Courts should be elimated

No, I’m not suggesting disruptive behavior in this post (the same applies for the others.). That out of the way. The reason I say this is that the Jews, being the perverted (both sense of the word) opportunists they are, can and will exploit the trials and rig it the result, free members of  their kind who actually committed a crime, and walk free without any punishment, not to mention they could claim you have no evidence whatsoever against them.

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3 Responses to Courts should be elimated

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    The problem here isn’t the courts themselves. It’s that we’ve been fed lies, or at least we assume/presume the courts, State of XYZ, and United States have jurisdiction over us when, in fact, they don’t. It’s just that few people are aware of this and rebut this presumption. However, their legal actors actually are honorable in how they go about their business. They do not screw with those who are foreign to their domain and when the jurisdictional presumption is properly rebutted they actually do back off and leave one alone.

    Beginning with that dictator wannabe George Washington, *all* U.S. Presidents, Congressmen, “judges”, state governors and legislators have taken an Article 2 § 1(8) oath under the territorial clause (Art. 4 § 3(2)) to support and defend “the Constitution of the United States” and the laws thereof instead of the required Article 6 clause 3 oath “to support *this* Constitution”.

    The Constitution was ratified by the States comprising the Confederacy under the Articles of Confederation but was never adopted by anyone who has served in government because, to this day, none of them have ever taken the proper oath. Sadly, George “Shrub” Bush was correct when he stated the Constitution was just a piece of paper.

    The commercial enterprise named “United States” was established as a temporary government to administer the territories before such areas and the people thereon could become States of the perpetual Union. However, it has become a permanent entity that is bent on gobbling up everything and everyone–by consent.

    The only laws of the people are the “The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America” of July 4, A.D. 1776 and the Articles of Confederation
    of November 15, A.D. 1777. The subsequent Constitution and Northwest Ordinance must be rejected as they are U.S. territorial law which is alien to the free inhabitants and free citizens of the perpetual Union. These four acts are the nation’s organic laws and even the territorial Congress states as much. They are found in the Front Matter of their U.S. Code:

    The name of our nation is “The [with a capital “T”] United States of America”, which is a seperate entity and jurisdiction from “United States” and it’s subdivisions, the “State(s) of XYZ.”

    For example, California and State of California are NOT one and the same. Nowhere in all of the territorial system’s statutes, codes & regulations do they even read that *men*, *women* or *people* shall do or not do anything. Only “persons” are referenced. Well folks, persons are NOT flesh & blood beings.

    I apologize, Shadow, for the rant; I have an interest in the facet of the planet’s mental/spiritual Matrix known as “law”. This is all too much to get into in one post but suffice it to say, it’s all just another word game bit of sleight of hand designed to screw with our perceptions. They’re just gambling few people will ever figure out the truth and call them out on their b.s.

    Their tactic of keeping people too busy and exhausted working for peanuts to have enough energy to think and exit the Matrix is working quite nicely.

  2. This country was not compromised at birth. It was the direct result of kikes malicious intent to claim and destroy everything in their paths. The US was founded on the kikes lie of persecution. ullysses grant was a kike as well, plus he was protecting his people from the slight chance of danger. You don’t round up your enemy. You get rid of them. Every president of this country is a crypto-kike, as they all descend from the kike monarchies in Europe.

  3. Rob, it’s not about fighting. We just need to look at the timeline of events that led to the forming of this nation. The queen of Spain isabella (jew) orders all jews out of the country, supposedly there was a backlash against the jew by the catholic church (the catholic church is ran by crypto-kikes), but most people don’t understand or know what jews are. jews had control of the information then just like they have now. jews once again use their bullshit anti-semitism rhetoric to leave the country. the jews spread across; North Africa, Europe, and into Asia again. christopher columbus leads the majority of jews out of the country to the now called Americas. They become very familiar with the Nations, lifestyle, language, (remember aggressive mimicry) and culture. christopher columbus starts the destruction of the nations through; religious conviction, theft, civil warfare, disease, famine, and slavery. This will continue with the so called Spanish conquistadors (jews) making repeated trips to this side of the globe, until they get their desired result. Reduction of the first nations to a controllable few thousand. They setup colonies here to mold the nations into the future rule that would take place here. After the conquistadors, pilgrims (jews) freemasons (all your top rank masons are jews as freemasonry is jewish idolatry) led by jews and all other so called “religious persecuted groups”(jews as well) make their way to the East Coast. This is the final blow to the Nations this is where the reservations will come into play. Then you know what comes after that; immigration, slavery, civil war etc…While this country granted people limited rights, it was never intended for you to gain true freedom. You were to only exist within the jews limited space that you were given. You’re right it was to become a slow gradual erosion of the limited rights you had from the beginning.

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