All synagogues must be destroyed

Rights are nonexistent.

Szeged. Zsinagóga.

Don’t let the fancy looks of that building fool you. It’s filled with depraved humanoid creatures who plot to enslave non-Jews.

All these filthy hives which have kept Jews have got to go. What’s even more hypocritical is that they’ll call anything out for wearing all black, yet they wear all black themselves. It’s really surprising non-Jews still aren’t suspicious of these creatures. These buildings fooled every ignorant non-Jew into thinking that it’s nice when it’s quite the contrary.

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7 Responses to All synagogues must be destroyed

  1. These motherfucking kikes are finished……

    • It’s been a while since you’ve commented here, mate。but don’t be so sure; they still have tricks up their sleeves.

      • Been busy. Tricks only last so long, and light always reveals the darkness. Tricks can’t stand up against sheer force, which is what’s coming their way…….

      • Remember anything can be overcome…ANYTHING…….When you put impossibilities in your head, you will fail. These kikes want you to give up because of their system in place. These rats can’t psych out a strong mind. Nothing in life is impossible….

      • I hear ya, bro. It’s just that I’m not underestimatig them. The weakness of discouragement is something the Jews relish heavily on, as mentioned in their protocols of Zion.

  2. Cody says:

    It’s amazing that people don’t see the truth about these criminals the Jews, they wear those big ass godfather black hats. Clearly a sign of their motives.

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