Solution: Get rid of and Destroy Hollywood

Hollywood is no ordinary filming company. It’s not only that the movies suck, but they portray Jews as the kindest individuals when it’s quite the contrary. The Jews make everyone accept this portrayal. Even if it’s all acting, this could seriously make someone actually think these genocidal maniacs are philanthropic when they’re really not so. I’d say we’re better off without a film industry, because even with someone in the performance trying to send a message to the audience, they’re still acting. I don’t care what lesson we’re told in the movies these Kikes make, they’re still actors nonetheless, which is, in a sense, hypocritical. Hollywood doesn’t even have any original ideas, let alone, morality. Hollywood’s not even worthy of being a film industry for this. What kind of company steal ideas for movies for the sake of money?
I might as well have the entertainment industry destroyed as well because Jews are behind Black Comedy (no, not that kind.) as well, because who the fuck would laugh at someone’s death in a satire? That isn’t funny. Not only that, but they mess with the subconscious of non-Jews, which ultimately provokes a race war There should never, ever, ever be a film industry for Jews; They’ll start shilling themselves in their most twisted way ever. I’d play chess than watch shitty ass mafia/terrorist/comedy movies made by them.

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2 Responses to Solution: Get rid of and Destroy Hollywood

  1. Ben says:

    Do you have a Feeling that the Charlie Hedbo incident was a Hoax?

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