Michael King Day

For all of you Africans who keep worshiping Michael King (AKA Martin Luther King Jr., a name change that was never legal to begin with.)  like he’s some damned savior, he’s no savior. He’s secretly had ties to communists and appointed them into the several districts to support his movement. The FBI (Owned by Jews) have kept surveilance on him in case he ever betrays them as seen here for the full details. There’s no other way to sugarcoat it. Many black people have always had a sense of pride that they’ve finally gotten the freedom they’ve finally wanted when the Civil Rights movement had Jews discreetly murdering any African who ever found out about their real motives. The secret (read: true) purpose of the Civil Rights movement was for the Jews to stave off any opposition to their plans. All I can hear is a massive denial state that he was never a liar or traitor. What’s worse is that the whole “I have a dream” quote was originally said by a pastor by the name Archibald Carey, as can be heard here.
What will Africans as a whole do now that Michael King was exposed as a traitor to black people? I say abandon this guy, smash your pride (pride is worse than stupidity), form up with all the other non-Jew races to get rid of the Jewish menace?

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13 Responses to Michael King Day

  1. As laid out above for the uninformed. When will you folks realize your heros are bullshit. Quit idolizing these jews, and jewish puppets etc… No one is going to save you, learn too save yourself, you and only you can do it..

    • Cody says:

      I agree one hundred percent, I am an African American who knows exactly what devastation the Jews have caused the Black and White races, trying my best to wake up my white brothers in order for us to resist this non-human force. Dr King help to destroy the Black community into submission. I know because I was around during the 60’s. They loved the way he was persuading Blacks, until he started talking about the Vietnam War, that got him killed, don’t mess with Jew money!

      • rob says:

        You know I believed this too.
        I mean this vietnam thing.
        He mentioned this.
        But I believe that they killed him b/s of other reasons.that vietnam at that time was not popular didnt came from him. He picked that vietnam line up from the black revolutionaries and the hippie movement.
        The young people of america weren’t immediately against all this southeast asia war stuff.
        It got heavy when the TED OFFENSIVE of the vietcong seemed to make the 400.000 soldiers in south Vietnam didnt look to good. Though the armed forces eliminated the vietcong-the jew media fixed it in to a problem for the army. This jump started the movement to be heard around the world. Like occupy wallstreet the jew turned this into a world event. As M.L.K. mentioned Vietnam in the negative the jews allready ran the peace movement worldwide negating america and their war effort.
        No M.L.K. needed. It pushed the black jew controled campus and non student groups into revolt.
        THIS WAS PLANED like occupy wallstreet. Martin just pushed it too. He didnt originated it as he even by his speeches and his appearances was guided by STEVENSON (handler) and others second in command by forming the perception of black folks.
        The civil rights movement could succeed as it did b/s of the war that created division of race-of gender and of class. All guided carefully by the eternal jew. M.L.K did his part by stepping in the lime light with the right speeches @ the right time.
        Like the black revolutionaries were needed at that moment for this multiple revolt.
        The black movements were destroyed like M.L.K. was destroyed (except the jew front organization of fake muslim”THE NATION OF ISLAM”-later to be led by farrakhan a jew). The vietnam era was part of the jew game were all groups and the jew controled KKK needed to push the divide & conquer sheme.
        It culminated with the staged and slow deconstruction of their own self created revolutions.
        They killed M.L.K.
        a. Resulting in heavy black riots.
        They infiltrated every KKK unit which had a significant size large enough to be considered important to be controled by the jew F.B.I.
        They destroyed the black panthers meanwhile the Jew KKK made big rallies against the black uprising (which was guided as the black destruction of the same uprising by jews).
        Over the next years they destroyed the civil rights movement which became a mere sheme on the idiot box.
        The black church turned away from the movement.
        The dynamics of this jew proxy revolution paralyzed the branches of the military.
        The idea was not killing martin luther king for the anti vietnam rhetoric. The idea of a global peace movement and control of that same movement had to coincide with the upheaval in the armed forces. This anti vietnam talk was part of driving these dynamics that controled and immediatly pushed these upheavals and guided them into control mode (KKK) or destruction mode (BLACK GROUPS).
        As the civil rights groups artificially succeded without mass support of the black church folks-the jews destroyed the panthers and made the last independend kkk groups jewish organizations.
        All revolutionary blacks went underground or got arrested or stoped being revolutionaries or dissapeared.
        The waves of this engineered chaos of divide & conquer reached the army where jews were waiting in the U.S. and in south east asia and europe to get at the army now.Nearly on all continents where there were military bases the jew instigated revolts. This happened worldwide. Even in japan.
        The U.S. army broke down under the pressure. In Europe the police had to beat down black soldiers who stepped out of line as MP (military police) often could not handle the situations.
        The U.S army collapsed. Through race wars in vietnam the U.S. army was ripped apart by race attacks-theft as beatings, robberies, alcoholism, pharmaceutical drug addiction, heroin addiction-pot addiction and beatings,blackmailing and killings of u.s. army officers in vietnam-the army literally folded. the army big shots decided to halt entirely ground operations in south Vietnam in 1971.
        We see that the jew had multiple goals. One goal was to denounce vietnam. M.L.K did this. Hippies and blacks revolted. The jewish weather underground and other today forgotten groups bombed and destracted the middle class.
        This middle class turned like the black folks by MLK riots in horror away from their own youth.
        The jewish objective was divide the races-the army-the genders-the young from their parents (the same by black folks) the people from their government-planting distrust in the american people.
        With the killing of J.F.K and the collapse of the U.S. ARMY and the withdrawel of Vietnam in 1973 an jewish divide and conquer era ended.
        The next era would be CRACK COCAINE and the slowly full spectrum dominance of the NATIONAL SECURITY STATE with its alphabet agencies working with the russian mafyia-mexican mafia-italian mafia in tandem to control the well armed american populace. That there was no collective revolution or partial revolt of no ethnic groups is due to drugging the populace with food – illegal drugs & legal medication drugs and duping them to believe in the LAW.
        I suspect that M.L.K. lived out his purpose and was used by killing him to serve his former jew masters purpose of revolt. Until his death M.L.K. served the jew and he still dose after his death.

  2. rob says:

    The denial of the community (black) is so extreme that they’re taken out to dry.
    Every black history month the jew manages their minds so properly that they stay put for another year.
    The old church folks assess the history quite well by saying:”back in the days it was better”.
    They ramble then about the young people of today and other stuff in comparison with the good ole days.
    Its a %100 percent thing. Not 99.9 percent of the old folks say it-its % 100 of the old folks.
    The people who grew up in 1930/40/50/60 that are still around praise a society that was racist that they claim had ended through martin luther king (civil rights).
    But as early as the black jew history month wears off they denounce any comparison of the present with the good ole days.
    This is something only the jew is capable of.
    Having the entire old school black community switching from one opposite side to the other and for that controlling both views via emotions. No rational thinking available by this nonsense.
    They praise a time that was according to their own opinion racist but still praise it.
    Then when the jew box shows black history month with martin luther king-they switch positions and adore him for what he accomplished.
    But what he accomplished does not resonate and they immediately complain about the present:”back in the days it was better” when confronted with the jew created reality of drugged hoods and unemployment as prostitution and shoot outs – black history month has no chance to convince them. But next year the same jew black history month makes them switch again.
    It wears off more and more.
    I spoke with an old military black man-and he confided to me that the civil rights movement was bull. He whisperd it as he never would say it in his social black church circles out loud. I wonder how many more noticed that civil rights was bull.
    By only watching the jew box every african american as any other ethnic group in this country-is seeing that M.L.K did schieve not a dream but rather a NIGHTMARE.
    Now we can educate that this was and still continues to be a jewish produced nightmare.

  3. Yeah one that still confuses Humans, and will into the future.

    • In other words, John F. Kennedy is still alive! Where did you get the part about them faking their deaths and escaping at night from?

      • jfk could be alive if so he’s not in the US anymore. The day he was “assassinated” was the day he escaped. More than likely too jewish infested Palestine. Consider this. jews love nightfall. This is when the moon is out (most of the time). Their own calendar and events always take place in the wee hours of night being tied to the moon cycles. jews do damn near all of their dirt at night while we are sleeping. They always use the cover of darkness too escape. you will never see a kike fleeing in daylight as they will be exposed. jews are vampires. Look at all the vampire movies, they depict exactly how jews operate. these jew love exposing themselves via their kikewood movie studios, yet Humans can’t seem too pick up on this.

      • Hahaha, Looks like all those vampire movies reared their ugly heads.

      • It’s funny but a fact. jews use holyweird as a medium to expose themselves in a cryptic tone. While destroying the mind in the process.

  4. rob says:

    Nearly overlapping – MLK was trained by jewish communist as was Nelson Mandela.
    The ANC guerilla force known as:
    uMkhonto we Sizwe-MK aka Spear of the Nation-was founded in 1961 by Nelson Mandela and his advisor (handler) Lituanian jew communist JOE SLOVO, born Yossel Mashel Slovo. He was the Secretary General of the South African Communist Party in 1968.
    ANC was put in power in 1994 with Mandela as President.
    Secretary of housing was JOE SLOVO Mandelas handler.
    If one checks on the living areas in the poor parts of South Africa (housing) one sees the same misery the jew produced for the black/latino and trailer park whites.
    The poor whites live like the poor whites in america.
    The blacks and latinos live here in america like the blacks in the housing areas in south africa that the jews control via drugs and law enforcement.
    All jewish produced if in america or south africa.
    Not one jewish community has to live in the trailers of south african whites or the ruined housing of the south african blacks. To protect the jewish community of the gigantic crime wave in south africa that the jews produced-they jews have to control law enforcement and the law itself as the courts. This they do like in america.
    Both countries are the product of jewish parasitism.
    In both countries both whites and blacks were defeated by being divided and for that conquered by the jew.
    South Africa was after the defeat of the Boors a jewish country.

  5. rob says:

    I mean with defeated that both groups white and black and others are sleeping.
    Only an army can be defeated but a people have to be put to sleep with mass media.
    Once they awake and understand divide & conquer they have to team up.
    Any other strategy is in itself jewish and leads to failure.

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