Leading by example: An bad concept of Leadership

Leading by example to hero worship

The average non-Jew (who is an unwitting pawn) today would tell you that this is the easiest way to be a leader. I, however, think this isn’t the case as this, to my great annoyance, will lead to nothing but constant hero worship and, more importantly, the addition of more pawns. There are holidays for specific people (I.E Dr. Martin Luther King (Real name is Michael King) holiday, Malcolm X holiday, Lincoln’s holiday, President’s day, etc.) Being a real leader is (other than caring for the safety of people correct where people mess up, finding leads in order to fix the problem, and ideas of simple solutions. Jews are not real leaders. They’re opportunistic actors will put their acting skills to use in any event (yes, even the ones on the news.) to further their agenda. They never really cared about humanity. The Kikes won’t pull any punches in killing any non-Jews who get in the way of their plans. If you disagree with me on this I could care less.

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