Michael King Day

For all of you Africans who keep worshiping Michael King (AKA Martin Luther King Jr., a name change that was never legal to begin with.)  like he’s some damned savior, he’s no savior. He’s secretly had ties to communists and appointed them into the several districts to support his movement. The FBI (Owned by Jews) have kept surveilance on him in case he ever betrays them as seen here for the full details. There’s no other way to sugarcoat it. Many black people have always had a sense of pride that they’ve finally gotten the freedom they’ve finally wanted when the Civil Rights movement had Jews discreetly murdering any African who ever found out about their real motives. The secret (read: true) purpose of the Civil Rights movement was for the Jews to stave off any opposition to their plans. All I can hear is a massive denial state that he was never a liar or traitor. What’s worse is that the whole “I have a dream” quote was originally said by a pastor by the name Archibald Carey, as can be heard here.
What will Africans as a whole do now that Michael King was exposed as a traitor to black people? I say abandon this “champion”, smash your pride (pride is worse than stupidity), form up with all the other non-Jew races to get rid of the Jewish menace.

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11 Responses to Michael King Day

  1. As laid out above for the uninformed. When will you folks realize your heros are bullshit. Quit idolizing these jews, and jewish puppets etc… No one is going to save you, learn too save yourself, you and only you can do it..

    • Cody says:

      I agree one hundred percent, I am an African American who knows exactly what devastation the Jews have caused the Black and White races, trying my best to wake up my white brothers in order for us to resist this non-human force. Dr King help to destroy the Black community into submission. I know because I was around during the 60’s. They loved the way he was persuading Blacks, until he started talking about the Vietnam War, that got him killed, don’t mess with Jew money!

  2. jfk “assassination” was a hoax like every other jew that fakes their deaths in the public, then escape at night. Plus there aren’t Russian, Mexican, Italian “mafias”. The drug trade is strictly jewish with Humans used as pawns.

  3. Yeah one that still confuses Humans, and will into the future.

    • In other words, John F. Kennedy is still alive! Where did you get the part about them faking their deaths and escaping at night from?

      • jfk could be alive if so he’s not in the US anymore. The day he was “assassinated” was the day he escaped. More than likely too jewish infested Palestine. Consider this. jews love nightfall. This is when the moon is out (most of the time). Their own calendar and events always take place in the wee hours of night being tied to the moon cycles. jews do damn near all of their dirt at night while we are sleeping. They always use the cover of darkness too escape. you will never see a kike fleeing in daylight as they will be exposed. jews are vampires. Look at all the vampire movies, they depict exactly how jews operate. these jew love exposing themselves via their kikewood movie studios, yet Humans can’t seem too pick up on this.

      • Hahaha, Looks like all those vampire movies reared their ugly heads.

      • It’s funny but a fact. jews use holyweird as a medium to expose themselves in a cryptic tone. While destroying the mind in the process.

      • iewslayer says:

        Note that it isn’t just the Hollywood film studios in which the Jews have omnipotent control. That’s more Jewish misrepresentation. Whenever you see Drama or theatre, whether set or staged in France, or Spain, or England, or Germany, or Italy, or Russia, or Japan, or India, or Canada, or Brazil, you can be almost certain that there’s Jews involved. All Drama (and most fiction in general) is Jewish.

      • A Belated thank you for pointing that out. I should have known Jews have acting studios everywhere.

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