Solution: Get rid of and Destroy Hollywood

Hollywood is no ordinary filming company. It’s not only that the movies suck, but they portray Jews as the kindest individuals when it’s quite the contrary. The Jews make everyone accept this portrayal. Even if it’s all acting, this could seriously make someone actually think these genocidal maniacs are philanthropic when they’re really not so. I’d say we’re better off without a film industry, because even with someone in the performance trying to send a message to the audience, they’re still acting. I don’t care what lesson we’re told in the movies these Kikes make, they’re still actors nonetheless, which is, in a sense, hypocritical. Hollywood doesn’t even have any original ideas, let alone, morality. Hollywood’s not even worthy of being a film industry for this. What kind of company steal ideas for movies for the sake of money?
I might as well have the entertainment industry destroyed as well because Jews are behind Black Comedy (no, not that kind.) as well, because who the fuck would laugh at someone’s death in a satire? That isn’t funny. Not only that, but they mess with the subconscious of non-Jews, which ultimately provokes a race war There should never, ever, ever be a film industry for Jews; They’ll start shilling themselves in their most twisted way ever. I’d play chess than watch shitty ass mafia/terrorist/comedy movies made by them.

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4 Responses to Solution: Get rid of and Destroy Hollywood

  1. Ben says:

    Do you have a Feeling that the Charlie Hedbo incident was a Hoax?

  2. rob says:

    The jews not only stage these hedbo & sandy hook events (all around the world)
    they also stage that they were faked.
    The jew mass media is used for all issues to create a response from the public. This response is planed.
    From sandy hook to the african mall shootings – from 9/11 to the revelation that ISIS is a C.I.A. front – from saddam Husseins soldiers in kuwait ripping the tubes out of the incubaters for the babies in the hospital to the F.B.I selling guns to the gangs. From the moon landing hoax to the dinosaur hoax. From the corruption scandals of political figures to the revelation of the Tuskegee vaccine incidents.its is full spectrum.
    Ebola-H1N1 flu virus-aids-all gang activies are jew controled and belong in the fiction factory (idiot box) for reaching the people. There is no other way to have america divided on all issues except the gun issue. They use the jew box then to rally up resentment outside the U.S. against America.
    Thats why all people hate America suddenly.
    We did the same stuff in the cold war.
    But the world loved us though we covered africa, asia, latin America with war & genocides.
    It was b/s the world idiot box formed world opinion in favor of jew america.
    The same with africa seen as a dump.
    Now the jew box tells the americans that we’re a dump.
    The jews have multiple agendas that lead to the formentation of opionians that are leading to division within the U.S.A. and the entire world.
    Africans like americans and latinos as asians are having their perception formed towards division-outside their countries to perceive the USA as bad and inside the USA to perceive the world as bad for americans. The bad person can be anyone in the world as we’ve seen in the past. But the jew box makes also americans seen by americans as bad. Division. Like a cake they divide it and consume it. America as the world is the price that they wanna grab.
    The jew plays all sides to let never never never a unified front emerge against them-not even in theory.
    And still in theory they do just that.
    The right wing blogs give correct info on the jews but are divide and conquer tools. Even if perceived as anti semitic they rule the mind into division.
    Domestic reflects worldwide opinion for that. DIVIDE & CONQUER.
    Eustace Mullins mentioned in the past-
    That the jews never have changed their strategy.
    The jews went along with the same tactics they had in the past.
    The non jew never understood what happened to him or his village or politics and the world when he aged.
    Never knowing that the jews carefully guided his and his families perception to subvert his country and the entire world towards jew rule.

  3. rob says:

    Senator B.C. clark asserted on Sept-10-1941 that half dozen men controlling the film industry were bent on inflaming the American people to clamor for WAR.
    The Daily Press reported this on Sept-11-1941.

    Appearing before a Senate committee investigating propaganda in films, he Senator Clark said:”The industry was turning out dozens of pictures to infect the minds of their audiences with hatred to arouse their emotions.
    Americas 17.000 cinemas virtually constitute daily & nightly mass meetings of WAR.

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