Knowledge is power


He definitely has the hooked nose and a somewhat messy beard.

You all know this statement, yes? Most would say that without information, we wouldn’t be having a peaceful society (not really.), having communication, etc.. This statement sounds very intelligent to the average person,  but that isn’t the reason I put this as the title. What no one notices is that this statement is much more suspicious to it than meets the eye. According to many sources, Sir Francis Bacon is the one who first said the quote. However, I suspect that he may be a Jewish person… How exactly do the Jews fit in to this statement? Jews are known to discreetly eavesdrop into telephone calls, discreetly gather information on the net and invade privacy (Jews are lurking creeps, naturally. This is no surprise.). This is also how the Jews undermined humanity from within. If they have no information, they have no leads to undermine us non-Jews.

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9 Responses to Knowledge is power

  1. Ben says:

    You know the digital Age Crap That’s Being Pushed? Well Guest what it’s just Another Jewish industrial Revolution that they Created to Bring Destruction on the Employment of Non-Jews and Economies of Other Countries.

  2. casper says:

    I realize the gentile is simply a sitting duck. When I look back at my life, every dilemma, every bully in school, every individual who gave me a problem, especially detention in school was a Jew.

    The level of control the Jew has over us Gentiles is not something the typical Gentile can fathom. It saddens me that we are subject to these critters with absolutely no blow back or vengeance for what these rats have put us through.

    Each and every one of us is limited one way or another in our daily lives because of the Jew.

    I come to the conclusion that they might actually be aliens from another planet because something of this caliber to be unleashed onto every single race and every single country with such a strong hold has to be of an alien nature…….

    It appears they know who we are and how to cattle us like sheep yet we gentiles are literally ignorant and guessing as to what will happen next. I believe the Jews have spiritual powers of some sort that is granting them a higher ground.

    If you ever are to interact with a real Jew, you will know right away that whatever you are speaking to is in no way human.

    • Don’t ever call humans cattle. It’s just insulting ourselves. That aside, I don’t think whatever we’re told about our solar system is the truth.

      • casper says:

        My point was that the Jews have an extensive advantage and this is why they are kicking us into oblivion without any mercy.

        When you start to look at the big picture, these Jews are large mafia network. The schools, the job force, the media, businesses, Army, Trades, Consumerism are all part of this vast mafia network.

        The question is how do we take the Jew mafia out of commission, is it even possible knowing that they are controlling all sides of the coin ?

        All us Gentiles at the moment are mere keyboard warriors. When is this mass awakening going to happen, if it does at all ?

      • Keyboard Warriors…. That’s a new one.

        That aside, first, we need to point out that all religions are controlled (and made) by Jews, because no non-Jewish religious person expects molesters in their churches.

  3. casper says:

    I myself have been given information your average human does not have nor understands.
    Simply put it…….there is a God. There is a God in existence. The man named Jesus really did walk this planet.

    This is not about religion but fact. This is why Christianity, True Christianity is so lethal to the Jew. The Jew despises the fact that a person goes in prayer to obtain support from a supernatural being named Jesus. How do you instill fear into a person who is not afraid to die? ……………you can’t. Christianity is the escape from the Communist mind cage.

    It is this supernatural being, Jesus, who stands a threat to them. I know this because I have had much time off away from the worlds poisons and I put things to the test of trial and error.

    Your average person is dumb to God. It does not click with them. They cannot grasp nor understand Gods ways. They fail to realize he exists and provides and even talks.

    When I go walking outside and speak to Jesus, I get real time confirmation. This is not coincidence. I tell Jesus, send me a sign and Jesus shows me a keep Christ in Christmas magnet on a car’s rear bumper or someone wearing a Jesus shirt. This is confirmation to me that God is active.

    So what I have come to conclude is we have an alien race out to control us but they know something that they do not want you to know. That is, God. If God is real and people are seeking him………its a threat to these alien hybrids.

    This is why they want to take Jesus out of books because that name is the key to the Gentile. They claim Jesus was a Jew, he was not ………..they say he is the King of the Jews………..he was not…………….but I will tell you what he really was and what they don’t want us to know.

    Jesus is King of the Gentiles, this is what the alien hybrids fear. They fear gentiles relying on Jesus for help and guidance so they devise a matrix to keep us fooled and seeking the aliens for help.

    • Gods don’t exist. There never Never has been, nor will be. WE, the human (non-Jew) race, have to do this ourselves. If you don’t like what i’m telling you, then don’t come here spouting magical fallacies. The Jews are running all religions, so if that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

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