Leading by example: An bad concept of Leadership

Leading by example to hero worship

The average non-Jew (who is an unwitting pawn) today would tell you that this is the easiest way to be a leader. I, however, think this isn’t the case as this, to my great annoyance, will lead to nothing but constant hero worship and, more importantly, the addition of more pawns. There are holidays for specific people (I.E Dr. Martin Luther King (Real name is Michael King) holiday, Malcolm X holiday, Lincoln’s holiday, President’s day, etc.) Being a real leader is (other than caring for the safety of people correct where people mess up, finding leads in order to fix the problem, and ideas of simple solutions. Jews are not real leaders. They’re opportunistic actors will put their acting skills to use in any event (yes, even the ones on the news.) to further their agenda. They never really cared about humanity. The Kikes won’t pull any punches in killing any non-Jews who get in the way of their plans. If you disagree with me on this I could care less.

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10 Responses to Leading by example: An bad concept of Leadership

  1. rob says:

    False leadership is the worst thing.

    1913 the NAACP was created.
    1914 Professor Emeritus “Joel Springarn” of Columbia University became chairman of the NAACP.

    The Professor recruited for the board jews as:
    Jacob Shiff ( the Shiff jew family produced the federal reserve for producing world wars and constant revolutions guerilla wars and political strife on a world scale to achieve the jew world objective of a world jewish soviet), Jacob Billikopf, Rabbi Stephen Wise. Stephen Wise said in the American Bulletin (may 1935) “people call it marxism-i call it judaism”.
    Quoted from jewish historian Howard Sachar’s book:”A HISTORY OF THE JEWS IN AMERICA”.

    Obama’s wife is related to the head rabbi of Beth Shalom B’ nai.

    All black leaders who joined this jewish organization were outright commies.
    Not everyone knew that this was a phony organization-especially not the naive folks who joined decades later. But at the beginning all blacks new that this is fake.
    Marcus Garvey wanted to do business with them as they had this fancy name but immediately turned around and left that bullshit jew front for blacks.
    He mentioned: this is not a black organization.

    All leaders of the blacks came or were associated with this jewish group.
    After 60 years the jews decided that a black president can be appointed. This president of course had no power. But it was looking good for this jew front to have a black guy manipulating the eye.

    We have with this NAACP organization a very good presentation of an engineered movement that had a fake mass support basis.

    If we look at Che Guevara.
    He was a leader of a communist group..they killed him. He didnt succeed with his movement. Only the shirts of the young people who wear his picture survived.
    J.F.K. He was killed.
    He didnt succeed. Only documentaries show his family and that what he did. It didnt survive his death.
    Diem in south vietnam at the beginning of the sixties.
    He started to round up the commies and if he had continued south vietnam would have not been had.
    The CIA saw their infiltration of their commie groups in danger. They warned him to follow protocol ( let go of prosecution of the red network within south vietnam) but he didnt listen.
    The jews killed him.
    Nothing of his ideas survived. No one walking around with his face on a shirt like the Che studstudent.
    Malcolm got killed. Nothing survived him. He didnt succeed. His organization is left but jew controled.
    Only street names of his survived. The black people forgot partially about him.
    Marcus Garvey is forgotten too.
    If Hitler would have been killed he would have not been able to strike the jewish soviet.
    Mussolini if he had died would have not participated in ww2.

    The above examples show how control is applied.
    If a leader is killed-nearly in most of the cases his movement cant succeed. This even is taught in the school system.
    “If they had killed hitler there would have been no war”.
    Any leader that got killed from the above mentioned- in addition to others all around the world like LUMUMBA (CONGO) etc. Failed to succeed by not being able to continue to lead their movements.

    Now this turns around by the NAACP and MLK.
    They kill the leader of this civil rights movement and it wont shut down the movement.
    It continues and continues via mass media untill this day – hammering via jewish black history month the success of this unsuccessful movement.

    This shows that the jew has control of absolute all movements worldwide via federal reserve funding.
    He decides if a leader gets killed or has a little longer shelve life than other revolutionaries.
    If they decide his time is over they kill him.
    MLK died. His movement was not full supported by blacks due to rioting. Like in the riots there after civil rights could not get the black middle class support it needed. The same by the L.A. riots. No black middle class supported it. But hip-hop oustracised can survive these bad reports and critics as it is like black history month constant on the idiot box though people dont support it. It seems that blacks support it. Like by the civil right NAACP bullshit. The idiot box is able to create something by visiual and emotional programing that is not existant. So jewish hip-hop becomes the black. Black people in general are behind it and support it.
    So, civil rights riots and destruction like in L .A. becomes black. Obama becomes black.
    Movements lost their leaders by jews killing them. Their leaderless movements stopped operating or left the world stage to be forgotten. Only the NAACP & CIVIL RIGHTS wont leave the stage and wont stop operating
    This movement continues though its dead to live on in the minds of people via the idiot box linked to black history month and docus of slavery. All connected to have maximum impact where there is no real thing going on.
    A perfect set up to create race tensions and have black folks thinking they have rights meanwhile the jew cops pull them over-taser-beat-pepper spray and shoot them. Though this happens to all americans except jews in their respective race segregated neighborhoods the idiot box makes it a white thing of racism. The TV says so and the populace believes it. The americans who wonder about this as they know its not only blacks that receive the jew cop treatment of course are confused or get angry at blacks because the idiot box manipulates them. This illusion is so strong that it is the main source of control though people dont believe in politics anymore like they use to do. Still they’re believers. As the jew produces illusions-these illusion distract, confuse and devide the americans into a angry group that fights itself. Divide and conquer. Dozens of targets. Dozens of drug addicted faithless heros. Dozens of drugs to choose from. Dozens of pornsites to choose from. Dozens of psychologists to go to. Dozens of diets. Dozens of websites to get contact to a male or female. Dozens of self help books. Dozens of channels. Hundreds of films to choose by via idiot box, movie theatre-netflix-youtube. All controled by the jew wanting the american people not to wake up.
    BLACK HISTORY MONTH-NAACP-CIVIL RIGHTS-NATION OF ISLAM-never succeeded only by deception dividing and conquering the mind of the non jew. BY DECEPTION WE SHALL WAGE WAR.

  2. rob says:

    Ford Foundation financially supports and influenced all CIVIL RIGHTS GROUPS.

    Ford Foundation gave $600.000 to the Revolutionary Southwest Council of La Raza in 1968.
    1969 it gave another $500.000.

  3. rob says:

    Howard University was a commie training school for Ralph Blanche and many other Black Marxists.
    Howard University was the only college in America whose entire budget was provided by the government.

  4. rob says:

    Warren Commision mentions ELIJAH MUHAMAD because H.L.Hunt paid Elijah Muhamad.
    The same to the KU KLUX KLAN.
    They kept the above secret for decades. How does that look if people find out that the nation Of Islam a racist organization who rallies against whites is being funded by a white super millionaire in addition to being funded by the jews into a multimillion corporation at the present.
    Malcolm all the time wondered and had dificulties dealing with the Nation of Islam having the American Nazi Party stormtroopers often in the crowd when he spoke to the nation of islam flock.
    Rockwell made speeches at the Nation of Islam that were responded to with standing ovations.
    The same Rockwell gave speeches at universities of white student audiences and was not well received.
    Malcolm never got it into his mind why the Nation had connections with the KU KLUX KLAN that made speeches at the Nation of Islam and met members of the nation of islam for discussing future actions (discussing future actions with the Klan?)
    Malcolm just didnt knew that his Nation of Islam was a jewish front organization that controled the radical part of blacks in America. Like the KU KLUX KLAN as this white group got controled by the jews too was supervised by jew groups to control white people.
    ROCKWELL had a small party operating. He was a bad peoples person and good in business and promoting his party. He was killed by one of his disgruntled storm troopers never realising that the dynamics the jews set up through their victory of the 3rd Reich never would allow him any even little gains in his show campaigns that the jews allowed him to have. This , meanwhile other patriots were taking into insane asylums-jails-had taken their business away-had to leave the country-had been killed by FBI or hired killers or had been denounced in jew campaigns in their mass media that left them ruined and with broken families.
    Rockwell made speeches everywhere and had his promotion via jew media for that everyone new him in the US. The jewish mass media circus he operated within made him famous. The jews never feared him.
    They never feared Malcolm as he was controled by the same mass media Rockwell and the Klan got controled by.
    Untill this day the jew dynamics control the same groups today as they did in the past.

  5. rob says:

    Malcolm was to go to a secret meeting at Minister Jeremiah Wrights house.
    Yes the same JEREMIAH WRIGHT that was the MENTOR OF OBAMA.
    The fake church guy who was a marxist.

    KKK, NOI=Nation of Islam and GOVERNMENT AGENTS were waiting for Malcolm.
    Again like so often before Malcolm could not understand what the NOI had to do with the people present – who all represented groups with interest totally contrary to that of the NOI.
    The NOI was doing business with the gov.
    The gov. funded them for having all their farm land and doing their health food stuff.
    The gov. protected this fake NOI by allowing them to have their own armed militia – security unit – called ” THE FRUIT OF ISLAM” – they have them full armed to this day meanwhile all other so called “Hate Groups” will sooner or later bee seen on the idiot box being raided if they will ever reach only a quarter of the size of the NOI. Even this would be not real b/s they would be sponsored by the jew gov. if they reach this size. In that case they wont raid their compounds as they have the status of the NOI or NATIONAL SOCIALIST MOVEMENT.
    It is interesting how Malcolm who was picked in jail to be groomed was reading so much jew books that he was to be easily guided by the groomers of the fake nation which were doing the jews brain work on Malcolm.
    Absolute all other black groups dissapeared except the FREEMASONIC NOI.
    The jew Gov. were the guiding force to manage the fake black NOI and the fake KKK both FREEMASONIC.
    The FREEMASSONIC gov was the creater of these black and white groups for managing DUALISM.
    The Klan was in its essence anti christian.
    Who burns crosses?
    There was no true christian group in American History who burned crosses meanwhile their own symbol got slowly banned from corporate bldg’s, tenement bldg’s, municipal bldg’s, public spaces and some churches in their own country.
    NOI, KKK and the GOV. worked as a team.But what did they wanted to discuss at this meeting???

  6. rob says:

    “Malcolm went in 1961 to a meeting to minister Jeremiah Wright’s house.
    The “HEADS” of the KU KLUX KLAN were present and some high officials of the gov. to negotiate a deal for a piece of land to make the idea of ELIJAH MUHAMAD of a separate black nation more feasable”.

    Well, originally the Klan wanted that blacks go back to Africa. But here they’re helping them with gov. support to get their own Nation as Muslims in Christian America.
    If the Klan would have been real – instead of the NOI there would have been a more appropriate candidate fitting in the frame work of things – far better than the NOI and the GOV.
    Well, who would have been perfect for the Klan?

    MARCUS GARVEY of course.
    He had the same vision that the Klan had…blacks back to Africa.
    But the jewish FBI took care of his organization.

    This shows the evidence that the GOVERNMENT, KU KLUX KLAN & NATION OF ISLAM existed solely to produce race tensions but secretly worked together.
    Like the SOVIET UNION & U.S.A. produced the cold war tensions but secretly worked together.
    The KKK, GOV, NOI worked secretly against the American People.

    The U.S.A. & SOVIET UNION worked secretly against the people of the world.

    From domestic front groups to world wide front groups all is covered.

    As Malcolm went to Mecca he noticed that the NOI is not preaching the koran correctly and is off in many other things concerning ISLAM.
    But it wasn’t troubling enough to make him quit.
    Finally his naivety was crushed as he found out that Elijah and some top lieutenants of the fake muslims had sexual relations in the NOI with minors and other females but were preaching to the flock MONOGAMY.

    Malcolm quit the FOI.
    He set up MOSQUE INC.
    He turned away from racism and hooked up with whites. He would have survived if he joined jew forces with MLK.
    But Malcolm didnt support desegregation of the CIVIL RIGHTS blacks.
    With his fame he became a huge problem to the Jews desegregation movement.

  7. rob says:

    Malcolm never knew whom he was up against. A perfect pawn. But without knowing he stepped out of his pawn situation by leaving the FOI (Nation of Islam). He wasn’t aware himself that he became a huge problem with the fame the jews produced for him prior-as he still was in the FOI.
    As the CIVIL RIGHTS movement was massive supported only on tv but the FOI instead of controling Malcolm had now a wild card produced “called Malcolm X”-they acted quite swiftly.
    The jews killed him using killers of the JEWISH FOI.

    This same scenario happened to “KHALID MUHAMAD” about 45 years later.
    He was a known race baiter in the NOI but went to radical and was dismissed by jew pedo FARRAKHAN.
    On his own he rallied against whites but developed an understanding of the jews. Its at all times fine to rally against whitey but to rally people up against the jew – is a NO GO.
    He started not following protocol and one day in CONGRESS he openly rallied against the jew.
    Again a prior controlled black gets kicked out and starts his own thing. He rallies against the jew. This is a NO NO.
    The jews acted also here kind of swiftly and killed KHALID MUHAMAD.

    As Malcolm’s Daughter wasnt jew wise she was set up by jew NOI & jew FBI. Jew pedo FARRAKHAN met with her years later to heal wounds and create new bonds with her and her family. Farrakhan pedo admitted that he had a part in killing Malcolm.
    What he didn’t say is that he works for the jew gov and kills everyone the jew gov tells him to murder. If a black person drops out of his PEDOPHILE NATION and does his own=hooking up with whites or rally up tensions against jews – he goes to heaven.
    Sadly the FOI is known for pedophilia in her own ranks. Nothing new by FREEMASONIC FRONT GROUPS.

  8. rob says:

    MLK’s adviser & personal secretary Bayard Rustin (jew).

    B. Rustin joined Young Communist League in 1936 @ New York City College.
    He went to jail for draft dodging for 2 years in 1944.
    He went for 60 days to jail for “Lewd Vagrancy” and “Homosexuel Perversion”.
    Vice President was Fred Shittlesworth he also was Vice President of Communist Front called: SOUTHERN EDUCATIONAL FUND.
    SEF’s Field Director was: Carl Braden.
    He was national sponsor of the fair play for cuba comittee ( LEE HARVEY OSWALD after JFK assassination was mentioned in connection with same organization.)
    Program Director for SCLC was Reverend Andrew Young later Jimmy Carters (jewish freemason) ambassador to the U.N. and mayor of Atlanta.

  9. rob says:

    During ww1 Spingarn was simultaneously a major in the U.S. Military Intelligence Department -MID- and NAACP’s chairman of the board.
    He used his post to obtain critical information for the MID.

    Story of Mossad.
    Told by Eustace Mullins.

    They got their income from the Chicago Public Works Dep.
    Major was Jack Harvey a Zionist – he was backed by Colonel Henry Crown armament king of General Dynamics Corp.
    They sceamed up 10.000 alleged workers working as a fiction at the Public Works Dep. – all the checks went to Mossad, funding it into a rich organization.

    Downtown Chicago was flooded and the 10.000 workers which never did any work for many years appeared to be now non existent finaly.

  10. rob says:

    The KKK supported and conducted an organization campaign for F.D.R. in 1931-1932, in 17 Southern States.
    The Klan sued F.D.R. for part of the money spend.
    F.D.R. appointed a Klansman to the Supreme Court.

    Alessandro de Medici Duke of Penne, and Duke of Florence (also called I’Moro) was born to an African Italian Mother (a servant) and an Italian Father.
    The Father would become “POPE CLEMENT VII.”

    Queen Charlotte (the person that the charlottenburger schloss is named after in Berlin) belonged to a Portuguese Royal Family begun by Alfonso III. and his lover Madragana a Moor.

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