Jews never get punished for not paying bills

As the economy gets worse, more Jews get houses from not even working. The fact they run the government should be no surprise, them getting no punishment not paying bills, instead only a slap on the wrist/back. While every other race has to pay bills, checks, credits, and the like, they do not, because they can get away with laziness. The law isn’t going to stop them from doing whatever they please as they have no moral principles, and they’ll self-victimize their way up, especially whenever something goes badly for them. There’s still the theory that Jews invented money as a means to drop everyone’s guard.

What we’re paying for keeping a home is not even called bills as much as it is called as such in the public. It’s even worse when Blacks/Africans get along with the very same race of degenerates who enslaved them. As this is coming from a black person… I hate my race for supporting Jews; Blacks are so stupid they don’t even know they’re getting manipulated. I do not think of them as highly as I used to.

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2 Responses to Jews never get punished for not paying bills

  1. Brother don’t hate our black folks. I know it can be disheartening, but all people have been manipulated by the kike which means most of Humanity supports the kikes, but they don’t know this, or care too know due to the “magic” these kikes have worked on Humans. I know how hard it is to deal with this, but if anything hate those kikes for their evil they have used too part the world.

    • It’s just that blacks are moreso gullible than the other races. Don’t misunderstand my sentiment, but I agree with you black people are not responsible the stuff the Jews caused.
      I HATE Jews; Self-victimizing, humanoid monsters.

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