behavior patterns in Jews.

For some time, I’ve noticed a pattern in Jews. Luckily, I may not have it fully nailed down, but this may help.


  • Whenever there’s an event where they carry out a racist attack, they downplay (in other words, a Minimization) the crime whenever a Jew is in trial, claiming that Jew X would never normally do such a thing when it’s actually contrary to what the kike pretend to cry out to the public eye in the courts.
  • Whenever there’s an (fictitious) event where a racist act is carried out against them, They’ll exaggerate the acts against due to their so-called “suffering” for thousands of years. In actuality, it’s just them playing the victim role in a game of Cops, Criminals, and Victims (okay, the second one is supposed to be robbers, but criminals is a more generalistic term.) When someone of their kind actually dies, then the news of that Jews’ death will ubiquitous on the planet (Take Nelson Mandela and the recent Robin Williams for example). non-Jews must realize that Jews have never been noble creature throughout history, The Talmud has never been a book of heroism, and we’ve yet to see their true form.
  • Whenever the Kikes do something “heroic,” they’re either actually carrying out racist acts against non-Jews.
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3 Responses to behavior patterns in Jews.

  1. Jesse Gilroy says:

    Finding my IP Address is uncomplicated…and inoperative.
    Well, have fun being challenged.

  2. koyote says:

    keep up the good work

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