Allusions to mythical creatures regarding Jews.

It may seem irrelevant at first glance, but several mythical creatures you see than on television hints the Jews’ real personality. However, some of them are not obvious

Goblins –  Jews have ugly  faces and a relentless sense of greed to steal things. This also has all of the Jewish facial features: Hook nose, ugly teeth, sloped forehead, etc.

Mummies – Jews perform plastic surgery to hide their uglier features. It’s more subtle than mummies in that the Jews’ facial features are “softened” to look human.

Vampires –  It’s been stated on a few occasions, most notably Benjamin Franklin, that Jews are vampires. This is in a metaphorical sense; The Jews have a preference to strike (read: commit crimes.) at nightfall, because not only do non-Jews drop their guards at night, but it’s easier for them to do their malicious work at that time of day (Even their holidays take place at nightfall.) Darkness covers them from being caught. If one were to ever see a crime carried out by Jews at day, the murders are faked as they know they’ll get caught easily at day time. What’s worse is that with Jews in the police services to protect them, it makes this much easier for them to carry out their dirty work.

Aliens – In a majority of alien movies, they aduct and rape human women and children, masquerade as human, and seek to enslave humanity. It refers to the Jews’ nefarious acts of doing these same actions.

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9 Responses to Allusions to mythical creatures regarding Jews.

  1. Ben says:

    I want to ask you something what is turning policeman against us.

  2. Ben says:

    What I mean is what is Turning Law enforcement against us?

    • Ghost says:

      The police were never “for” us in the first place but there does seem to be more of an emphasis on harshly dealing with civilians in recent years. Also, they seem to be getting more and more militarized…

      Make no mistake about it tho, the police are NOT your friends or allies. Whatever law is put in place will be enforced by them regardless of how unjust or immoral. They don’t care. They will blindly follow the orders of those that pay them, which is of course, the jew

      • Metaphorically speaking, they’re robots. Most of the police are Jewish anyway. Not to mention, Jews mainly patrol the streets at night time, so the Jews who aren’t Law enforcement members can commit the crimes at night, and the Jewish cops will bail their asses out at that time of day; The Jews are very obsessed with night time.

  3. rob says:

    One imagings that the cops have a similar scenario in america (domestic) as the US military has in the world (far over 1000 military bases in far over 160 countries). The ethnic groups in the world are forced into jewish rule by US military world occupation troops (jewish world law).
    Domestic jewish law enforcement dictates in america the same laws that the US jewish military enforces worldwide.
    The cops are trained as the US military against world terrorism (by shin bet security forces in israel & the palastinian authority sec. forces in israel & by israeli officers in the US). The cops have military often in them.
    But the populace of all those occupied countries due to their being believers of the law-enact by emotion the laws against them self.
    The cops can mostly because of this emotional ambivalence (pro gov/anti gov resentment of the respective populace) rule the streets as they were trained to do.
    In the last 30 years
    People were killed, crippled, injured, detained, and have to show id at check points and on the streets of america.
    The cops pimp girls smuggle & sell drugs.
    They cops are on stand by mode when people dissapear or child molesting rings are identified and arrest the victims to shut them up and cover up the incidents ( sandusky case & franklin cover up).
    The public is confused.
    Then obama signes the jewish national defense authorization act (NDAA).
    This act now legalizes dissapearance of human beings in america like in the occupied us military countries (probably also in the areas where there is no US military stationed).
    In all of these scenarios the NDAA act can be seen in action prior to its implemention. The jews make a dissapearing act on 840.000. per year. The public cant understand what happens and still believes in law & order though the media
    tells them they’re not save.
    Every year 840.000. non jews go up in smoke.
    Like in the outside world the american world is literal ruled by third world military junta laws.
    The only difference is in america they leave us the feeling and fantasy of demonstrating and suing (the law).
    The cops beat, steal evidence, lie, kill, cripple, sell drugs, peddle guns.
    The americans sue and demonstrate.
    The law abiding citizens confirms jewish rule by accepting the law getting at him and his kids and grand children. Because of his trained mind that supports authority he cant respond properly. He only responds to the lower classes and gives authoritybthe okay to beat & kill them. He then accepts itv when the authority turns around & kills him and his family and country men b/s its the law. the criminal cunduct gainst his country men and children by the upper classes (jews) he complains about. His kids demonstrate. He sues and demonstrates without seeing change in the authority he supports. The negative actions of the authority confuses him more & more but he cant act properly against them.
    He arms himself against the lower classes of society but cant act against the law upper classes (jews) . This law is his religion. His kids turn against him and he loses his home and assets that he worked for by the same authority he supports. But he still cant act towards the confusion around him. he continues to has faith in law and order.
    The citizens kids become truthers, leftists, druggies, alcoholics, rightwingers who dislike, hate & fear the authority. But all still blieve like their parents in the authority that they call on if something happens . They are the most confused as they act as if they’re against the authority.
    They all contribute without knowing that what they work for and pay taxes for is their nullification of human life.
    The jews do actions and later on make them legal by law & enforce it via the gov police.
    They make then tv magic and declare that good law abiding americans follow law & order. the citizens understanding of law cant be matched with what he sees on the idiot box.
    In this ambivalence of confusion the jew continues to take the law in his own hand.
    He checks the citizen – how far can the jew go? He slows down if the demonstrations and complains pour in to heavy.
    But after a while the jew starts again.
    The jews because of the confusion of the americans – advanced his silent & invisible terror to such an extent that in 10 years 8.000.000. People dissapeared and americans didnt noticed it though partially it was communicated to them ( also via movies).
    Now we have a law that legalizes this all meanwhile law & order turns into a theory.
    the public cant see that the jew is legalizing his own actions by having them tested prior to legalizing them as laws. The media tells us something. It tells us and lets us watch in movies our future – where law enforcement is enforing laws that show our future.
    It shows also how we will respond.

  4. Chad says:

    Jew are the most grotesque race both in soul, and physiognomy and physical features.

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