Nothing is out of the Jews’ reach.

If the title wasn’t enough, look around you… You’ll see everything owned by the Jews in every country through the Kosher tax, because they’ve been behind the scenes for thousands of years, thanks to their one invention known as money (see here for more details). Somewhere as early as 9000 B.C, It’s stated by history that grain was the first form of a monetary policy, where they would “loan” the person grain during the hard times and winter. Then, during the spring season, the people who were loaned the grain would be owed half their possessions, and would be in debt the next year… All I know for sure is this likely explains how the kikes have tricked and swindled non-Jews (humanity) for millenia. The Kikes have always already infiltrated humanity from the shadows, which probably explains their expulsions for the purpose of spreading their numbers throughout the world and repeat the infiltration process in every country, making their depraved operations much more effective as can be seen today. With them in government, they can and will enact laws that would usually end them and their nefarious plans while they gather up resources to undermine humanity even more, and the addition of technology makes it all the easier for them, as social media such as facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc, can and will find whoever threatens their kind with murder. Not only that, but the Kikes knows whatever the public eye sees is acknowledged as fact and will use it to their advantage. This isn’t being intelligent… This is exploitation.

The Kikes also have no problems playing “Cops (non-Jewish cops are genuinely good people, but they don’t realize they’re being used as pawns) and Criminals (Okay, it’s supposed to be robbers, but criminals is more a generalistic term.)” to keep up the camouflaging masquerade they’re keeping today, but they have pawns in all of us non-Jews. Some us of are even bigger pawns than others, such as the Mexicans. These folks care about no one but themselves, but don’t realize that the Jews are manipulating them to set a racial uproar maybe some time in the future. Then there are the blacks in the ghettos, who have a “me vs. the world” mentality. They don’t realize that they themselves are pawns to the Jews as wells. Will everyone realize that the Kikes are having all of humanity fighting amongst themselves soon?

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  1. It’s pointless. It lies on the same principle as protesting. That, and I still think you’re a Kike trying to bait me into posting pointless bullcrap.

  2. ….Just how many “civilians” are in New Zealand are really Jewish? These Jewish “civilians” are spies as well. Shit… The Kikes may have infiltrated New Zealand from the shadows for some time. They know they can’t take us head on, so they have to undermine us via espionage.

  3. Jst like everything in the U.S

  4. rob says:

    The ralizing of we fighting each other is hard to come by if a person has to admit that he is a pawn and not so smart as he has thought. And that he is no individual as he is pawned into fighting his neighboor or others like the entire collective that he is a part of.

    Shiff financed the Rockefeller Oil Empire-The Harriman Railway Empire and many other front company’s.
    Primarily he was responsible for fostering the ROTHSHILD money system on the entire world by passing the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM in the U.S., and creating the greatest financial empire in the history of the world.

    This financial new and fresh engine was to replace slowly the british financial engine.
    The holdings of the spanish and portuguese empires went over to the british.
    The british and french were the engines in the 1700’s and 1800’s. The british took over the netherland empire of huge indonesia.
    As the british empire reached its peak and for that its limit-the jews produced in america a new engine by dissmembering the british engine by manouevering it into two world wars.
    The french engine was dismembered together with the british empire.
    The jewish guided & operated U.S. MILITARY sits in 170 countries. Many of these countries have been controlled prior by the spaniard troops-portuguese banking troops-netherland banking troops-british banking armies and french banking troops.
    All controled at all times by jew bankers moving from one wrecked country to a new host to suck out the life of foreign and domestic people by manipulation and by force. The jews used the british-portuguese-spanish-netherland-french people to subordinate the rest of the world by manipulating the european people into believing this is powerful and mighty good. They wondered all the time over decades why things are happening in a way for them more and more harmful to their nation.
    The jews used the europeans like a used condome.
    Now, the new condome will be CHINA.
    Americas engine is not functioning anymore properly. Uncle sam is exhausted.
    We ourself have helped to install in china by transfering our own industry and military know how to the third world nation of china having our own engine not in place anymore. We build china that is our enemy. And this has been communicated to us via the idiot box. This is no conspiracy therory.
    It is said that jew haters say the chinese will be killed at any corner of the U.S. if they invade us.
    I say they’re allready there via UNITED NATION.
    Putin admitted that these are no rumors that say russian troops are sighted since long in the U.S.
    Putin said:russian troops operate within the U.S. and work with law enforcement together.
    If thats true or not. Chinese are sighted in mexico. And as the borders are open-the army national guard wont fight them-and why will they not fight them invaders ( mexicans)?
    Because the jew U.S. gov. wont allow the national guard to counter the so called immigrant (mexican) invaders that the idiot box is telling us all the tine are invading us.
    The AIR FORCE works with the jews and lets tons of boengs of the jew CIA come in to the country and the air controller system is blind as it is jewish.
    Russian bomber invade americas air space in addition when ever they want. The idiot box wont mention it except it serves their jew agenda.
    This is a defeated country by having a beauty sleep like in a fary tale. The defenses of america will only awaken when its awake. The chinese are here or at least near. The first chinese killed-the first russian shot at-the first cia jew drug running planes crew on the ground captured and executed by americans will lead to a responds of the jew. As for Now they dont respond. They only by the tens of thousands pull us over-poison us and darken the chemtrail skies.
    The entire U.S. military is on stand by while we see on the idiot box an invasion that no country ever experienced. An invasion without troops countered by demonstrations if overweight people who tell their kids to study in school.
    Any more questions to the STATE OF AMERICA? Take a look at the borders and ask yourself.
    Why arent troops stoping the invasion meanwhile american troops invaded 170 countries in the world.
    Borderless world. Except one country where this is not happening-sorry two countries.
    in both jewish countries they kill any invading force. In israel they kill unarmed poeople even within their borders. The jew organizations amnesty international, human rights watch and international red cross are reporting on the genocide committed by jew iisrael within their borders and these killed palestinians are unarmed and dont invade the country. The same jewish department of homeland security =israeli managed is telling americans its a violation to block the invaders entry.
    All communicated via idiot box.
    Why not letting russian troops come in and chinese and others from all over the world. Drugs are allready here. Sex slave children are peddled by the tens of thousands in this country from other countries. Its not being stopped either.
    Well, only when we respond something will happen.
    It will be known these things sooner or later and then even without a shot fired there will be a response.

  5. rob says:

    Harry Dexter White a Lithuanian jew and lifelong communist agent, also supervised Truman’s decisions as President of the United States.
    The top man at that time was Bernard Baruch who made one million US Dollars a day – as an speculator through foreknowledge of government decisions which affected the stockmarket.

    The Washington Post on April-05-1968:
    Draw Pearson exposed Walt Rostow as the man who committed troops on a large scale to Vietnam.
    Rostow is a jew.
    His father was avowed Socialist and being refused security clearance three times and was placed in charge of our national security.

    ADL staff members are at every news paper.
    They control every story that comes in.
    They have a blacklist of people to check any story written eventually by a blacklisted person, for that denying any writing that identified them an audience.
    The same routine at publishing houses. No positive book review – no stocking of those books.
    Indie-non jew book companies who rejects censorship of jewish groups is blackmailed/blacklisted and driven out of business or bought out/up by the financial arm of jewry.
    All indie non jew publications and book companies were driven out of business due to not letting ADL censorship agents censor their publications.
    ADL of today is incorporated into Israeli HOMELAND SECURITY.
    ADL is in charge of training the police via israeli military instructors (anti terror training).
    According to the JERUSALEM POST the ADL mentioned “THAT IDEOLOGICAL TRAINING IS VERY IMPORTANT”. Meaning the ADL trains cops politically. This means whites are put in categories as: MILITIAS, DOMESTIC TERRORISTS, HATE GROUPS ETC.
    American Law Enforcement turned to JEWISH/ISRAELI Law Enforcement.
    Like in race law state Israel they keep the jewish areas (community) untouched.
    Thus Law Enforcement in the U.S. operates on principals of race law state Israels Law Enforcement targeting non jews only via check points, raids
    and pulling over americans.
    Every american will slowly become a target.

  6. rob says:

    As americans slowly become targets of the jew cops-those same americans become more and more confused and angry. This means they’re easier to convince of the jewish conspiracy around them. It all works for us. Their first defense is the illusion they provide. The second defense is their law enforcement.
    Not a too smart set up that relies only on manipulation. Very risky. Law enforcement is not enough to control people. Well they have a lot of tricks but if the main trick manipulation runs out of steam slowly…the new trick they come up with has to be very very good. I do believe thats their only trick applied since centuries. They have nothing else. They just continue to make us scared and keep us in fear.
    The step is the poison and all that but that not a new strategy either. They all the time repeat them self. Nothing new by the jew. They did the poison stuff hundreds of years ago. They update the ways they do things but aint nothing new to it.

  7. rob says:

    Rothshild directed via Rockefeller Enterprises from the time that NATIONAL CITY BANK of Cleveland, a Rothshild Bank, financed the early expansion of Rockefeller South Improvement Co., which enabled him to crush his competitors through illegal railway rebates.

    Bernhard Baruch was director of American Industry as chairman of the WAR INDUSTRY BOARD.
    Eugene Meyer financing the war through his position as chairman of the WAR FINANCE CORPORATION-printing gov. bond in duplicate-.
    Kuhn, Loeb partner Sir William Wiseman (British Secret Service Director) with Colonel House correlated British and American
    intelligencs operations.
    Kuhn, Loeb partner Lewis L. Strauss was acting head of the U.S. FOOD ADMINISTRATION under Herbert Hoover.
    Meanwhile Paul Warburgs brother Max Warburg was head of the German Secret Service.
    Bernhard Baruch was head of the reperations commission at Versailles.
    Max Warburg, on behalf of Germany excepted reparations terms.

    One wonders that the ww1 fighting parties were not really understanding that they were operating within a jewish framework.
    In the following is to be seen that they continuelly carefully build up this network which became the spider web of their financial secret system.

    Jewish Central Banks. – Banks of issuing money – in Europe:

    BANK OF AMSTERDAM was started in 1609 – its mmembers aided William of Orange (Prince of Orange) in his conquest of England.

    Bank of Hamburg was chartered in 1619.

    Bank of Sweden began the practice of issuing notes in 1661.
    These banks were chartered by financiers whose ancestors had been bankers in Venice & Genoa.
    These financiers funded the VENICE TRADING EMPIRE.
    The north eastern part of Italy is to this day called “LOMBARDY”. In its german translation it means “DEPOSIT BANK”.
    In ww2 no allied armies attacked that part of italy. No bomber bombed that part of italy.
    The north of italy was known banker territory.
    These jew bankers were the financers to the entire medival world having constant war with the remnants of the east roman empire until its destruction.
    The west roman empire was destroyed by jews opening the flood gates to the german tribes.
    The survivors (Roman Generals-Senators) fled to the east roman empire.
    They set up a system that didnt allow any jew to go into their institutions.
    The result: The parasite could not be active. And the empire lasted longer than any empire after and prior since the greek empire of the city states in the antique.
    The wars in that part of the world were fought by jews against the romans. Destroying the west roman empire. Setting up the jewish venice comoany which eventuall battled the east romans.
    By the end of the east roman empire (byzantine empire) the top families were to move to russia and continue the war.
    ROMA-NOVA (the dynasty of the ROMANOV’S) was to continue as the third Rome in Russia. ROMA NOVA means NEW ROME.
    The last Romanov was killed by the jewish soviets in 1917.
    Ending an over thousand year war in favor of the jew.
    1st rome went down. 2nd rome lasted over a thousand years. 3rd rome (russia) went down fast.
    The wars executed in todays world are there to defeat and exhaust- genocide-the world populace.
    There are no more roma nova or byzantine empires.
    All is jewish and used as a front. The wars are jewish wars without real enemies. The last real enemy left the world stage 1917.
    After that , no real anti jewish empire could be established until this day.

  8. rob says:

    The Warburgs of Hamburg (German City & Port in North Germany at the Northsea) had begun as Abraham Del Banco family, the largest Bankers in Venice.

    Banks of Genoa, Venice and Amsterdam were primarily Banks of deposit, but the bank of England began the practice coining its own money.

    John Holland, a repudated Englishman who started the Bank of Scottland in 1695.

    The American colonist considered themself lyoal Englishmen , but when they began to experience unbelievable prosperity by printing and circulating their own colonial scrip the stockholders of the Bank of England went to George III and informed him that their monopoly interest bearing notes in the colonies was at stake.
    George III banned the scrip, with the result that there was an immediate depression in the commercial life of the Americas.

    As Benjamin Franklin (Freemason) pointed out:
    “The little tax on tea, amounting to about a dollar a year per American family, could have been borne, but the colonist could not survive on banning of their own money.”

    When the second bank of the UNITED STATES expired in 1836 and President Jackson refused to renew it, creating the great prosperity in the United States.
    Rothshild countered with the panic of 1837.

    Before and during ww1 the great German news agency “WOLF” (today called SPRINGER) was owned by the European banking house of Rothshild, which had its central headquarter in Berlin.
    The head of Wolf was MAX WARBURG Kaiser Wilhelms financial adviser and head of Germanys “SECRET SERVICE”.
    The jews of course controlled the British secret service and the French intelligence units too.
    The jews knew about the plans of action on the Italian side as they literally controled Italy’s armed forces.
    Germany could listen to the Russian radio messages of troop movements etc. and was able with the German jewish secret service to control to a great extend the war in the east.
    The jews controlled logistics in Russia (railways).
    Meaning the movements of ammunition-food-repair parts-rifles-fuel. The russian soldiers complained heavily concerning the food not being provided in an amounnt adequate to maintain health. The artillery batteries had to shorten their bombardments of the german lines due to shell shortiges. The trains with the artillery shells took for ever to travel from their respective depots to the front.
    Later on in the war some russian units didnt receive food at all. At the end of 1917 Russias army was starving.
    The jew secret services in Europe had their ears and eyes throughout Europe listening to friend and foe.
    Today its the entire planet earth – conducting world operations of jewish lead movements, jewish lead countries and wars like ARAB SPRING – ISIS – ISLAMIC STATE – SYRIAS ARMED FORCES – RUSSIAS ARMED FORCES – and all other countries armies as they control their secret service. For that every war or guerilla war is a game. Thus only for the people of the world real that are hooked on the notion that the information they receive via mass media is honest.

  9. rob says:

    The Bank of St. George founded in Genoa about 1200 A.D. was the first Joint-Stock Company in the world.

  10. rob says:

    Edit Cavell came across some for the allies damaging info.
    On April-15-1915 “The Nursing Mirror” published her letter that revealed-that the allied Beligian relief commission (charged with feeding Belgium) was in fact feeding Germans by transporting tons of supplies directly to Germany an enemy country.

    Sir William Wiseman, head of British Intelligence and partner in Kuhn, Loeb (Rothshild Bank Agent) demanded that the Germans execute Edith Cavell as a spy.
    The Germans followed up with executing her.

    Sir William Wiseman worked via Paul Warburg head of the Federal Reserve.
    Paul Warburg U.S.A. was connected via Max Warburg his brother-he was the head of German Secret Service.

  11. rob says:

    J.P. Morgan said at a meeting in 1906 in London:
    “Germany’s economic body is only able to be integrated into the international world economy if it is political destroyed by war. That means we need a world war”.

    1909 the jewish colonial trust (Bank) was founded in the city of Tel Aviv.

    Deutsche Orient Gesellschaft was jewish and founded 1898.
    Its initial founder were the elite of German jewish society as Henry James Simon (Banker) , Franz von Mendelsohn (Banker).
    The German Orient Society was under the protection of Kaiser Wilhelm.

  12. rob says:

    IG Farben was a Rothshild company – it was a Standard Oil company.
    IG Farben headquarter was not bombed in Frankfurt (Germany).

    In 1928 Henry Ford merged his German assets with those of the IG Farben chemical cartel.
    A substantial holding 40% of Ford Motor Company A.G. of Germany, was transfered to I.G. Farben, Carl Bosh of I.G. Farben became head of Ford A.G. Motor in Germany.

    Henry Ford was with that involved in Rothshild actions.
    He started building the Kama River Truck plant in the soviet union.
    The jews say to this day he was anti jewish.
    He was head over heels in bed with international jewry.
    Ford became a jew front.
    He had as much independence as the jew Ronald Reagan for appointing Kissinger that he had to appoint to his jew cabinet by following jew banking directives.

    Antony C. Sutton from his book:.The Best Enemy Money Can Buy”.

    Soviet civilian and military trucks are produced in the same plants and have extensive interchangeability of parts and components.

    All Soviet truck technology and large part of Soviet truck manufacturing equipment has come from the West, mainly from the United States.
    Many major American companies have been prominent in building up the Soviet truck industry.
    The “FORD MOTOR COMPANY” , the A.J. Brandt Company, the Austin Company, General Electric, Swindell Dressler, and others supplied the technical assistance , design work, and equipment of the original giant plants (giant plants because they were big like cities).

    The Soviet military-civilian truck industry originally compromised two main groups of plants, plus five newer giant plants.
    The first group used models, technical assistance, and parts and components from the “FORD” build Gorki automobile plant (GAZ is the model designation).

    There is a fundamental difference between the Ford and Brandt companies.
    Brandt had only one contract in the USSR , to rebuild the old AMO plant in 1929. AMO had a production of 30.000 trucks per year, compared to the Gorki plant, designed from scratch by Ford for an output of 140.000 vehicles per year. Ford is still interested in Russian business. Brandt is not interested ( meaning at the time the book was published at the beginning of the 1970’s) and has not been since 1930.

    In may 1929 the Soviets signed an agreement with Ford Motor Company of Detroit. The Soviets agreed to purchase 13 million worth of automobiles and parts and Ford agreed to give technical assistance until 1938 to construct an integrated automobile – manufacturing plant at Nizhni-Novgorod.
    Construction was completed in 1933 by the Austin Company for production of Ford Model-A passenger car and light truck.

    In 1930 Gorki produced the Ford Model-A and the Ford light truck. Both these models were immediately adopted for military use.

    The above plant output was used to equip the jew soviet troops for moving and then overolling east europe to establish the gulag system there.
    How one can say that Henry Ford was anti jewish?
    We wonder he didnt posthumous received the Lenin Medal.

    In 1972 The jew U.S. government issued 1 billion in licenses to export equipment and technical assistance for the Kama truck plant.
    Planned as the largest truck plant in the world, it covers 36 square miles and produces more heavy trucks , including military trucks, than the output of all U.S. heavy truck manufacturers combined.

    36 square miles is the size of manhattan. Manhattan has about 33 square miles.
    This like in the jew FRITZ LANG film METROPOLIS.
    The city slaves work until their exhausted and collapse in a factory called METROPOLIS.
    these jews produced this shit film that was in russia reality minus the fancy trains and cars traveling from skyscraper to the next jew skyscraper building via streets and bridges in the skies.
    One imagines entering a factory that is bigger than Manhattan.
    Only kikes have these fuckin’ ideas.

    That what happened in russia via jewish american help happened already in jew China via jewish american help.
    China becomes more and more fancy meanwhile their slave system is hidden.
    They have for example one city producing light bulbs.
    Another jew chinese city factory producing bicycle frames. I mean what i say. An entire city is a jew chinese factory. The soviet experience repeated by jew american help .
    The jew media is much more open with our poor slaves in jew america. But they wont show the real truth either. Not yet.

  13. rob says:

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt appointed as Secretary of the Treasury W.H. Woodin, one of the biggest industrialists in the country, Director of American Car Foundry Company (they were active in the Soviet Union) and numerous other locomotive works, Remington Arms, The Cuban Company, Consolidated Cuba Railroad.
    Woodin was later replaced by Henry Morgenthau Jr. son of the “HARLEM REAL ESTATE OPERATOR” who helped put Woodrow Wilson (jew) in the White House.

    • longrangekiller says:

      At the turn of the Century 1899-1900 Harlem was an undeveloped area. It was developed by 3 jewish speculators. August Belmont, Oscar Hammerstein, and Henry Morgenthau.

      The jewish writer Emanuel Berl, wrote before the Munich crisis 1938: All the jews in politics hope for war and are urging towards it.
      Daily proof of this attitude is to be found in the corridor of the chamber, not to mention Blum and Mandel’s example.
      The jewish community, as political unit, has been and still is the life and soul of the war party.

  14. rob says:

    Money for Wallstreet was given by Rothshild to finance the Red Revolution.
    Wallstreet was a front of the jew Bankers.
    Wallstreet became the financing arm for the red revolution.
    Revolution on all continents were funded via jew bankers.
    After WW2 the soviet union could only fund and weaponize and for that lift into power communist regimes in Africa (ETHIOPIA-MOZAMBIQUE-ANGOLA-ZIMBABWE) by having jew IMF and others provide the soviet union with massive funds.
    Both the USA & SOVIET UNION slowly destroyed and looted all continents with their team work. They controlled all countries on these continents and flooded those continents with weapons for providing grounds for a perpetual genocide via guerilla war. This leads to starvation mass murder and kidnapping of kids that will be sold (depopulation).
    Thats why there is all the time a revolution going on or guerilla war going and people starve to death. the WHO (world health organization-brainchild of KGB agent Alger Hiss) comes then to help to kill the people with vaccines and with poisoned water (pretending via world TV to help).
    They kidnap kids-woman-destroy their crop by fertilizer spraying them and making the farmers sick. By harvesting their agent orange sprayed fields the farmers become riddled with skin diseases. By providing fire arms to gangs the farmers have to move to refugee camps to avoid torture or being killed or seeing their children being raped. At the camps they get the health treatment of a jew organization which leads to sickness, death, test runs for new vaccines etc. in short they become lab animal.

  15. rob says:

    Max Warburg was head of Germanys Secret Service in ww1.
    Paul Warburg was German, naturalized citizen 1911, was decorated by Kaiser Wilhelm in 1912-was vice chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.
    Furnished large sums by Germany for Lenin and Trotsky.
    Pauls brother Felix in NYC was a director of Prussian Life Insurance Company of Berlin.
    Phillip and Ludwig Schiff of Frankfurt am Main (there are two Frankfurt cities in Germany-one is Frankfurt Oder in the east part and the other one is Frankfurt am Main which is in the west part) were active Bankers for the German Government.
    Kuhn & Loeb Partners held the highest-Government post in America in ww1 – while in Germany Max & Fritz Warburg and Phillip Ludwig Shiff moved in the highest councils of Government.

    Memoirs of Max Warburg:
    The Kaiser tumbled the table violently and shouted:”must you always be right?”.
    But then listened carefully to Max’s view of financial matters.

    Mr. Shiff was head of the Private Bankinghouse of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. a Rothschild interest on the westside of the Atlantic.
    He was a financial strategist and was the financial minister of “STANDARD OIL”.

    U.S. Food Administration was managed by Herbert Hoovers director Lewis Lichtenstein Strauss-he married into Kuhn, Loeb Company by marrying Alice Hanover.

    Washington Banker during ww1 – Herbert Lehman of Lehman Brothers, Bankers New York.
    Lehman was put on the General Staff of the Army.
    In “WHO RULED AMERICA” by Author D. Howden Smith writes of the Lehmans during the Civil War:
    “They were often agents, fixers for both sides, intermediaries for confidential communications and handlers of the many illicit transactions in cotton and drugs for the Confederacy, purveyors of information for the North.”
    -Purveyor:supply (as provisions) as a business.

    The Lehmans, with Mayer in MONTGOMERY, Henry in NEW ORLEANS, Emanuel in NEW YORK expanded their business by having no opposition.

    Baron Kurt v. Shroeder acted as conduit for I.T.T. money funneled to HEINRICH HIMMLERS S.S. organization in 1944.
    Shroeder was partner in the Cologne Banking House, J.H. Stein & Co. founded in 1788.
    As Hitler seized power-he was appointed the German representative at the Bank for International Settlements.

    Shroeders influence with the Hitler administration was so great that he had Pierre Laval appointed head of the French Government under the German occupation.
    In the 1940’s Kurt v. Shroeder had a lot of important positions held.
    President of Deutsche Reichsbahn-Reich Board of Economic Affiars – S.S. Senior Group Leader-Council of Reichs Post office – Deutsche Reichsbank and other Banks and industrial groups.
    Shroeder served on the Board of all International Telephone & Telegraph subsidiaries of Germany.

    In 1938 Shroeder Bank became the German financial agent for Great Britain.
    New York Branch of Shroeder merged 1936 with the Rockefeller , as Shroeder Rockefeller, Inc. at 48 Wallstreet.
    Carlton B. Fuller of Shroeder was a behind the scenes partner of J. Henry Shroeder for years, and had set up the construction firm “BECHTEL CORP”, ( later to become a C.I.A. Front) whose employees played a leading role in the Reagan Administration, as Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State.

    Heritage Foundation has been an important factor in the policy making of the Reagan Administration.
    Heritage Foundation is part of theTavistock Institute Network, directed by British Intelligence.

    London School of Economics: The Training School for the International Bankers.

    “All German Banks during the Great War (ww1) and there after were as the communist Revution run by jews”.

    Max Warburg left the Third Reich and served on the American Jewish Peace Committee which drew up and organized the “UNITED NATIONS” Charter and its propaganda network, consumated in 1945 (see American Jewish Year Book – Report of American Jewish Committee – on Institute on Peace and Postwar Problems p. 751 vol, 43, 1941/42.

    During the Russian Revolution – In the name of the German Government – agencies had been set up in Finnish towns at the Russian border like – Lulea, Haparanda and Varda.
    In that matter very close secret relations were established with Finnish and American Banks.
    The Finnish border towns were chosen to do arms running for the jewish Boksheviks.

  16. rob says:

    Walter Lippman worked on plans for the League of Nations.
    Lippman had founded the American Branch of “The Fabian Society” 1905 (intercollegiate socialist society) which later became “STUDENTS FOR A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY”, after a period when it was known as the League for Industrial Democracy.-

    The British Empire has prospered on piracy, slavery, and drug trafficking.
    Sir, Francis Drakes Pirates became the MERCHANTS ADVENTURERS Co. (Sebastian Cabot) which later became the Chartered Co. of East India.
    It was reorganized in 1700.

    Thomas Cabot was director of Office of Inter-American Affairs for the State Dept. 1951, President of United Fruit. United Fruit was a Cabot-C.I.A. connection.

    The Opium Wars were caused because some Chinese Leaders refused to cooperate, 10 opium wars were prosecuted – from 1840 to the last war in 1931.
    In 1715 the British East India Co. opened its first far east office in Canton.
    The British Empire was later threatened with bankruptcy cause of the American Rebellion in the Colonies. In order to defeat the Rebels the profits of the opium trade with China were send to the Elector of Hesse via Meyer Amsel Rothshild to hire 16.800 Hessian Mercenary Troops that eventually fought the Rebels.

    The Bank for International Settlement, which had been established by Hjalmar Shacht, Emile Francqui, guiding genius of Hoovers Belgian Relief Commission, and John Foster Dulles was set up on May-1930 by the Hague Treaty to handle German Reparations payments.

    The Warburgs organized I.G. Farben.
    Max Warburg was director of I.G. Farben, Germany and I.G. Chemie, Switzerland.
    American I.G. Farben was controled by his brother Paul, architects of the Federal Reserve System,
    Walter Teagle of Standard Oil and Charles Mitchell of National City Bank.

  17. rob says:

    With President Lyndon B. Johnson in the White House at the time were Mathilde and Arthur Krim, Johnsons liason with the Israeli Government.
    Mathilde was a former Irgun terrorist who had served on terrorist strikes with Menachem Begin, who boosted : “HE HAD INTRODUCED TERRORISM TO THE ENTIRE WORLD”.

    C.I.A. representative at the U.S. Embassy, Tel Aviv, reported to the senior office C.I.A. at McLean VA July-07-1967 that Israel had decided to sink the U.S.S. Liberty.

  18. rob says:

    George Foster Peabody was appointed the first director of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1914, serving until 1921.
    Peabody helped install the General Education Board as the guiding force behind all educational developments in the U.S. since 1910.
    John D. Rockefeller used General Education Board funds through Standard Oil representatives in Russia to provoke the Russian Revolution in 1905.

    The Rockefeller directors interlock with the nations major banks, corporations, universities and Government departments.
    This is the network that illegaly rules America, which by its tax evasion, places a tremendous burden on all american tax payers which make our elections a farce because these men determine all policies in America.

    The so called round table (founded by Lord Milner) became the Royal Institute of International Affairs its subsidiary is the Council on Foreign Relations.

    John Foster Dulles: Chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation – he send the key telegram for engaging in the Korean War.
    The Korean War was a genocide against the Korean people facilitated by the same jewish bankers that facilitate all genocides on planet earth – past and present.

  19. rob says:

    In case of an assassination of a ranking member of the White House staff Law (18 U.S.C. Section 1751) requires that F.B.I. be the principal investigator.
    This means the jew investigates.

    Thats what happened to freemason J.F.K. who married jew Jacqueline Kennedy later to become Jacky Onassis.
    They to this day cant find the killer.
    In any high profile case or low profile case they’re the principal investigators.
    If jewish kids dissapear in their rat neighborhoods the police goes on a 24-7 schedule to investigate these incidents.
    In many cases they foud the person who killed or kidnapped the jew rat kids in their neighborhoods.
    It was mostly a jew. How funny.
    The jews for that can assassinate any person in the U.S. and investigate the case to death.
    If they find the killer its a patsy.
    Depending on time and area he will be put to work as an image. If he’s jewish and killed some teens or attacked blacks (like mark wahlberg the actor did and many many other jews) they label him a hater and racist knowing that the public sees him as a caucasian white person.
    They might choose a person that fits their image as hate group person-if so, they do the stuff with the militias or white nationalist. It doesnt matter so much if the patsy is caucasian or jewish (jewish patsy as by those school shootings) as it leads to the same demonization of whites. Anytime of the day a jew can be found guilty of rape or pedophilia Whites believe on screen that jews are whites- too many whites and blacks as any other ethnic group are unable to see through this manipulation.
    Or they set up a mexican to push the image of bad mexicans. This the jews do by pushing immigration reform smiling at the mexicans for promising them the world.
    Its so easy for them to do this – thats why all these things happen daily. If they use a report to structure their racism or if they just use the issue in a film. The reult is the same. Image creation to maintain race division and race tension.
    They even can anounce that the news story was not correct and appologize for it after faking it.
    It never matters as everything is faked.
    If a person is being killed it cant even be confirmed by us outsiders as it often happened to be that the killed person who was burried in a cemetary was not in the coffin as investigated years later.
    They apprehended killers who never even were near the crime scene.
    They catch killers that commited a crime but report the killers as whites.
    Jewish killers who murder only non-jewish americans by never entering jewish neighborhoods are on a killing spree for years.
    When they get them its planned.
    They make docus and present these dudes as whites.
    They sell books about the detailed investigations of these cases that were fake investigations. They make docus and at times hoolywood films out these cases to condition people to the max.
    The same with assassinations and killngs in other countries.
    Many of those cases are jews too. The police is jewish controled. These Jews abroad have different skin colors so they fit the jewish media discriptions and turn out to be Thais, or Indians, or Chinese but the jew media is hiding that they’re jews.
    Also here, they race attack the non-jewish areas.
    India as China has many jewish communities but their serial killers wont enter the jew neighborhoods.
    The serial killer jews only go to the non-jew areas for their ritual murder stuff.
    Like the U.S. Army they kill and massacre non-jews only.
    And if the army guys come back to america they’re recruited by the police and start their beating-holding up-only in non-jew neighborhoods.
    The whole world operates on these jewish race dynamics.
    If terror bombing is targeting jews as done by the jews in 1994 in Bueno Aires-the jewish Ambassy bombing-suddenly there is no nazi group of right wing hate group available. The jew media screems only Anti-Semitism.
    This is so jewish.
    A normal person would have the white person or hate group prepared to parade on jew TV.
    Not in this case .
    One sees here how irrational the jews are in contrast to a person of non jewish decent. A non jew would have this incident set up for the hate groups-for pretext to raid some compounds.
    But the jew is so irrational that if white hate groups are mentioned in the U.S. they mostly kill or bomb white people. Black hate groups dont realy exist (funny). Chinese hate groups dont exist.
    Mexican hate groups exist but are not named hate groups. La Raza & Aztlan are Civil Rights Groups but in reality are hate groups as they attack bblacks and whites etc.
    Nothing makes sense in this jew set up.
    Thats why its jewish. They’re different. They’re not from the human sphere.
    The terror spread all around the world:
    Assassinations-Serial Killers-Bombings-Isis-Islamic State are all reported by world jew media. The Assasinations, Bombings, beheadings are all investigated by the jew. They are reported on by the jew. They make films out of these incidents and write books about these organizations or serial killers. THe jew is the principal investigator of assassinations and all other murder cases. He is the principal film maker and tv producer who produces these world events to report on them. the jew reports in a irrational racial manner for these world incidents create an irrational mindset toward race by humans.
    This is why white people believe white racists that kill whites are racist. In the past nearly all victims of white racism were white.
    If black racism exists-its only by the hood rats. They dont like whitey because the jews tell them so on the idiot box.
    But if they start killing them self by shoot outs no one says its racism.
    But they go and rome around the countryside and inner cities and kill white girls and men.
    Alot of them. The jews wont report on that to show there is only white racism.
    But the jew will never show how a black person who hates whites goes on a killing spree of blacks and label bim a racist.
    This happened many times by the white hate group person. Those whites killed whites and were labeled as racists. UNBELIEVABLE. Thats why TV is dangerous.
    The more irrational the more jewish in mindset a non-jew becomes. I see whole families who are not jewish having a jewish life of smoking pot-drinking-lying-infighting-not following rules-making their own rules-manipulating-incest-pedohilia-no one trusts anyone.
    Police shows up. Child protection service gets involved.
    Planned Parenthood is near.
    As the jew bombs or kill them self’s (Ambassy Bombing in 1994 in Buenos Aires) there is no white person made responsible.
    Because the white hate group man never killed jews in his history of hating them.
    Isnt that funny?
    These hate group whites hate jews but never ever even spit at one. They refused mostly to kill the black person meanwhile the hood rats took care of that.
    They even didnt kill the asian man.
    Meanwhile the stupid hood rats “knock out” (game) the kikes because the kike TV makes them by accident think they’re whites. The so called Anti-Semits didnt even do that. The only thing the white racists could think of – is how to bomb or kill whites.
    What a circus this is.
    The sad thing is-that this is for many people still reality.

    • It’s funny that you brought up fressmasonry, which is a Jewish foundation. Why would they even infiltrate something they have created?

      • rob says:

        I believe they do this because its in their blood.
        They cant do things like we would do things.
        Their mentality is so far off like the stars of the neighboring star system.
        But they’re justified as it still works.
        They programed us to be irrational in thought.
        I remember when i had conversations with academics
        talking about some political stuff they talked like the media wanted them to talk.
        Like:” Oprah is a smart woman”. Ofcourse she’s smart because of her money.
        And by mentioning politicians these same people mentioned:”my god these politicians are so god damn stupid. They must think we’re all fools”.
        This makes no sense. These folks are very superficial and thats why things still work out for the jews.
        They infiltrate everything. Use their own freemasons and kill them. Then set up a campaign that shifts responsibility on their undelings: Mafia-Castro-C.I.A.
        They are now in a different situation as the populace is easier convinced of the jew conspiracy because of the jews hidden actions against us.
        If we can see now-all racist sites from white nationalists and black nationalists, all civil rights groups including the mexican civil right groups, the truther groups and the internet stars like david duke and others-are all jew fronts.
        For that this can be seen as a strategy as they never gave so much info that disclosed their way of life in history until the present.
        This is irrational that the jewish group hiding info now gives it out only because it cant control it anymore.
        It is detrimental to their safety as america was made by them an extermination culture. Now they are targets too. Something they tried to prevent all along.
        To hold back on info is better for them.
        They really rally against the anti jewish stuff on the blogs that they them self lead – to produce more resentment against them.
        As they do only strategic action in regard to information this is because they have an objective.
        As their history wont allow changing their strategy so easy to happen – they had an idea with awakening us. After all these centuries there was never a thought to waken us up. Its a new thought in strategy applied.
        Its a good strategy or it is possible that this is desperation.

        One imagines a persho has no job. But pretends to his environment he is employed. He is all active because if his environment finds out that he doesnt work this same environment will move him out.
        Or might attack him as this double life is connected with being supported by secret parasitism of the same community heswliving in. He facilitates this by connecting to other guys like him who play the same game in other communities that are also fooled.
        But slowly there are info sources that identify him.
        He denounces these people but is aware that it doesnt work like the years prior. The information is persistent and makes more and more people aware.
        As his idea is not only being quiet and nice and adapt-he becomes a full blown anarchist by providing himself the negative info that points out himself to be not working and being lazy meanwhile he makes the people more and more away of his parasitic lying existens.
        He never did this like that. It works against him as he is confused about his failing strategy of denouncing the info that identifying him. It ised to work. But it stopped working.
        He points out and cries how people hate him again as in the past and wants legislation put into action.
        This is dangerous as he confronts his environment by informing the same environment that he fools.
        Its a strategy of last resort before law enforcement gets ready. There is not enough law enforcement there to total protect him by pointing out to his environment that he is playing them.

        If the jew ememploys a strategy total contrary to his strategy employed all the thousands of years prior-this is a huge thing for them. They think they can reach their goal by reversing their strategy. They take a huge risk. Its a gamble as they never were indentified in a country that was full of weapons.
        The hatred they experience on the web is unbelievable. The top jews do this gamble. The average new is fristrated and will get scared because he himself is experiencing that his cloak is like the Emperors Clothes. It slowly vanishes.
        The average jew that i used to know would have clinged to the strategy of denouncing and not opened up new channels of identification.
        This is for the most part a top jew (elite jew thing).
        The average jew is very sensitive to being identified and doesnt’ want that. They often dont know that the black & white nationalist blogs are jew fronts.
        And if some find out they’re deeply concerned.
        This was never a tenet of their upbringing. Secrecy at all times ruled their minds.
        Now its the reversed by them still doing the secrecy thing by doing them self the identification thing.
        Only jews are like that.
        I wouldnt wonder if the parasite in the next decade have them self more schizophrenic jews than ever before in the last 50 years.
        This operation is total insane.
        But then…they’re the folks with the most insanity cases of all groups.
        There goes the jew.

      • But they still experience praise from the unknowing tools thanks to the mediums they use.

        I’ve been wondering for time that sociable people are easier to manipulate.

  20. rob says:

    The only problem i see in this for us humans is:
    You cant tell no one that the internet info are the same people as CNN.
    If they control “nearly” the entire spectrum of information and only your blog and Adam Austin’s blog are not controlled-it becomes problematic to have a counter strategy in form of waking people up. This is too much for an even informed person to swallow.
    They might be convinced of the fake moonlanding.
    Or they dont but believe that A.I.D.S. Virus is fake but wont believe that ww1 and ww2 were set ub by the jews.
    These realities provided by the jews in itself are too much to be believed in for a many of people as this is irrational.
    Why would the jews do this?
    This in itself leads to confusion.
    Even i could explain it only as a strategy (a very new one) or strategy of desparation on the side of the Alien jew.
    So, the way of the Dragon becomes the only real way.
    Preparation for combat.
    Continuation to spread honest info.
    If people meet who are jew wise they should exchange ideas for solutions.
    Talk to people outside the internet.
    Talk about the jew inside the internet.
    If jew wise people meet by accident and understand the situation-train together and mentally think of solutions.
    If these people meet others this can turn out more ideas. More and more people i meet are aware of the jew. Some are concerned. Some are angry and some openly hate the jews.
    Ideas and people are that what any revolt-rebellion-revolution is about.
    But mental preperation is most important.
    If a person loses his job thats tough but if he is mental prepared for much worse scenarios its easier to deal with.
    Hate can build up faith gradually. What the jews did to us is belonging in the hate crime section.
    Revenge is our hate justfied over millenia.
    A mom who understand the jew will teach her kid hate against the jew as they both (mom & kid) get poisoned and being lied to plus being ripped off.
    She will not let the kid watch the jew hate on the idiot box that makes her kid confused. It should focus on the jew.
    A mom is unbelievable powerfull if she has faith.
    But most of them dont know about the jew and go faithfully about their job life.
    But this can change through information.
    There might be a man somewhere who can talk to her about this.

    I listened on youtube to a phone interview with SARA SUTEN SETI. People called in on a radio show.
    One woman called in and asked him:”when do you show some love and come out here to Kentucky.
    You never came out hear brother. Men, were waiting for you. But you dont show up N**** “.
    He said he was busy but he will also come out there.
    The girl continued and started to show what she was all about:”Man yo-you let us wait here and only show love to new york and shit.
    Man N**** we’re waiting for you. You’re the man. I have my crew here ready for action but you wont come out N****. We’re waiting waiting but you only out Pennsylvania and nyc.
    You talk and talk but no action man. Yo N**** we’re hot and ready.
    Let me tell ya’ i was in the army. Im a sharp shooter-no bullshit.
    I know how to train brothers. We”re out here and doing exercised. We’re on the shooting range with my N***** . i have good brothers with me. What do you think bro’. Why do you think im ready man. I listened to your stuff on youtube. You got me fired up man. And now-nothing. Why you never came out here N****. We got our ordnance. All tight here N****.
    I do expert sharp shooting and were ready yo. I trained my crew.”
    SARA SUTEN SETI tried to explain is empty talk away and hanged up.
    There are many of these girls and men of many skin colors out there and cant stand this jew shit any more. But they think its whitey or illuminati. If in her state now a normal black guy can reach her and convince her its the jew-this woman is a huge asset.
    We have to continue to physical train-prepare-continue to give info out. I believe there will be a few more blogs like yours popping up too.

    • I live in New Jersey. There are a lot of Jews here from where I live, so it won’t be that easy.

    • I doubt there will be blogs like mine. Besides Adam Austin and a few others, it’s unlikely that a few people have a few blog that state an agenda similar to mine’s.

      • rob says:

        Its a numbers thing. Its not possible for the jews to stop us waking up. As they identify them selfs via their own sites.
        There will be another person like you sooner or later.
        Like there will be another person who will be not commenting on here who will think of something. Others just wait and get informed and hope that someone does something. Many stop coming here but are awake. But they will talk to others.
        Eventually all other blogs lead to arrested development and will have frustrated readers returning to the shit truther blogs as it is deadending them. The Alex Jones crowd is still confused.
        Disinfo’s not a good idea as it has only a limited shelf life. It can only exists in a 80″s 90’s world were there was no internet. It makes people frustrated searching for this kind of info.
        As Adams blog has no new articles and is kind of inactive yours is the only active blog in the entire U.S.A. meaning youll be found by desperate folks.
        Even if people go online and find you by accident-many will find you.
        There is a lot of potential on the human masses if they find out about the jew and will not be rallied up against other americans.
        The feeling that their is a body of people in this country targeting the enemy jew has never been communicated to them. They for that never experienced that there are millions thinking like them. This was only experienced superficially by jews introducing fads.
        The experience that after all everything is prone to the jews and people united to identifiy the jew as the culprit is unique in history to the country. A person who feels and sees this going on via outside and this blog will have more confidence than a person who believes in alex jones stuff. The first time this individual is understanding, and this resonates with his feeling and intuition. In the past at all times jew wisdom was turned into division of the races if a person woke up to the jews.
        The only person who didnt create a race division was Huey Long. But they quickly killed him. Like they killed Malcolm for hooking up not with faker MLK but with whites (the non desegregation whites).
        Malcolm found alot of potential with his fame by whites who resented MLK.
        We’re in the same situation only we often know that all organizations if right or left or civil rights or woman rights are jewish. if an individual young person is tired of this he breaks free by experiencing your blog. The same with their parents. They’re tired too of this infighting but are not roming the web as they mostly gave up.
        One honest blog that is active.
        In a way nothing more is needed to show a young person that his surroundings are fake.
        Sooner or later this young person turns to a high motivated individual like the jew wise palestinian kids are. Or later on, his info educational trip will make him depressed.
        But the person who wakes up and stays motivated will join unnoticed the movement that will form the future.
        It is unfortunate that most people tend to be like their parents and give up quite easily. But many want revenge. And this revenge thing is in many folks as it is their heritage.
        Revenge is older than money and gold.
        The jews could not program this out of our soul.
        They mostly robbed us of our history. But revenge is in us. It has to be pointed out who the receiver should be. That what your blog is also for.
        To turn on the program called “REVENGE.”
        little kids have that. But mom sais its not good.
        It is all good once the kid grows up and finds out that he was brutally set up.
        And even if the young man or woman wont strike himself-he will hope more and more that someone will.
        I suggest he can provide the rope.
        As there will be a rope shortage when we start hanging these criminals.

      • …They must have gotten Adam.

      • The Jews want to discourage every non-Jew from taking action against them.

  21. rob says:

    What makes you think they have gotten him?

  22. rob says:

    Again its a numbers game.
    Even if they killed him-you’re still there.
    There are millions slowly waking up.
    One adam austin will be there without a blog.
    Time is working for us but also against us.
    Our numbers are huge.
    The only thing that they have going for them is that their white & black nationalist blogs and youtube channels maintain division and confusion.
    Otherwise they only put into people fear by their media.
    Your blog is the center for the awakening. As america is the center for the revolution.
    No other country has a center and has a blog like yours. A blog that unifies people. All other blogs unifies vegans, or blacks, or whites, or mexicans, or tri-athletes, or runners, or hip hop lovers etc.
    There will be coming more and more traffic to your blog as you’re the center. Truth relates to non-jews. The jews try to stop it by pushing it also. The jew is helping you.
    Be the center.

  23. rob says:

    This is during the second Reich (the reich destroyed by the first world war) that Kaiser Wilhelm was the head of in ww1. The Third Reich was ruled by Hitler from 1933 on until 1945.

    Reichskanzler Bethmam Hollweg, was the son of Moritz Bethman of Frankfurt, who had Intermarried with the Rothshilds.
    Emperor Wilhelm relied heavily on Bishoffsheim, Goldsmidt, and Sir Ernest Cassel of Frankfurt, who emigrated to England and became personal bankers to the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII. Cassels daughter , married Lord Mountbatten, giving the family a direct relationship to the present British Crown.

    This control of Germany and also of the other European Countries was achieved through the Congress of Vienna.
    This Congress was held as the Napoleon Forces were defeated by retreating from Russia and moving through Europe. His entire Army was lost.
    He came back to have his 100 day rule for being defeated at Waterloo.
    The Congress of Vienna made Europe a Rothshild entity. The Rothshild profited by having all parties being exhausted.
    They could from that time on plan ww1 and ww2 for world control and stepping up their massive world genocide (Massive Ritual Murder).

    Bismarck (Freemason; who was later relieved of his position by Kaiser Wilhelm) got financed by jewish money – his adviser was Samuel Bleichroeder, Court Bankers of the Prussian Emperor, who was an agent of the Rothshilds.
    This Emperor was the Emperor who resided in Germany prior to Emperor Wilhelm who was the last Emperor of Germany fleeing to the Netherlands during the end of the war. Emperor Wilhelm was scared to be apprehended by the communist who killed the Czar.
    The communist took over Bavaria and made Bavaria in 1918 a Bavarian Soviet (Union) with executions and hostage taking and the whole nine yards.
    The leader of this group was the jewish Freemason “Kurt Eisner” .
    This jew called on Nov–07-1918 out the Republic.
    Kurt Eisner was a Galician jew. His real name was “Salomon Kosmanowski”.
    Army Veterans were organized (so called “Freikorps”) to make an end to the communist rule.
    Eugen Levine was the leader of the Bavarian Red Army.
    The reds were not good enough armed and fought against well trained and war experienced frontline soldiers who hated the communists.
    In heavy house to house fighting and street fights the Feikorps freed Bavaria.
    25 years later the street combat and house to house fighting happened again as the american jewish troops invaded Bavaria and established jewish rule.

    The Rothshilds bought up Reuters-based in London-Havas in France-Wolf in Germany which today is Springer.
    Reuters, Havas, Wolf by controling these news outlets Rothshild controled European opinion.

    Like today and nobody pushed the
    jews out from these Monarchists.
    Later on the Monarchies mostly were pushed out because of the jewish mindcontrol tool “NEWS MEDIA”.

    The National Recovery Act was challenged in:
    “29 U.S. 495 , 55 U.S. 837. 842 (1935),
    The N.R.A. was ruled unconstitutional by the Suoreme Court on grounds that “CONGRESS” cannot abdicate or transfer to others its legitimate functions.
    Congress cannot Constitutionally delegate legislative authority to trade or industrial associations or groups so as to empower them to make laws”.

    And this the jews do to this day contrary to that of what this bullshit supreme court ruled in favor of.

    They fund 300-400 agencies via the Fed Bank and make rules and regulations by the hundreds of thousands.
    Congress is jewish like the israeli Knesset is.
    Helen Thomas our beloved Liberal white house reporter said as she was still alive:”The White House is overrun with jews and they control Congress-this is an open secret”.

  24. rob says:

    In 1823 the Rothschilds took over the finance operations of the Catholic Church.
    Years prior they dictaded the terms at the Congress of Vienna (1815).

  25. rob says:

    After Cromwell beheaded King, Charles I. he terrorized the English people.
    The Puritans were in reality jews for creating via financial support a fifth column in England.
    Cromwell lieutenant – Major Gordon – introduced a resolution before parliament that the English language be forbidden, and that henceforth Hebrew should be the language of the land.
    The resolution failed by only 4 votes.
    Quoted by Eustace Mullins.

    In 1871 William Gladstone elected the jew, Sir George Jessel, as Solicitor General of England.
    The jew Rufus Isaac, became Lord Chief Justice of England, Ambassador to the United States, and Viceroy of India.

    Julius Caesar was Murdered by his own Senators for selling out the Roman people to the jews.
    Quoted by Eustace Mullins in his book.
    Mullins New History of the Jews.

  26. rob says:

    Crops engineered to withstand massive doses of toxic combination of both glyphosate and 2, 4-D (a form of which was used to make agent orange).
    This creates soil depletion. Meaning even if the rice or wheat crop will not be processed into vitaminless grain sold as white rice and white flour-the soil it grew in is exhausted by the poisoning of the soil.
    The soil is like the human body.
    If one puts pesticides and all other stiff into it-it loses minerals etc.
    The human body by poisoning it with pharmaceutical drugs for health reasons does the same thing.
    The body loses its energy as its mineral, vitamins and trace elements are slowly being destroyed.
    So, even the so called health food is low in vitamins as it comes from depleted soil.
    The processed food is totally dead.
    The idea the jews have is to malnurish the world populace.
    The jew provides all the dead food like white rice-white flour (the processed form of whole wheat flour and whole grain rice=brown rice) to the people in addition to fas food and masses of sugared drinks.
    The end result is malnutrition, slowly but steadily.
    Where ever a person goes in the world there is this food being provided most of the time.
    If a doctor does anykind of autopsy of any ethnic group. The result when he cuts the body open is to be seen at the condition of the heart.
    The diagnose is malnutrition.
    Away of the corpse having tumors and bloated livers or liver zhirrosis etc.
    World control of food turned via manipulation into world hunger. This world hunger is manipulated as it seems to exist in third world countries. But in a different form it exists in the first world too but reversed. In the first world its in medical terms known as malnutrition too only via overweight.
    The everage person doesnt know this. The whole foods i eat have less vitamins in them than 60 years ago.
    This is one form of destroying people by having them spending money on their own malnutrition.
    Or having it provided in the World Health Organization camps via white rice and vaccines.
    This is the most unkown as food is eaten without thinking about food where it came from. And even Vegans who understand the issue think this conspiracy of these corporations can be broken by eating non animal products.
    Like the church people-by following the rules and being good people by having food pantries all will be good.

  27. rob says:

    I dont see an invite on my email.

  28. longrangekiller says:


    From London, Lionel Rothshild supported the South.
    From Paris, James Rothshild supported the North.

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