrated New Zealand from the shadows for some time. They know they can’t take us head on, so they have to undermine us via espionage.

  3. Jst like everything in the U.S

  4. They’re not invincible. They do fuck up a lot and it makes THEM an easier target.

  5. It’s funny that you brought up fressmasonry, which is a Jewish foundation. Why would they even infiltrate something they have created?

  6. I live in New Jersey. There are a lot of Jews here from where I live, so it won’t be that easy.

  7. I doubt there will be blogs like mine. Besides Adam Austin and a few others, it’s unlikely that a few people have a few blog that state an agenda similar to mine’s.

  8. He hasn’t been active for quite some time, but then again, that’s just me.

  9. I’m not fully surprised about the poison, they have to weaken the world populace in a roundabout plan. World Hunger was initiated by them.

    With the information you’ve given me, You could be a great help here in my blog. I’ll promote you to contributor if you’d like.

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