Credit and taxes: Both are scams

Jews are a race, not a religion


It’s been established on one of my pages here that Jews have created money.  It should be obvious that banks have been invented by Jews,  as they’re known to create something out of nothing and subvert things.  That aside, there are many Jews living in rich houses, and very small number Jews are in poverty.  The average, oblivious non-Jewish person would be jealous of this. This is where it gets really disturbing. Just how exactly do Jews get all these fancy houses? Better yet, why are very little homeless Jews? You’d think these people worked hard for their money and pay their taxes, right? The truth is quite the contrary… This is because Jews never pay taxes or pay credit anywhere in any country! In fact, they get these fancy house through swindling! How do they swindle from people? The average person be crazy when they hear this. They swindle through the banks. At this point, the average non-Jewish person (The American ones, especially) would think I’m making shit up, but I’m not. Why did I say such a statement? Because none of the customers would ever keep an eye on the bankers, their operations behind closed doors, and would never realize the fact that banks are invented by Jews.

How do they operate the swindling process?

  1. You sign a contract.


    All of these bankers, slimy, cowardly (physical sense) Jews who want to make the lives of many non-Jews massively miserable. They look disturbingly similar to the Mafia…. That’s because they founded the criminal concept of a mobster.

  2. The Jewish bankers use your signature to create a “credit”, and loan this to you.
  3. Whenever you don’t pay something you don’t really owe, they will send repossession men/women to “repossess” (read: steal) your property, make some money off of this without spending a single quarter.

For instance, let’s just say banks/corporations “finance” a $50K truck. You default on this. However, they haven’t loaned you anything and can steal it all. Next, they take the $50K truck and changed the price to $30K and they auction this for, say $10K – $20K . Finally, they now turned this asset into $20K instead of making money on “financing.”

Now this is where the hypocrisy really kicks in. Taxes operate in a similar way,  it’s only that taxes benefit the state. Hypothetically speaking, fail to pay $700,000 property and the state takes your house, leaving you homeless. After getting your house, they make the $700K. Then, they get the $14k taxes per year from a new buyer. The outrageous thing is, they never lose a single penny in either of these cases. If you think I’m making stuff up now,  I have a bible to have you see me smash it in anger.

If you’re slow on the hypocrisy of the paragraph regarding taxes, I’ll explain it to you non-Jewish people. The government, an organization consisting of police, politicians, all who are  meant to uphold the law, is stealing your home for not “paying” them the taxes. You’d  lose your heads and tell me that it isn’t true, because cops are meant to protect people, yes? Sadly, no.


Give a person a position of authority, regardless if he/she earned it or not, will bound to be prideful hypocrites who see themselves as “righteous” and everyone else ignorant people.

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5 Responses to Credit and taxes: Both are scams

  1. Even that small number of jews who appear poor are not, just using their acting skills again.

  2. Lex Mercatoria says:

    The property tax scam is yet another example of word games designed to screw with our perceptions.

    They don’t call it “land taxes” or “building taxes” because they never tax the land or the structures built thereon. Property, (real property or real estate in this instance) is NOT land, buildings and the like, but rather the fictional “interest” one may have in such things. Furthermore, they only tax it because someone went down to their city or county office and “registered” the “property” in their records.

    If your property wasn’t registered they wouldn’t know about it thus you’d never hear from them unless they wanted to buy it, in which case they wouldn’t/couldn’t take it via emminent domain. They actually respect private property but if anything is registered in the public then said thing is NOT private. 99% of the “real estate” out there is not private, contrary to what the users (not owners) believe.

    The vast majority of houses and the land underneath have the property interests registered because the users obtained said lands & houses via financing. As soon as you sign the closing documents the bank’s attorney rushes down to the city/county recorder to register the property. Why? Not because that must be done pursuant to so-called “law”–it need not be–or because the bank wants to pay taxes, but rather because unless it’s registered so as to be “in United States” the bank could not enforce their interest, i.e., foreclose and sieze the house. If not registered it is “without the United States” and if you are also “without the United States” then the attorneys couldn’t proceed in any action against you without violating the terms of their law license, which would make any such attorney personally liable for his/her actions. If properly noticed, any attorney in his right mind will back off, as they have too much to lose.

    The solution is to remove the property from the tax rolls. If properly challenged, the city/county authorities will do so. In short, if you registered it, or had it registered, then it can be unregistered–no more “property taxes”! You could then get an official statement from the county recorder, tax assessor, or whoever, that there’s no record of a property with it’s address in the registry. With that a bank wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if it wanted to foreclose as it would be as if the bank were trying to seize a house on Canadian or Mexican soil, which couldn’t happen.

    Sorry for the rant. I have an interest in how the system works and would like readers to realize “They” aren’t doing “it” to us so much as we are doing it to ourselves. Therefore, we can stop doing it.

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